January 11 2002 Office Shuffle Need a window – j

first_imgJanuary 11, 2002 OfficeShuffle Need a window? – just cut one to size. Contracted workerscut through an 8″ thick concrete wall to create a 4’x 6′ window in theformer Archives office. [Photo by: Tomiaki Tamura] SoleriArchives has relocated to the EastCrescent and the new “room with a view” will become a graphicsstudio. [Photo by: Tomiaki Tamura] Accountant LindaFournier has also relocated to Tomiaki Tamura’s old office on the lowerlevel of the S.O.D. Unit – offering a respite from the clamor inthe main office. [Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton] Site Coordinator MaryHoadley has also moved her office to her section of the FoundryApartments. Tomiaki Tamura hascut a door between the old accounting office and his residence tocreate a combination home/office. Pictured: Tomiaki conducts animpromptu “counter-making workshop” – one element of the extensiverenovation of his apartment/office.last_img