Month: March 2017

Western micro lectures interpretation.

"Micro lectures" carrier is small, but the impact is large, the effect is good, we should insist on such activities." West District Party Committee Organization Department staff said. Even Japan, West District, combined with the party’s mass line of educational practice in the region, and carry out a "micro Lectures’, a member of the activities, a party volunteer service activities" for the content of the "three" theme activities. Among them, the "micro lectures activities close to the grassroots level, is simple, the majority of Party members and cadres lectures, talk about the party spirit, to find the problem, the solution is difficult, close ties between the party and to solve practical problems, wide welcome. read more

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Urban areas to carry out small and micro Hotel practitioners training courses

In order to make small micro Hotel hardware and software are up to October 11th, the city, district science and Technology Tourism Bureau specially invited professional trainers, for 30 small and micro hotel owners service industry basic norms and room cleaning process and practical skills training. Hand in hand, face training the zero distance, won the recognition of the trainees. (author: Rong Lijun)  

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Xining power supply company to start the work of the college entrance examination to protect more th

In June 1st, the State Grid Power Company Xining electric entrance security work started, the city’s 16 511 exam test sites and more than 1.5 candidates to provide reliable power supply, as of now, the company to test Paul electric key schools, educational institutions and other important users of distribution lines and equipment dragnet inspection work complete, to ensure safe and reliable power supply test.

to fully carry out the work to ensure power during this year’s college entrance examination, Xining power supply company was established by the deputy general manager of the company security leadership team as head of the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination in 2015 to start the first time security plan, the focus of the Division of Paul electric place, contract chip package, the main responsibility for the implementation, dense deployment of electrical work week of college entrance examination; active docking the local education department and school sites, accurately grasp the point, marking the point distribution, organize special inspection for electrical safety, increase the protection of Paul electric power lines, power supply equipment, premises distribution room inspections, identify problems promptly dealt with, to ensure that the user’s equipment "no hidden" pro forma; the company in each will arrange 4 security personnel Dundian security, debugging and drills to help the school to check the emergency generator, UPS uninterruptible power supply, power supply in Xining Companies with particular emphasis on the afternoon of June 8th, the English listening test, test generation in hot standby machine must ensure that, after the loss of electricity generator can instantly access; scientific prediction of load change during power grid protection, reasonable arrangement of power grid operation mode, the establishment of targeted security plans for electricity, electricity and do bad weather emergency preparedness, to ensure the moment repair personnel, supplies and vehicles in the rapid response state.

It is reported that

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Xining City Public Security Bureau to eradicate a large car snatch criminal gangs

7 9, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference, after a difficult investigation of the past 3 months, West

Ning City Public Security Bureau of Interpol detachment in one fell swoop to eradicate a special "speed" snatch Gang, 5 gang members were arrested.

in April 7th this year, North Street, a bank, a middle-aged woman withdrawals 70 thousand yuan, take a taxi to the 61 bridge, intends to deposit the money in

another bank, but she just got down from the taxi, it was already trailing the suspect took away the bag in his hand, driving a motorcycle Yang read more

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Xining city human resources and Social Security Bureau of Communist Youth League members of youth or

To commemorate the 92 anniversary of the "54" movement, the afternoon of May 4th, human resources and Social Security Bureau of Communist Youth League members of youth organizations to carry out activities

"54" to commemorate the 92 anniversary of the movement, the afternoon of May 4th, human resources and Social Security Bureau of Communist Youth League members of youth organizations to carry out activities.

to carry out this event to sing red songs, and other forms of group Zhishijingda, Secretary of the Communist Youth League in the league, deepen mutual understanding and friendship between. Activities to effectively promote the communication among members, members of the rich cultural life, in the end, everyone agreed that such activities contribute to the common development of the individual and collective, and says it will join the job with more enthusiasm, with more excellent performance as the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding. read more

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Xining City District to rectify the surrounding environment

  March 1st, by the District Education Bureau and District Comprehensive Management Office of science and technology, sports and Tourism Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, health and food and Drug Administration and other departments on the area around the school before the start of the comprehensive rectification inspection work.

cultural law enforcement staff in schools around the books, newspapers and periodicals places and entertainment inspections, and ordered the premises owners to comply with the law on the protection of minors shall not accept non legal personnel; newspapers and business owners determined not to sell students illegal publication, "pocket book" and other national laws and regulations prohibit the sale of publications and print. (author: Qi Wanqiang) read more

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Today, we are waiting for you in the West

"West happy forest" compulsory tree planting campaign held in April 9th, we welcome your arrival! This festival time, place, route and attention, the activities of the organizers have call participants.

April 8th, on the topic of scientific planting trees, Xining City West District Secretary for agriculture and animal husbandry, said Shen Yonggang, planting trees to protect the purpose of survival. The trees are planted spruce and Populus hopeiensis, according to seedling planting distance requirements the seedlings into the planting pits, adjust the direction of the seedlings, seedlings righting, put end. When planting trees, must fill out fill in the topsoil, subsoil, planting earth 2/3 to slightly upwards (to prevent the nest seedling root), compacted and then cover the soil compacted, finally cover the subsoil, do the "three buried two on a seedling, edge filling edge on it. The backfill, if no soil pits around, should try to scoop the level of order inside crush backfill soil. Interaggregate seedling planting, according to soil mass determined planting depth, soil buried soil group on the surface 4 cm to 5 cm can be filled before to remove the packing material, then fill, fill out the topsoil, subsoil after filling soil, fill the side on the edge. Step in the process to prevent the ground soil. In addition, the weir is also very important to build water, planting seedlings, a good time to hit the cofferdam, a height of about 20 cm, in order to water. read more

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Stabilize prices to ensure the supply of comfort to the masses

Wang Yubo check food safety and market supply situation emphasizes the government to ensure that the price of meat dishes to meet the needs of the people to do good things in the hearts of the masses

February 15th, mayor Wang Yubo were led by Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng, Tong Wang and relevant departments, in-depth Xining city of agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets, discount stores, community vegetable direct car, check the Xining city food safety during the festival and market supply. Wang Yubo stressed that to ensure food safety and market supply during the holiday season, is the people’s livelihood projects, is a popular project, the relevant regions, departments must grasp the key species, important time, important link, comprehensive inspection, precise control, to ensure that during the holiday season the broad masses of people are able to eat vegetable and meat products, non-staple food safety and health the low price, the good done on people’s hearts, let the masses satisfactory. read more

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The bustling community residents meet Festival

July to Mid Autumn Festival is particularly bright, the country is flourishing people happy. The Mid Autumn Festival this year on the occasion of the 63 anniversary of the founding of new China Chinese, Sheng Jiayuan let this Mid Autumn Festival more meaningful. The morning of September 26th, the North District Office Xinle Mafang Street Community Party branch organized by "mutual love, with love as the theme of" the Mid-Autumn Festival, to celebrate the National Day "in the tea party," grandpa for opening me cakes "music. Chengbei District, Mafang Street office leaders and community elderly families, orphans and disabled children in foster care and community party volunteers, kindergarten kids have a joyous gathering, tasting by community staff personally make delicious cakes, cake and fresh fruit, took a homely, laughing, warm atmosphere, community activity room permeated with a festive.The read more

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Since the beginning of winter in eastern agricultural areas without precipitation days was more obvi

Since the winter, due to the cold air path north, cold air influence less frequently in our province, in December 2012 20 to January 20, 2013 22, Eastern agricultural region appeared two times the snow weather process, no snow weather process.

according to the provincial Climate Center monitoring, December 1, 2012 to February 4, 2013 in eastern agricultural region of non precipitation days between 60 to 66 days, compared with the same period in 2010 to 1981, in addition to the people and less 0.2 days, the rest is 0.6 ~ 7.3 days, including Xining, Longhua, Datong, Huangyuan, mutual aid and peace more greatly the larger, were more than 4 days, Longhua, Guide, no precipitation since 1961 the history of the first series, Xining, Huangyuan, Jianzha, Xunhua, Republic of peace, since 1961 the history of the second column. read more

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Who will be held accountable if there is a problem

– Wang Yubo check Wei Jian review – this brand Chuangwei determined not to lose at the scene of the urge to solve the difficult people worry

"here’s the problem, I must be responsible for supervision and solution, please rest assured." Mayor Wang Yubo clasped the old lady’s hand. "Thank you, mayor, on behalf of more than and 60 residents, thank you." This is the scene of the construction of a residential building in the north of the city in May 18th, a bankrupt residents. read more

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Xining wild zoo hundred baby happy growth

  in March 19th, 3 of the Przewalski’s Gazelle "couple" with his little baby walking, playing under the sun…… The little baby at the Xining wildlife park grows up healthy and happy under the care of the management.

"please pay attention to these little guys. They are safe for the winter." Last year, the Xining wild zoo tiger, Przewalski’s gazelle, wolf, deer, sheep, big ear peacock and wild goose more than and 20 "garden people" full of joy harvest their "love crystallization" — more than one hundred (head) small "baby" came into this world. To this end, the zoo to strengthen the management of feeding, to ensure that the small baby who’s nutritional needs, so that they can safely winter. read more

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The silk road image ambassador selection eight area

Mining the Silk Road culture, looking for the most beautiful image ambassador, in September 10th, the first "Silk Road Ambassador contest launching ceremony was held in the ancient city of Xi’an, the audition activities now in Hanzhoung, Xi’an, Tianshui, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xining, Urumqi, Kashi 8 regional synchronous start, the Xining evening news as the only company in Qinghai the mainstream media organizer in Qinghai district selection Silk Road ambassador. 2000 years ago, East Changan (now Xi’an), Rome west of the ancient "Silk Road" was a trade route linking Chinese and other countries in Asia and Europe. In the international channel of the historic, colorful silk, porcelain and Chinese spices endless stream, has made an important contribution to the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and West in ancient times. Today, the Silk Road Economic Zone has risen to the national strategy, along the Silk Road countries will also build a Silk Road Economic Zone included in the important agenda. It is understood that the contest with "love friendship green peace" as the theme, "mining the Silk Road culture, spread the spirit of the Silk Road, the silk road show, the revival of the Silk Road economy, let the world pay attention to the Silk Road, silk road to the world" for the purpose; from Hanzhoung to Kashi thousands of miles of silk road began to tour, "beautiful dream brigade". The tournament is unlimited by the star culture media, "Hanzhoung daily", "Daily", "Lanzhou morning news", "Yinchuan daily", "Xining Evening News", "Morning News", "urban consumption Karst District 8 city newspaper" the mainstream media co host, will make the event with greater authority. It is reported that the organizing committee will be for all athletes to participate in the event invited experts and professionals to carry out professional training, image packaging, and the organization of the Silk Road cultural knowledge training and learning, during the event, the organizing committee also organized players for the Silk Road folk songs and shooting activities. The event organizer starlight culture media chairman Guo Jianlan said: "the infinite event will attract the world’s most advanced concept, focus on the Silk Road Ambassador contest into a domestic professional, the internationalization of the highest professional beauty pageants, with 3-5 year plan, all city coverage in China, and radiation to the Central Asia and Europe, become city communication link Silk Road culture and construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone and a strong push. This contest the 16 – 30 years old unmarried women entered the registration form please pay attention to the official micro-blog contest "China Silk Road ambassador", "WeChat official China Silk Road ambassador" or login contest official website of fill in registration. October 15th and October 25th will be held in Xi’an national semi-finals and finals. The list of winners won 100 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan cash bonuses; ten players per 5000 yuan cash reward. Application: mobile phone website registration form: Id=108 PC website application form: Id=133 registration email: scz; read more

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Xining city mayor Wang Yubo condolences special

with the people of the city and the profound sentiments of friendship good wishes, in July 27th, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal government Secretary General Wang Yanming, part of our special condolences, send them to the party and the government’s care and greetings. Wang Yubo stressed that any time, national development cannot do without the social harmony and stability, harmony and stability, people live and work in peace and national and local, cannot do without the military dedication to strive to create a good atmosphere of worship in the warrior in the whole society. read more

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Three in one education activities

In order to further enrich the party’s mass line of educational practice, the city zone combined with "bundling" working party members into the community as the carrier, the grass-roots party organizations to carry out a monthly party lecture on "micro lectures", once a month, once a month the party party obligations service as main content of "three" theme activities the mass line, rich connotation, real action to practice the party’s mass line.

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Xining customs clearance subsystem next month trial run passengers will be faster clearance

  "simply, passenger clearance subsystem operation will try next month, the customs officers from artificialization into electronic, which will greatly enhance the passenger clearance rate." December 18th, Xining customs site business Guo Rui said.

Guo Rui told reporters that the passenger clearance subsystem will be implemented next month at the national air port 5 trial operation, is the Customs on the entry and exit of passenger baggage items to carry out the supervision of the field operating system. This system according to the relevant laws and regulations and supervision procedures, implementation of clearance and processing of passenger baggage to carry passenger clearance in the field, including the declaration, inspection, taxation, returned, exemption and guarantees (letter), case processing, audio products to India examination and identification of doubtful items records of the results of, processing and other functions. read more

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Qinghai Datong, fish card two mine underground personnel positioning management

After half a year of installation and debugging, by the Qinghai provincial energy development group to invest more than 300 yuan to build KJ251 and KJ222 personnel positioning system, in the Datong mining area of two, fish card is put into operation, so as to realize the management of underground personnel positioning.

as a safety current positioning system of mine enterprise is more advanced, KJ251 and KJ222 can keep track of mobile personnel positioning system of underground personnel and equipment, personnel distribution, tracking cadres attendant, each miner into wells, wells rise time and trajectory, a call signal in case of emergency. In the aspect of safety management, when the accident occurred, rescue personnel can be provided by the system data, graphics, timely grasp of the accident site and equipment information, call signal can also be sent through the help of personnel, to further determine the location and the number of personnel, promptly take appropriate rescue measures, improve the efficiency of emergency rescue work. (author: Jia Ming) read more

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Xining Education Bureau issued relevant policies to ensure the smooth conduct of the examination

to ensure that this year graduated from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination work smoothly, recently, Xining City Bureau of education to study and formulate the "2007 graduated from junior high school and senior high school entrance examination emergency plan" of Xining City, three counties and four district government administrative departments of education, the senior high school entrance examination center earnestly organize the implementation.

it is understood that the incident for the candidates, clear: if the candidates forgot or lost the ticket, the invigilator can arrange candidates to enter the examination room examination at the same time, the report, by the test center is responsible for arranging led by the teacher to confirm the identity of the candidates and the ticket for retroactive; the candidates are not dirty or damaged and papers for replacement, the invigilator will apply to the spare paper, and truthfully record from the center responsible for verifying the circumstances to determine the use of spare paper, but not to extend the examination time (the time not to make up for the loss of the candidates); English listening test should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the power play, English listening test, is enabled a generator or a tape recorder to play the tape is found, test question to timely report the backup application to enable the test center examiners, the center should be equipped with medical tape; Service personnel, the sports discipline examination culture courses and the dizzy games, disease, injury, by the test center responsible for the direction of healthcare professionals to treatment on the spot or sent to the nearest hospital for treatment, if the test is less than 30 minutes, the implementation of quarantine treatment. (author: he arrow) read more

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The Six Great Lakes of Beichuan River in September

a year and a half of construction, so that the Beichuan River amazing changes! Into the Beichuan River comprehensive management site, about 6 km long to see the reporter, the Beichuan river river once has been transformed into two, mainly undertake the task of flood control has been outside the river water, the river flows smoothly; and as the ecological and landscape construction of inland river inland at present, at top speed, the six great lakes construction has been completed 95% of the total project amount, in September this year is expected to achieve the water, Lake Kitagawa Heroku will face shows to the public.
> [

[progress] as of now, the river has been completed through the water, river on the six great lakes construction has been completed 95% of the total project amount, six weirs (water retaining structure) to complete the construction of the total project amount of more than 90%.

[six] of the Hanoi River, Beichuan Lake built six great lakes, reflect the waterfront leisure theme.

– No. two: Lake scenic area construction is the moral theme park, by the bridge, the method of India, usually in my heart and many other attractions. Here plans to build a sports leisure park, so that people come here, feel the fun of sports and leisure.

– No. three: Lake scenic settings reflect the ancient garden with epic, composed of mysterious dance, pottery, and other attractions in Xiping early memory.

– No. five: the construction of a summer Lake Park, the main attractions are the Yellow River jiaozi, West Yinma etc..

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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to investigate cases of counterfeit food production

to create a good market environment, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of the market supervision and administrative law enforcement, recently, dealt with fake food production date cases, more than 20 yuan of the expired food was seized by law.

according to reports, the city of Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of law enforcement officers Yu Tian after 10 months of waiting, in late April 12th 8 according to Sanming market a firm Binhe Road located in the East District of Xining City warehouse were raided. The scene seized, Wang Zi – Basketball Daly Park, more than and 30 brands such as 4000 pieces of expired food and nearly 100 drinks (of which 42 have changed the production date and ready for shipment, worth 200 thousand yuan). read more

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