Month: April 2017

Chongqing sixty noodle alliance project opportunities to detonate

Chinese cuisine is profound, all over the country have their own local characteristics of the diet. When it comes to local delicacy, have to mention Chongqing, Chongqing has been named the fashion delicacy of all, the special delicacy known throughout the country, to join the market 60 vermicelli, vermicelli Chongqing 60 joined the project even further and create a new situation in the history of food.

The Chongqing

60 nanowires based on the operating characteristics of entrepreneurial projects, to ensure service satisfaction, strive to build the catering culture construction is not the same, which bears the opportunity to help investors achieve zero risk business, the entrepreneurial wealth dream to be realized, no experience can let a person of noble aspirations still doing business. read more

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Benefits Fujian Expressway min card 29 provinces can be universal

with the increasing number of cars in the holidays, a lot of cars on the highway, a long queue! In response to such a social phenomenon, in order to provide more convenience for the masses of Fujian, the introduction of the highway Fujian card.

according to reports, the Fujian province highway electronic toll collection system (ETC) network system for the country’s first national standard construction, with the main min card, electronic toll collection, electronic tags to achieve. As long as the installation of vehicles through the card, driving in the electronic toll lanes, you can automatically pay the vehicle tolls. Currently, there are 46 high-speed toll stations in Quanzhou, each toll station has a one into a two ETC channel. At the end of June, Quanzhou area ETC customers reached 200 thousand units. read more

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Business should be how to choose a snack bar

want to start a business to get rich? How about opening a snack bar? Delicious rich, profit without worry! So a business booming snack bar in the end how should the site? The location of the good and bad and entrepreneurs income earnings, and even the success or failure of the business has a great relationship, so Xiaobian here to share with you the location of the snack bar skills, look at it!

snack bar location skills 1:

according to the characteristics of their shop site selection before the location of the shop, we must first clear their business scope and business positioning. If your business is cosmetic, such as non-staple food FMCG, it must be selected in the vicinity of a residential area or community. In addition, it is necessary to define their target consumer groups, dialysis consumer groups to develop the appropriate level of service and other matters. read more

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Deaf young people constantly strive to reverse the trajectory of life

business every day in the interpretation of every hue story, many of which are touched countless people, and the amazing perseverance of deaf youth is how to achieve counter attack, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

in Nanjing Xinjiekou Liuzhou station building 16 floor office, "he Liu design studio" seven characters appear in the author’s eyes, a long white clean young guy is back to the window, click on the hands of the mouse. He is the owner of this design studio. From a deaf mute to college students, and then become a successful business design studio boss, with this 54 square meters of office, he has become a legend. read more

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Barbecue shop operating procedures related to open up

barbecue shop operating procedures related to the need to understand what? We all know that a regular store, is according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and stores the content and scope of embodied in the business license of the store, if change stores the content and scope of business license, also need to change the.

add management content, be ready to go through the formalities for materials.

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How to choose the Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant

tea restaurant is now very much, but if you want to open Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant, then the site is very important. Investment in Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant, including site selection, decoration, technology, and management, and the latter’s operating strategy. So, when investment in Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant, how should the right location?

investment in Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant, we must first consider the surrounding economic environment, a Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant surrounding if there is no good economic environment can be said to be unable to survive. The premise is that you are all in place, if not in place, the guests feel bad, I think you are busy, so we summed up the first location problem, the surrounding consumer groups. read more

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Money will be able to start business, ask yourself these questions

in the eyes of many people, entrepreneurship is a few people together, the output of the effort, the money to take the money, together in order to work together for a common goal. Some people may say that entrepreneurship is not the money thing? With money, what is easy to do, no money, nothing is easy to do. Money can start it? Ask yourself the following questions.

1, can you resist the vanity?

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Venture into the trough Larry page 13 proverbs help you tide over the difficulties

for entrepreneurs, the most worried about is to enter the business downturn, it is difficult to have a new breakthrough, it is difficult to have new progress. So how can we get through the trough of entrepreneurship? Read the following 13 suggestions, I believe you will be inspired.

Xiaobian for everyone here to analyze Larry Paige · in the past ten years on the "billions achievements" of the speech and his personal achievements.

1. "if you’re trying to change the world, then you’re doing something really important. I believe you get up every day in excitement." read more

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Bao Mao high-speed Sichuan section of the accident occurred 9 dead more than 20 injured

traffic safety is an important social problem, and many people are killed in traffic accidents every year. Recently, a large accident occurred in Sichuan Mao Mao high-speed, resulting in 9 deaths and many injured. Tragic accident alert the majority of drivers friends, driving must pay attention to traffic safety.

12 morning, G65 Baomao expressway of Chongqing Linshui county territory has two traffic accidents occurred, two accidents caused a total of 9 people were killed and more than and 20 people were injured. Scene appalling. read more

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Entrepreneurs how to avoid venture capital

entrepreneurs first venture, money will not be too much, so in the choice to join the project, be sure to see, to understand the profit model, but also has the ability to believe that brand long-term development, in the process of entrepreneurship with emotion!

for entrepreneurs, how profitable is the most critical, to know, at first in the two industry, small business is profitable, while in the third industry is relatively small space, especially the consultation service industry and intermediary institution is more like this, so how to charge the service charge is very difficult to decide. read more

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Do poineering work in winter

to do business to be flexible, in different seasons can do different entrepreneurial projects, winter business market prospects are very broad. So what do you do in the winter small business, the following Xiaobian for you to introduce a low return on investment that is done to earn a small business.

the product size, appearance and lipstick. Due to the charging power supply for the 1.5 volt dry battery, the product can be set up by the unique booster circuit, the voltage will be increased to 5.7 volts to 1.5 volts, can meet the emergency charging of mobile phone use! > read more

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College students start the highest loan 100 thousand to stay away from school for a period of 2 year

college students want to start a business, no longer have to worry about, not only the support of the funds, as well as the preferential policies to retain the school, people who want to start, and quickly get to know it!

to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, accelerate the public record, Crowdsourcing, Zhong Fu, all the chips and the new model of the new format, development, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, said the provincial government website yesterday released the "Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples opinions", stimulate the vitality of talent, college students can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan venture loan guarantees, technical personnel can keep the personnel relationship off in 3 years. read more

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To do business to choose what brand is good – the whole

do women’s clothing business, choose what brand project? Many investors are hoping to find some of the more distinctive brand, editorial recommendation with fast fashion show to join the brand, so that operators can do investment business, at the headquarters of assistance, a practical step by step to go smoothly, open the consumer market.


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What do business can use the of crooked trick

in order to better sell the product, do fire business, and now many people know the need to master more business skills, only attractive to consumers, businesses can really be hot. So, want to make their own brand and storefront stand out is what? Many people will answer: rely on creativity. This idea is correct, but the reality of competition is extremely intense, if only creative, I am afraid not to open the market. Therefore, when doing business, we might use some crooked trick "". read more

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Rui Yu Tong joined the fish shop worry

has the strength of the brand to join the project, has been a very hot choice. I heard more than to join Swiss fish hall project, the city is very choice. Small business to choose more than auspicious fish hall? Good strength, good brand, trustworthy!

With the continuous improvement of

modern tastes, the fish market for more and more. Rui Yu Tang in fish based on fish for authentic, features category, bake after rinse and crock Hot pot make people enjoy the taste buds open, boiling and baking; your taste better, exclusive fish absorb many long process in the history, and become a model of authentic taste of health food; follow the trend, with the secret recipe of forty a medicated diet, nutrition, taste not only let diners of aroma, and let the franchisee simple operation can be completed. read more

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The bomb burning tasty snack

is still in 2016, we look back on 2015, still can not forget the kind of hot food market, if you do not know, look at this data you know. In 2015 Chinese catering industry catering revenue 3 trillion, increased by 11.7% year-on-year, thus catering market profit is very impressive, this will allow more entrepreneurs to hesitate to choose the catering industry. The bomb burning snacks, every one is classic, every bite is delicious, enjoy the taste buds feast is not enough, the palate, mouth to mouth, favored by the vast number of consumers. read more

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