Month: May 2017

How to decorate a chic style snack bar

A very wide variety of snack

on the market, but has the characteristic, so that consumers can have a profound impression and not a few, then you want to run a snack shop to easily make money, how to do the snack shop decoration design?

in the decoration, you should be on the snack shop decoration style, the use of decorative materials, furniture selection and placement and decoration of the budget picture. Xiao Bian reminder, should not rely solely on one’s likes and dislikes, for home furnishings, room decoration is not considered. This will tend to decorate the style is not uniform, the use of space is unreasonable, repeated disassembly problem. read more

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Wang Han and Zou Shiming dinner three adorable baby into focus

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

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What’s the secret to a good fruit store

open a shop simple, but want to open a shop is not a simple thing, often involves a variety of tips, tips. So, if you want to open a good fruit shop, but also need to follow what kind of secret? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few, to see if it will help your fruit store business.

humble business, profit is not low

this is located in Wuhan, the fruit shop, the owner is just a three year old Hu graduated from college students, he graduated from the self-help started this fruit shop. What is the name did not feature four simple words: "fruit supermarket". read more

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Wu Yi open husband and wife to understand communication is very important

since it is a husband and wife shop, it seems that there is no contradiction, after all, are the family, what is good communication. However, if it is a husband and wife store, understanding communication can really be very important, Wu Yi has a very profound understanding of this. I think it is not easy to open a good husband and wife shop, the key issue is to do a good job in communication between husband and wife, to achieve a unified opinion is more important.

my wife and common management, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of them, and find some solution methods: two people of husband and wife shop, no difference in power generation, disagreement, conflict, conflict in the use of funds and the purchase of goods will be too emotional may be brought to the table, easily lead to family conflicts, it will inevitably be brought to the shop, it is also bad for customerrelationshipmaintenance. read more

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The army stopped paying services to prevent the occurrence of the valley case

latest news, the specific provisions on the military to stop paying services, the following are detailed, interested in small partners together with the small series looks like! The Central Military Commission recently issued on the armed forces and the armed police force to stop the activities of paid service notice, the army and the armed police force to stop the formal start of the paid service.

the first clear stop paid service schedule

"Circular" pointed out that the Central Military Commission plans to use about 3 years time, step by step to stop the army and armed police forces all paid services. To undertake the social security tasks entrusted by the state, the integration of military and civilian development system. Since the "notice" issued date, all units will be on the new project, the new contract to carry out foreign paid services, which has expired foreign paid service contract shall not renew the contract agreement, to lift the military project immediately stop. read more

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Second tier cities which entrepreneurial projects Find a good project to achieve the boss dream

tier cities rent expensive, expensive, not necessarily suitable for entrepreneurship, so choose a second tier cities to start a business is a wise choice. But what are the second tier cities entrepreneurial projects down to you to talk about the second – tier cities on those entrepreneurial projects. The second tier city

successful advertising language is concise and lively, rich connotation, which reflects the corporate image, but also can display the charm of products, often with. So, the creative design of advertising language must be all-round and multi angle thinking, and to fully understand the nature of the enterprise, product performance, integrated processing of literature, poetry, music and art, to create a good advertisement. Advertising language operators generally create two types of advertising language: corporate advertising language, specifically set up corporate image; product advertising language, specifically set up brand image. As far as the publicity of enterprises and advertising products advertising language creation is very difficult, so the price should be higher than the other two categories many times, generally not less than 100 thousand yuan. The second tier city

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Miss letter QQ group network part-time Ms. Yang cheated more than and 300 yuan

in the QQ group, we will often see a network of part-time information all kinds of people, say what typing at home to 100 yuan per hour all kinds of information, looks very touching, especially to do part-time people who are easy to move. But in the near future some people have been deceived and cheated millions of dollars.

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Why should choose the restaurant on the edge of the subway

is the development of China’s catering industry good industries, because of hunger breeds discontentment, so there are restaurants, catering shop investment is a good choice, at the time of investment, the location is very important. We found a lot of restaurants in the subway, which is why?

1. huge stream of people

restaurant location? Abortion means consumption, the surrounding Metro means First come, first served. A lot of people do not have time to eat, but they can not be separated from the subway, so many are in the subway station. These people concentrated in the subway station, more than the flow of people on the street a lot, which occupies a geographical advantage. read more

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The five major reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship

business success or failure, success is determined by many factors, the failure is not terrible, terrible is not looking for reasons of entrepreneurial failure, of course, there are many reasons for the failure, we summed up 7 reasons most easily lead to business failure, the failure reason to look together in the seven kinds of deadly behavior which you belong to


a business failure: no market survey


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How to develop distribution channels

a shop if you want to get a long-term business development, you need to develop more distribution channels. However, for the current number of operators, how to develop distribution channels is a very difficult thing. So, how to develop distribution channels? Let Xiaobian to you.

there are a lot of paint shop owner may be painter, decoration, painting contractors, engineering contractors, etc…. Their construction technology, the relationship between the project may be very good, know what is the problem of paint construction. read more

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How to improve sales profit

There are many ways to improve the profitability of

, franchisees need to learn the methods and skills are also many, how to improve the franchise sales profit? Many businesses are looking for a lot of ways, if you want to learn more then quickly look at it, I hope you have some inspiration.

improve product sales price

the most direct way but it is not the most useful, we first provide price agents or distributors do not agree, we may not agree with the final consumer price, perhaps resulting in single product gross margin increased but the sales and market share decline, the overall amount of non profit may increase while reducing. read more

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Tea to join the project recommended

venture capital for small investors, the food and beverage industry is undoubtedly their best home, because the food and beverage industry has a lot of different classes of small projects, to meet the needs of different investors. Join in many catering projects, milk tea shop to join has been the first choice of investment, then the tea project so choose what kind of brand would be better? Today Xiaobian to recommend a few very good for you to join the brand tea, I hope you will be able to more clearly understand the road of tea. read more

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Hefei three college students start from the garage

business school has become a popular trend, Hefei three college students began part-time entrepreneurship from the sophomore, senior business open garage, now a month can earn 30 thousand yuan, in such a good start on the basis, they hope to create a new field of vision.

2012 years after entering the school, Anhui University, Jianghuai college, 12 journalism students Zhang Pengjun, Wu Xiang, and soon became friends in. While reading, three people have the idea of doing business. In the summer of 2013, the three spent a day making the first pot of gold. Zhang Pengjun told reporters, when the north campus students to move to the old campus, more personal items, inconvenient transportation. "We took the time ahead of a small advertising, to help move, only 10 yuan per person." read more

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How to operate adult supplies store


Adult supplies in the current era is no longer strange products, however, after all, there are thousands of years of cultural influence, therefore, although a lot of Adult supplies store, but will want to do business, nature also need to master more skills. So, how to manage adult supplies store? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze a few points.

first look at the characteristics of most adult stores now.


1, adult health or sex shop shop. Straightforward, explicit, dazzling.

2, layout: the dim light of the adult supplies store, giving the impression of a secret. read more

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After the boss hands to teach you in the baking business

now 80 is the main force in the entrepreneurial market, a lot of 80 young, early to join the venture market, build awesome wealth platform for themselves, the 80 entrepreneurial experience is not in general, we take a look.

For the love of

germination baking business idea

2009 years, little zhe just returned to work from Sweden to study in Haikou, during which he did two jobs, every day on time to go to work boring life so that he is not very satisfied with the work of the two. Because when studying in Sweden, he had studied in the course of the cake baking, coupled with the love of food, so he had his own ideas to start a cake shop. read more

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