Month: July 2017

Nora QVOD and thunder GVOD comparison

Nora is a veteran online on-demand software, love online on-demand movie users know that the use of Nora online movies, not only the film resources are very new, and the on-demand experience is also very good. While the development of the market, another player is also out of the newborn is also known as a new experience to conquer the majority of owners and users. So what exactly are the two software strengths and weaknesses? We can compare them in a special way.

from the user’s point of view, we have to download and install GVOD is to use GVOD, then movie site selection is marked 500KBPS above rate test playing the advantages and disadvantages of the film, we can compare our GVOD and Nora QVOD: read more

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The exciting details of the product in the Internet Project

when people are poor, the first thing to solve is food and clothing. After solving the problem of food and clothing, what we need to do next is spiritual satisfaction. Products are the same, to solve the problem of users is food and clothing problems, move users, emotional access to the user’s sympathy is spiritual satisfaction. However, functional satisfaction and emotional satisfaction are not necessarily sequential relations.

more and more Internet products, to provide users with a lot of good functions, to meet the needs of users. In this age of lack of belief, people have more emotional and spiritual needs. Many excellent products have captured this, and in their own unique way, so that users feel the warmth. read more

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Webmaster interview how to make an outline effectively

recently started talking to webmaster interviews because they were just in touch with interviews, so here’s a little bit of experience from a new comer.

I’ve probably divided the interview into the following steps:

1, interview guests

interviews, guests may be divided into grassroots webmaster, entrepreneurial type webmaster, well-known website founder. First of all, we must first determine the guests of the interview, only to determine the guests to the next step. After the guests determine to understand guests of course understand the more detailed the better, as the saying goes baizhanbudai, this is crucial for the next interview. read more

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My views on the construction, development and popularization of local talent websites

everybody webmaster, everybody, today there are empty talk about the local talent website development, promotion of some experience, skills, writing dishes, writing is not good, everyone comments, thank you!


in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, China’s Internet users have hundreds of millions of online recruitment gradually hot. The birth of a number of large national talent, such as: Zhaopin,, 51job, the talent has grown, our individual talents in the station is certainly not, so we can only place the gaps in the market segments, but local people only have a 2~3 home basic station successful talent, we how individuals in the market in this industry talent website survive today is the problem! Now I will talk about our personal talent development promotion skills, superficial, everyone Paizhuan! read more

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The way a person can do Wangzhuan station

, I’m not interested in doing things. It’s straightforward to think that websites allow you to make real money and dollars. How many websites can a person do and how many websites can be made? Of course, these websites are built on the basis of making money. If the site doesn’t bring you revenue and benefits, even if your creative and artistic people are so impressive, it’s all zero to you. A website can make 1 dollars for you, then 10 websites can earn you 10 dollars, very simple addition arithmetic problems, but the result is usually not so simple. It’s possible that 10 sites are not half as good as your original website. read more

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Qihoo to die of affidavits groundless talk of innocence

August 6th, Qihoo President Qi Xiangdong guest Sina do interviews, interviews, Qi Xiangdong stressed: 360 from the birth of that day we sent a death oath, never do evil.

read this sentence, I feel a little sad.

Qi total of this sentence, let me think of the three scenarios, the first, the children often play the hanging hook for one hundred years in the game; second, the television drama often some of the plot, bad guy has done something, but in order to hide, when pressed to take the name of God in vain to prove his innocence; third, court the free heart certificate, said, I swear on the Bible by hand. read more

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From the product iteration, the street is how to break through the user size ceiling

this week, unfamiliar street issued a 16 year Q4 earnings, live body mass and growth is most rapid, accounted for 79% of the total revenue, stock price is up and down, this will not dwell on, said the other three not how impressive but still good income:

mobile video advertising and marketing because of physical inventory itself unfamiliar street information flow increased, also increased by 28.8% year-on-year, the future will continue with the unfamiliar street video and other social module (such as group and circle), the future prospects; read more

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Introduction to Google ranking skills


="" /Google ranking techniques at present, domestic and international factors are ranked in the SEO of Google, is said to have more than 300. However, what we can grasp is nothing but the most basic ones. As long as you can do the following for your website, then the position in the Google rankings should be taken for granted. Includes:

1. content is good: This is the premise, the content is good, natural attract, can retain people, popularity is good, search engine of course concerned about you, the spider will come to visit you many times.
read more

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How did I do it from IP2000 to 20000

three months ago, I entered the promotion of this industry, in this study, predecessors wrote two words, and today to move the door to get ax, hoping to help the friends of the same industry.

first briefly talk about this a few months, I do experience and micro effect promotion, the main current promotion or for national education and training information website Qiuyi network, in addition to the Wuhan art network and Wuhan training network in Hubei area, I am not engaged in education, there is no learning promotion knowledge, at the beginning of this contact industry, confused, site visits have been put up, every one thousand IP, eat well, sleep, anxious helpless, so calm down a careful analysis of the fundamental reasons for the day, still adhere to the network owners to see all kinds of articles written by predecessors, learn from, and then compared with their own the actual work, gradually find their own shortcomings, but also gradually found their own way, site visits from day more than 1000, rising to 20000 a day now About。 Although this goal is far from our expectation, but at least there is little progress, every improvement is a kind of learning, is a kind of experience, it has the role of further development, so I think we should put this record through continuous learning experiences, but also easy to the day after his watch. read more

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A cock silk webmaster growing up on the road of those sweet and sour

Hello, I’m freezing rain. This article is to make some friends just enter the circle to get some website experience, let novices detours, but also on their own for more than a year summary of


from last year to now entered the circle, for more than a year’s time, no successful operation of a website in some days not website, although not built a website, but also from the harvest in some sense, friends do not want to pass away, whether you are a novice or a station big brother, have stopped to look at, there will always be some harvest. read more

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Flexible operation strategy analysis of website — User Psychology

remember when once a year ago to do operations, when contact operations shortly before the crazy to find relevant learning materials, learning SEO, website promotion, network marketing and so on the books, and put into practice, the effect is there, but is too rigid, not to Tai Chi as 42 pounds, if the website promotion out, to create a mature product can continue to profit, said this task for Jack too, especially the novice like me a lot of pressure.

I personally think that the

operation operation of the site as a child in the training, the potential sites, but also slowly began to care, you start to grow at a critical point, when there is a exponential growth, pre operation how to let him find the critical point in the shortest time read more

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How to use KingCMS to build enterprise website

The framework of

enterprise website takes the enterprise’s topic level as the core, classifies according to the content, and then straightens out the page order.

each viewer may become customers, the website should highlight the theme, the content of the website service must be refined and accurate, to ensure that visitors to the core content of the highest efficiency of the site, the customer may need a product or service is described in detail and design, build customer confidence and trust the size and strength of enterprises and other aspects of the description, deepen the theme. Therefore, we should strengthen the theme rendering in content classification, and prioritize the theme content in the page order. In addition, the general enterprise website is mainly based on product display. Using KingCMS is easy to implement. read more

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Experience design of tool website — starting from advertising platform

Abstract: Signature: enter the company has 2 and a half years from 2010, I have been responsible for the product design department of advertising platform. From strange to familiar, unconsciously, I have been pouring into these products into feelings…… The characteristics of tool website analysis tools from its website without changing the land around the two key words in belong to their respective circumstances, that is: function and data. So talk to "…


signature: enter the company has 2 and a half years from 2010, I have been responsible for the product design department of advertising platform. From strange to familiar, unconsciously, I have been pouring into these products into feelings…… read more

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A grassroots webmaster Internet ten years no success, no failure

this year is Chinese Internet 20 years, many people wrote to commemorate the moment, I suddenly remembered that in 2014 was the author of the Internet for ten years, and also to write an article about the memory of the past ten years, perhaps the readers in my memory, will find your shadow.

in 2004, I took the first college entrance examination in my life. After the examination, and students into the Internet bar, apply for the first QQ number, this to 4 at the beginning of the QQ number, has been used now. But that year, the college entrance examination to fill in volunteer mistakes, did not go to a good school, so choose to stay to repeat. In repeat career, I often go to Internet cafes to chat on QQ, and has been out of college students to chat, chat and strange QQ friends, also designed with strange girls chat, chat to chat is a night, now in retrospect, really unbelievable. And I also began to write essays, writing poetry in netrose. In order to contribute to a literary magazine, I registered the first e-mail in my life — YAHOO mailbox. read more

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Baidu, C2C and Taobao mall speculation

recently, every talk about e-commerce, no mention of Baidu, C2C and Taobao mall. Here are some of my conjectures:

about Baidu C2C

1, Baidu C2C is actually B2C, and it is not as small as Taobao B, similar to Taobao mall.

2, Baidu C2C’s initial goal in revenue is not "how many deals are produced here", but "how to squeeze out more promotion budgets for SMEs."". It’s another good extension of the rankings, and it’s a cake that reaches out to Ma Yun.

3, perhaps we will see users go to Baidu search for a commodity, was forcibly led to the Baidu C2C, and finally ran to other sites to buy. But for Baidu, "promotion fees" have been received. read more

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Guest we must learn to share the experience in the trade-offs in advance


off site although it is now facing a lot of problems, but it is undeniable that, as a collection of transactions into the form it is suitable for many Wangzhuan, novice friend operation. And the guest form is not limited to, from space, micro-blog, WeChat to websites, blogs and forums, as long as you are interested, you can find that their own marketing channels. Of course, there are so many possible guest website does not mean that you can be successful, because in the actual operation of the process, we will face many choices. Only according to their own situation to make judgments on the rational station go long. read more

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Analysis of the website installed Baidu traffic statistics and Baidu share button benefits

many webmaster for site installation Baidu flow statistics and Baidu share button, the weight of the web site and ranking in the end have no relationship, answer are not sure.

I recently did a test, the results show that Baidu traffic statistics and Baidu share button for the site is absolutely friendly.

(my site is 2 months of new sites, I installed the Baidu early site traffic statistics, delete, late middle time to upload the template and modify the site description, Baidu snapshot gone for ever, Baidu included straight down to 0 read more

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Iframe horse symptoms (verified)


FF (Firefox) IFRAME is not afraid, then no problem do not hang horse

in FF

so, as long as the IE prevents the execution of the IFRAME statement, then the horse is no horse,

I just wrote a code and got it, ha, ha ha. It’s the attribute e­ in the IE only (unique) CSS; xpression, try it in, and sure enough, the IFRAME doesn’t work.


code is as follows:



prefix: e­ xpression (expression);

The prefix

is to change the above named " v" for example, I can change: abc123:e­ xpression (this.src=’about: blank’this.outerHTML=”); Trojan guy look at this prefix in your CSS, then when the horse written in this way, the prefix must be the same as you the website (abc123), can be linked to the horse, ha ha ha! If the prefix made dynamic, very OK, to see how you hung read more

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Cong Cong local forum operations, so that members of the forum active

activate your membership, the user’s three principles

often bubble BBS, we will find such a problem, a BBS, post little, reply a little more, and most people are in the crowd. A large proportion of the vast majority of onlookers have the talent and talent to participate in the discussion, but they have formed a habit of watching people since they first started registration. People are watching, because they felt that none of my business, so they take up the attitude, on the choice of the crowd. Want to activate this part of people, basically, they have to get involved. Shibuguosan, we do three times change, you can change this situation. read more

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Baidu included the rules, my 2 new station experiments

today is the number 15, Baidu 2 new sites to me was updated, I have pointed out here is that Baidu remains the same for the included new sites, some people say Baidu is not included in the new words does not exist.

I did experiments like this, one station was submitted, one station was not submitted. Are in Baidu know to leave chain. You can check on the creation date of whois, and in January 22, 2008. There are more than 20 days to today. Baidu contains 2 pages, GOOGLE included 67 pages,, Baidu included 2 pages, GOOGLE included 134 pages. So some people say that Baidu does not include new sites, especially.Cn new station is wrong. read more

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