Month: August 2017

Trust is the fatal point of website optimization

.We found all kinds of

is an important reason of the following:

A. has been outdated technology in

· love the sea is really big update, and your site is not timely and make appropriate adjustment operation.

relationship between two friends, if the relationship between you and A is very good, even if you occasionally said some nasty rubbish, or usually do not contact with A, he will not reduce your credibility, if you and B are relatively flat, but B is not what will say to you, if long time no contact will become strangers. The truth is the same read more

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What is the dividing line between the black hat white hat

said that, in fact, into the black hat white hat difference is not large, no matter what kind of, will be on the Shanghai dragon industry and even the search engine.

many people when talking about the total love and love technology link, say black hat technology is what, what is white hat techniques. In fact, if you take a black hat and white hat forum will find that in fact the relationship between the two is not the Shaolin and Wudang, but, South Shaolin and Northern Shaolin martial arts, Zen. In Shanghai dragon, there are many or even most of the techniques are black and white are used, with appropriate is white, unrestrained is black, with the page keyword density, the general white hat is the best in the 2%-8%, when some pages cannot reach the keyword density interval, some owners will not while demand from other parts of Shanghai. The dragon, we can say that he is white, but some webmaster desperately in the ALT page corner, navigation and so on the local stack, will reach 5%, this does not fall into force effect mentality, we can divide the black hat, of course you can’t say which one is better, because Shanghai dragon after all some RP in it, though you won’t always go lucky. read more

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Discusses the role of enterprise website construction

, enhance the corporate image. Previous to promote the image of the enterprise can only through the information published in the newspapers, advertising on television, advertising and some time-consuming method. The construction of enterprise website changed to enhance the corporate image of the traditional method, although the website construction of the initial line can not bring new customers, the effect is not very obvious, even can not play any role, but this is only temporary, later website operation is good, the website benefits and enhance the corporate image will not be estimated, the cost of the cost is relatively low, but also can be used for a long time. read more

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Analysis of the novel site how to deal with the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm

In addition to

in web games rampant today, careful friends will find many N websites have web game advertising, some sites just click a link or button, then immediately pop up ad page. This form of advertising page pops up most users bored, imagine a wonderful part of reading the novel I am be absorbed in, suddenly pop up this stuff, who could not be awful, no one will go to see these ads must be angry quickly turn off the page. The residence time of the user in the fiction of web pages long, traffic is relatively high, some time long novel station traffic is very high. Love for the first phase of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm clear those containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing page, so these novels pay attention to the site, reduce page spam, especially full page ads, seriously interfere with the normal browsing of users. read more

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Thinking of using the Internet business Wu Zi Feng from the code farmers to Obama cakeEnglish statio

Wu is an Internet veteran, or an Internet start-up veteran.

entrepreneurship location: Shanghai

business model: from vertical baking electricity supplier to Internet baking brand

said that the feeling, Wu Zi Feng excited. He told reporters in Nandu: "at that time, eating and drinking, sleeping 24 hours in the studio, and that is the feeling of entrepreneurship." This experience also strengthened his determination to do the Internet later.

English station how to do? Recently, a lot of friends came to ask me how I can earn money through English skills and experience. In fact, I don’t have any experience and skills in doing English, and I can do English stand by imitating and Pondering on myself, and innovating. If the new train of thought about English station operation even if the broken thing, but in some of the experience of others on the upgrade, because people can get their successful experience, it may not be able to stand on the success, so it must be to paraphrase English station using the ideas, can not completely imitate, without their own characteristics. So Deng Gong added "characteristic" before socialism, so China’s 30 years have been advancing by leaps and bounds. Visible, it is OK to learn English station experience, but can not imitate all the same, want to use the train of thought of other people flexibly. Note: do not copy, self defeating, learning ideas is the first read more

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How to do the site right down

fifth: pay attention to whether the site has ROBOTS.TXT File >

second: check our website title and description of the title and description and whether the web page is the same, the website URL have uniqueness, these two problems if there is a problem, not only will affect included our site, will lead to the front page of our website right down, so we must do optimization note.

fourth: there are plenty of pictures in the website, every picture should be added to the corresponding ALT, the search engine is unable to recognize our website pictures must add related articles, this will be helpful for the better collection of our web spider. read more

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Case study contact us automatic tracking function

has recently been in the promotion of an e-commerce website and other websites of different optimization is the electronic commerce website is more important is the site user experience, and browse the site to achieve the conversion rate of the page has been. Especially if the conversion rate, conversion rate of the tracking website? Noble baby Analytics (analysis) tool goal setting function.

noble baby Analytics (analysis) can distinguish between two different pages, "contact us" and "thank you" page. If you have a "contact us" form, can pop up a "thank you" to the page at the click of a button, for the novice, set the target page time will be more difficult, because the "thank you" page may be just a pop-up window, the window in time to prevent the tracking code it is difficult to find the corresponding code fragment, here are two. read more

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360 search to Shanghai dragon change

I still hope we

in August 16, 2012, 360 the company launched a low-key search engine service. As a grassroots webmaster, it should pay attention to the various search engines. After all, we do the webmaster, often eat in Shanghai Longfeng by search engine.

is now 360 search has been on the line for several months, it also launched the "360 Webmaster Platform", today I would like to search for our 360 grassroots webmaster to bring change, in fact, use this word to change a bit, but 360 on-line search indeed to our grassroots webmaster, and the webmaster keen Shanghai Longfeng area poses some of the changes. read more

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Do a keyword ranking experience

to a single keyword rankings do love Shanghai before the five, first of all to the degree of difficulty of the keyword analysis, the size of the competitive keywords in view the task, let oneself do work on the keywords to have a general psychological preparation. Then according to the task of keyword search for similar words compared to imitate, because it can get some ideas, for example, in which the platform will be better, the weight of which platform will be relatively high. The second is to ask your predecessor, colleagues, they will tell you some specific and reliable method, let you take a lot less detours. The following three points, is about my task in the new period to do a single keyword experience. read more

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Entrepreneurs note you must know the three major business projects trapPioneering gold rush, why the

trap one: technology immature start-up project without guarantee

the original real estate involved in the transformation of commercial real estate is well matched; doing Internet business services are also good; ten thousand steps back home, do the original decoration enterprises over the feet, also can understand; but the production of office furniture furniture, food city, clothing store etc. don’t learn the doorways, eyes closed and racking his head to do incubator, this is a bit unbelievable! read more

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A personal Adsense some website propaganda methodHow to make a profitable Landing page page

landscaping is mainly in two aspects: the first is the page layout, to give visitors feel very formal; followed by the contents of landscaping, especially to express the benefits of the product, the best is like my article, a statement, this is very important, but be careful not to hype, others see it’s not good on the offensive.

this question I always say, if you sell the product quality is not good enough, it is time for a refund, as in reality, what you sell good quality service, customer service is very troublesome, also many complaints, the impact is not good. read more

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Some way has the characteristics of strong national Wangzhuan customsLady Gaga startup $160 thousand

Harrison said that the problem is that big Vc firm shares gained high liquidation priority: that is to say, if Backplane can successfully complete the exit transaction, these investors will receive priority in return.

now more and more websites migrate their own abroad, not good service abroad or high quality host. For a Chinese website, is erected on the home server is the best, the first security, said here is safe even if a problem you can find people in foreign countries, basically white blind; second is the speed from the average speed is faster than the domestic and foreign host. However, the strict censorship system in China makes many small websites unable to survive, and is always required to delete posts at any time because the neighbors on the same host have been implicated and so on. > read more

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Ren Zhengfei the management and service of the progress of technological progress than heavyFlow to

      recruitment should be we see more advertisers recently, over a period of time the recruitment network through a large number of Internet advertising delivery, to get a very big increase in business flow, at the same time also have a big promotion.

2007, Zhaopin, dense television, newspapers, the Internet and other media advertising effect was obvious, the number of users access effectively increased by 15.4%. Ari market consulting analysis, with chinahr recruitment video product launches and media advertising intensified, and quietly rising focus on industry and local talent website, the competition will be more intense Chinese network recruitment market. read more

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Millet can teach 6 innovation principles of traditional enterprisesHow do you use web proxy to make

3, create stories that consumers can talk about and get into the topic of public communication. There is a traditional mobile phone manufacturers to look for consultation last year, asked how to make their own mobile phone brand being talked about, communication for a long time, did not find any can talk about this gimmick, every year dozens of mobile phone manufacturers, operators channels, stores and electricity supplier channels covering >

web proxy, web proxy is a proxy server role with anonymous web proxy, the server operating online agent, can use this server as a springboard to browse the Internet, you can hide your true IP and information, the Internet more secure. We must can browse the website. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense high priced words analysisMobile Internet era of entrepreneurship, you right


for aspiring entrepreneurs who heart the font is inevitable, usually, people always hesitate on a problem — his fitness is not suited to the business, you can learn from others and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, but to fit the problem, entrepreneurs had better ask yourself.

venture on the surface, there are risks, but the ability to accumulate in the process of entrepreneurship, experience and market feeling can benefit people for life, people who have worked in the industry, if you return to work position, generally can do very well. In this way, entrepreneurship is the safest. Because after a brutal market environment test, the general risk has be nothing difficult. read more

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Bad Wangzhuan experienceAdvantages of regional portal for advertising resources

?None of my

, that’s too bad.

peers have ever heard of it, and I’ve been hit by such a thing. Hey, is there really a fixed number,

it wasn’t easy to make some money, it was almost killed by sh419. I @$%^& *…. "Ah," said one, "it’s much more comfortable.".

3, today is 21, and the mourning is over. Tomorrow is the 22 day, 4 week, big update, ready to rush to the top ranking. As a result, a domain name problem occurred at 16 p.m.. 4 stations are closed, 3. read more

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Efficient Click to make money tips14 tips for promoting online sites

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

disposable opened 5 projects, in turn after landing, followed by the opening of each project advertisement, wait for 20 seconds -30 seconds, this time for each item of advertising is completed, turn off, and then again at 5 ad, then repeat the operation. In doing so, it would be equivalent to a time to finish advertising 5 items. Greatly improved efficiency. After the 5 project is finished, click on the same method to start clicking on the next set of items. If you don’t make a web page, create a folder in your favorites Wangzhuan, to do the project to the inside, and then according to the list of items similar to 5> at the same time read more

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Surging VR entrepreneurial tide I in the end or notsh419 spring 2016 presentation entrepreneurs grow


"warm technology" theme is based on the sh419 bear children product design and creative production, through the design to highlight the "science and technology to better company, better education, better life", and called on everyone to use technology to improve education and optimize the educational. For students in Institutions of education, no doubt seductive.

when the VR gamble comes, should we be more prepared for chips or luck?. For most startups in the face of the VR venture tide, how to do to meet a big gamble, and the prepared start-up team, as has been deep research in the VR industry practitioners, perhaps the following point of view to help you. read more

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Looking for a free lunch, early start various ways to save moneyDo Wangzhuan investment project to b

don’t always say that the Tencent monopoly, Tencent really do a lot of good for us. Tencent’s corporate mail is one of them. Tencent’s corporate mail now estimates that 263 of the corporate mail has been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

first scan blind, enterprise mail refers to the domain name can be bound by their own mailbox, such as: zhangsan@, your domain name. Mailboxes such as 126 and 163 are called public mailboxes.

introduced before the Tencent enterprise mailbox, enterprise mailbox is basically free of charge, the enterprise mailbox such as virtual host free mailbox space is small, unstable, and often there are many restrictions. read more

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