Month: September 2017

Write a travel website for a high value of the original articles to springhead

first, let users for mining user power supply site. Why do I say it? Because whether professional or master themselves, their writing contents are standing on their own position were analyzed, for the user comprehensive demand may consider not very thoughtful, for example, the website main springs this trump card, the customer may in addition to outside accommodation, catering for bathing is of concern, but we tend to ignore the Overgeneralization user attention, with the love of Shanghai for the user experience more attention, the user demand is focusing on long-term development, here the author’s suggestion is devoted to a user registration section, or in order to set up a website and for the local forum, to get users to participate in, whether it is the user’s online message or discussion forum can not only enrich website content and We think the website writing ideas, so that the demand for the user to write out the original article in order to meet the needs of some users implicit than we can see, this created articles are no doubt have high value in terms of quality and user experience, the author thinks that this is love Shanghai requirements of the article have value factors agree without prior without previous consultation. If the site open submission function, such as the adoption of submission will be integral integral gift, can amount to offset part of consumption or points for gifts and so on are small ways to attract users to contribute. read more

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Why is the price of GG so lowGossip a blog is actually a financial plan

not really. Just pull a little bit. Let’s talk about blogging. In fact, with a blog site to stand is the same reason, to make money on the site or through the network of friends make money most of the site to understand, blog is popular, popularity is the flow and flow, it is money! What is the flow, back flow is the popular words. Seemingly nonsense words, that 10 people have nine people to understand what they mean, the reason is very simple, but there are still people who really don’t understand why this truth is money flow. If you have a blog that visits more than 1000 every day, then I’m sure your blog can make good use of money, as much as you earn. See how you do it. How do you make money? It’s up to you. Now, advertising in your blog, blogging in Taobao, advertising in your blog, you can make money. Of course, the flow of the blog is just like the traffic of the website. It is not so easy to do. So, since you know the traffic is not good, why don’t you do it in a planned way?. read more

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Learning is to learn Shanghai Longfeng summary and innovation in practice

3. upgrade language organizational ability

website architecture,

1. requires at least read page code (HTML JS CSS)

5. psychology and behavior science>

4. data analysis and observation ability of

will be better!2. familiar with server etc.

a lot of people will say, learning Shanghai dragon very easy, just on which learning website there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learning materials, but the fact is, most of these materials are some outdated experience or very basic optimization methods, you can say: 95% Shanghai dragon learning materials and knowledge can be found online, but can really do indeed tend to Shanghai dragon in the 5%, the 5% is how to do, is to rely on your continuous accumulation and innovation, let’s look at what needs to grasp the knowledge. read more

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The long tail word ranking operation Forum

but a careful analysis of the word forum to do the long tail word is easier. Just do the forum approach and other site optimization is not the same as the long tail word. The general site outside the chain chain is reasonable chain reasonable, but the forum can not. The directory structure of the general site is fixed as the blog update frequency is very slow. There’s no guarantee for 365 days in the update, generally a week update two or three articles on the good. But the frequency of updates forum soon, we are unable to do within the chain can not do the recommended links, can not use character signature do rankings, even can do will soon sink to the bottom. In order to solve this problem is to take the first two programs is the best use of resources to do long tail keywords hot plate. The complete matching section of the title of the long tail keywords (without affecting the user experience under section) because is fixed and get higher weight. The forum page links and some sections in general is rarely recommended articles. The forum is very little weight. The general section rarely obtained so the weight is high. The second advantage is fast update frequency. The blog for the premise, is to establish the stability of link recommendation to our forum, often do some anchor text link recommendation, which is beneficial to the long tail keywords ranking, not fixed link ratio > read more

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Improve the site keywords ranking trick

principle two, there have a so-called there have a keyword, it is mainly aimed at a recognized target keywords is optimized, and then the other side of the keyword distribution to other pages to be optimized, the benefits of doing so is to happen, a situation to avoid keywords the accumulation and give up some key words through the side, after appearing in the same page target keywords and target keywords, we have to do the ranking will be much better than the original, this is homes in order to get. So, exactly what to do? read more

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The original article is not included in how to do it

now has many webmaster said, update the original content a lot, but still did not have the love of spiders in Shanghai included, the reason is many. In the current mainstream web site, some sites need to rely on a large number of the chain and the filler content support, can get good rankings. While some sites even if not to update, but the ranking is still good, why is this? This has certain relation with the weight of love Shanghai given to this website. Sometimes, the webmaster spend money to find the original article writing, the quality is relatively good, but still have not been included, which makes us very upset. This general and several reasons. read more

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Keywords title not why there will be a very good ranking

2, which is the web page or page content or anchor text, such as text.

give you cut a figure, see, indeed, when following said also to say, ha ha.

first, want a keyword ranking, then the title and description are sure it is, so as to get a stable ranking, we all know this, but you may ignore the front page keywords and page column, click on the station if I love Shanghai you can see the following snapshot on the site of a Harbin website optimization keywords, although he has no anchor text, but he is written out accurate, not "Harbin website optimization company" this form, nor "Harbin network" this form, write out his straightforward, so to search engine trust greatly this shows that, if we want to make the site has a very good keywords ranking, whether the title or text should be accurate expression, so as to have To get good rankings. read more

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Keywords optimization strategy before the website

some friends home in my blog articles the following message said this sentence: "when the line on the website how to develop keywords strategies, such as pre should develop what keywords, middle and late should develop what keywords, is how to develop in different periods of keyword optimization strategy can be one of the best optimization strategy to achieve?" I think this question is very good, this is also a lot of new Shanghai dragon personnel are very confused, not a complete optimization strategy, and you on the Internet is exhausted, also not to search for some website optimization strategies in the detailed document, today old Feng (Feng Dongyang) told us I share, is how to make web site keywords optimization strategy of early, middle and late. Today is the first to share website launch keywords location optimization strategy: read more

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Three kinds of typical characters about Shanghai Longfeng series Shanghai dragon training

, a Shanghai dragon training by marketing people who make money

two, Shanghai dragon training practice of the money

Mr. Wang Tong

said Shanghai Dragon technology, I believe that is the only Mr., the Shanghai dragon why one hundred thousand why the forum is successful. "

another good marketing idea is Mr. Jiang Hui, he is the Shanghai dragon industry geeks, said he just over there, Mr only two months, begin to do for a long time Shanghai dragon training. The most common and he captured the opportunity is Chinese habits, is cheap, so the traditional marketing mode of small profits to the network, then he is a very successful case! Later we can see that the Shanghai dragon basic training is hiring him the more professional, to study the Shanghai Dragon Master lecturer, transformation to do a very good boss behind. read more

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The future of the industry of Shanghai Dragon


industry in Chinese Longfeng has developed for decades, until now, what is the Shanghai dragon, I think the industry no one can really say clearly.

only pointed out:

is pure factors unfavorable collection content, and a content update frequency, step by step, the chain of stable frequency, the reverse link is not stable, not only the number, do not see the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, do content, search based, repeated tests, control algorithm.


and Wang Tong pointed out:

from them we can draw, the future direction of the development of Shanghai dragon. read more

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An integral part of site analysis IIS log analysis

1: splitting the IIS log file analysis


three: how to analyze our site log IIS

first of all, we need to support the site space site download log. For this when we buy site space can be carried out consultation and space business, whether to support this function, if supported, the general log files on the weblog file, we can directly to the local FTP. The IIS log records set, the author thinks that if the general content of the site more complex structures can be set to generate one hour once, while less content words can be set into an updated once a day, so we can avoid the IIS log file is too large to the letter. read more

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The electricity supplier army Shanghai Longfeng er who can occupy a space for one person

actually, I do not say we all know, Shanghai dragon has a certain value in the electricity industry, the electricity industry is various, although Shanghai Longfeng occupied in the electricity supplier share little but a part of Shanghai dragon is indispensable in the electricity industry in Shanghai, because the Dragon Feng directly affects a variety of business website in in the search engine, rely on the site trading market is large, while the Shanghai dragon in this market has a decisive role, as we all know, the search engine has become one of the main channel for people to obtain answers, we have what questions will go to the website "love Shanghai". Because the network in general, the scope of the search engine marketing is constantly expanding, Shanghai dragon occupied market is constantly expanding, for example: at the beginning of 2008, the establishment of the net joint search, and to create a one-stop marketing platform for e-commerce + Shanghai dragon, which laid the status of Shanghai dragon in the search engine, and more emphasis on the existence of the ER value of Shanghai dragon. A large number of facts have proven a truth: the development of Shanghai dragon will promote the development of the business enterprise read more

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Talk about the effect of soft webmaster

4.: through the soft Wen promotion can increase their contacts in the website resources, there are many well-known webmaster, mostly through the promotion of soft paper, slowly understanding within the circle of many webmaster, a lot more, through the soft Wen met some like-minded friends, help each other and share resources, so as to realize the relationship between the development team. The final integration technology team in the industry in an invincible position. Whether in the Internet or in real life, all need to have a positive relationship, there is no such relationship, rely on the situation alone, have been difficult to develop a strong, in fact, friends all over the world, no matter what things will be easier, but also more Internet network need to have such capabilities, the promotion of soft paper marketing it can realize the transformation, we use the contacts. read more

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Shanghai dragon training forum community marketing

The number of

Community Forum (the forum to judge the popularity of the community)

hot grab floor reply occupying

How to choose the

can direct marketing products

do not send ad

propaganda forum community

Bimei strong post, post, technical post, post broke the news, emotional education group purchase posts, posts, posts, funny posts, posts for help

users activities, prizes sponsored by

what is the role of the

forum will have this data, and also can view the forum forum which is fire, which threads is high, which threads through the high rate of read more

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Shanghai dragon team to create enterprises maximize conversion

second: network editor

is the core of enterprise network editing station of Shanghai dragon team, after all, to content is king, an enterprise station also need high quality content to retain users. In order to increase the conversion of network editors and what to do.

with the Shanghai Dragon technology more and more transparent, Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel is considered a member of the Shanghai dragon circles not essential, I think this is the wrong idea. Most of the time Shanghai dragon still need technical support, such as the code, change the site layout, are in need of technical staff personally. Technical personnel in enterprises, first of all to learn how to change the years the same template, like the same: read more

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Summary do four share data of Shanghai dragon must monitor

A lot of data

site of the external links is many owners are most concerned about. Effect of external links on our website is the largest, but also the focus of the work station. We usually do not only check the number of external links, but on the last stage of work summary, for example, we usually have to post to do signature, blog, do the sprocket, these effects need to query the data in real time to get external links if there are effects. The chain increase or reduce the number of days after the work has great guiding significance. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er don’t stare at your website to develop thinking

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, Chinese translation for search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular in recent years, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng two. Main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to optimize the related to "go, to improve search engine rankings, in order to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website final technology. read more

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Share a gradual recovery Taizhou examination network is down right after experiencing the love of Sh

Since the last

yesterday is June 23rd, also is the "Taizhou examination network" after the revision due to operational errors, causing the site has been love Shanghai, noble baby down the right after the success of 3 days back to the first page, probably after 28 days. After this incident, I learned a lot of knowledge, very deep feelings, to share my experiences with you again.

, thank you!

of course, I spent less than a month’s time to achieve the ranking process of recovery, "the majority of fans have to thank the Taizhou examination network the majority of users and fine fast CMS, without their attention, it is difficult for me to stick to it, of course, also thank those who reprint fine CMS 1.3 download fast station, they will support, retain the Taizhou examination network address as the fine Xun CMS demo station address. Before the article referred to the Taizhou test network (贵族宝贝 when the weight of complete recovery, come and share the experience this time, now it is not read more

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Recently, Shanghai dragon awesome event Shanghai dragon slipped WHY

idle boring to talk you down, the recent Shanghai dragon happened some what things? What a lot of Shanghai Longfeng community every day, do Shanghai dragon friends in general every day immersed in the network worms, here is from Dongguan Shanghai dragon wind reported:

these 2 sites have been ranked in the front of Shanghai Phoenix are floating clouds, ranking larger also, I remember before Wuhan Lao Chen’s website has been at the front, then has lost sight, which I admire the most is the third station – Sina blog, this is the South Sina blog, I think as a Sina blog can do this effect I was impressed, remember he did before the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon also love Shanghai blog in second, people have to admire, so what he do it? I found the most important thing is he doing when the keyword is a detailed explanation and analysis of key words, make the same official description, it is very important for the user experience, let users need to find in the search. read more

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The seven search engine optimization strategy in 2015

search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon) is a target to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. It sounds a bit like rocket science, this widget and the combination module is perfect, adding time and reduce the theory, perhaps the solution formula will produce better than in the past. But like most of the science and technology, just last year in the network marketing in the application of the technology has been out of date. When the jump to the top ranking competition, these strategies are in slow half-life. read more

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