Month: November 2017

Now why love Shanghai will pay attention to the new station

users will use the search engine, it can bring what kind of effect to the user, whether it can perfectly solve the problem of the user. This is a key priority among priorities. I love Shanghai 08 years from the start attaches great importance to the user experience, love Shanghai in the emphasis on user experience that the requirements of the site, the webmaster to suppress. And from the 09 year after the owners love Shanghai bidding pressure is more serious, love Shanghai algorithm has been changed to most of the owners had to leave Shanghai for small love this platform. read more

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Share 5 Shanghai dragon trick to enhance the mobile application ranking

#1: trick highlights your brand

IT China guest /2012 reported in February 9th 2012 will be the year of the outbreak of the mobile Internet, the mobile application is becoming more and more popular, people have been accustomed to download and install applications from the App store and Android Market. Although App Store and Android Market on a popular application list, but the pages of these applications and directory still exists in the form of web pages. The search engine will continue to these applications web indexing and ranking, so that when a user needs to find some applications in the search engine can provide useful information. According to our analysis of the iOS mobile application shows that the higher ranked search results in the noble baby get higher ranking to improve application in App Store’s popularity has great contact. The higher nobility baby will give application visibility more downloads, more downloads will make your application more popular in App Store. read more

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