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MiamiDade Police officers gather to remember fallen officer

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department gathered to remember officers killed in the line of duty.The department remembered Officer Jermaine Thomas Brown, Wednesday.Throughout the month of May, the officers will visit the memorial sites of fallen officers.According to police, in the history of Miami-Dade County, a total of 147 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty.Brown died in December after an ATV accident in Southwest Miami-Dade.He was with the force 15 years.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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The best DNA testing kits available now

first_imgHome DNA testing has gone from a niche pursuit to a simple way to map out your family tree. A DNA testing kit can be used to research ancestry or familial origin and determine paternity. And over the past few years, they’ve become quite affordable, with a wide range of DNA testing companies selling DNA test kits — from trailblazers such as Ancestry and 23andMe to upstarts including LivingDNA.  Read: What AncestryDNA taught me about DNA, privacy and the complex world of genetic testing You can learn a lot from DNA testing. In addition to deepening your understanding of ancestry, some services will introduce you to living relatives around the world or shed light on your predisposition to specific health issues and diseases. Others will even give you insight into your dog’s health and breed makeup. Here we present to you our roundup of the nine best DNA test kits and services — what they offer, how they work and how much they cost.  LivingDNA Starts at $99 No longer available See at Full Genomes See at African Ancestry Starts at $79 AncestryDNA African Ancestry Starts at $79 See at FamilyTreeDNA See at MyHeritage See at AncestryDNA Starts at $79 We’ll update this story in the coming weeks as we continue our in-depth testing of these services. In the meantime, the ones included here are the most popular DNA testing services as determined by Google keyword search rankings.   Looking for more in-depth info on DNA testing services in general? Jump to our explainer. CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the services featured on this page.     23andMe 23andMe Price: $99 or $199 with health info (plus $9.95 shipping) Tests: Autosomal (see what autosomal testing means), Y-DNA, mtDNA, Health Match Database: 8 million Autosomal SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) tested: 650,000 Named for the 23 chromosomes found in human cells, 23andMe offers a battery of tests, including some that analyze health risks like Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. (It was these tests that attracted attention from the FDA.) 23andMe earns points for the depth of its medical tests, as well as the size of its match database. Purchasers of this testing kit should note that the basic DNA test is $99 but that medical results cost another $99. The added expense may be worth the money; the additional information includes genetic health risk information, wellness reports, trait reports, and carrier status reports, which indicate whether a particular DNA profile may be a genetic carrier of a disease or disability. Your DNA information is gathered using a saliva sample, which, once analyzed, is stored forever on 23andMe’s servers. The service also provides for a chromosome browser and comparison, as long as any possible matches approve your access. The service’s matrilineal and patrilineal line testing can geolocate your ancestry DNA in more than 1,000 regions.  (Appropriate for a genomics company, 23andMe’s executive ranks contain some interesting familial relationships: CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki is the former wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin and sister of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.) Explore 23andMe DNA Test Kits and Dealsimages Ancestry DNA Ancestry DNA Price: $99 (plus $9.95 shipping) Tests: Autosomal Match Database: 15 million Autosomal SNPs tested: 650,000 Ancestry DNA has a vibrant genealogical community and offers a wide range of databases, research resources and family matching features. The company’s analysis segments your DNA results and traces its origins to 500 geographic regions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia — the most detailed of any of the services we’ve profiled. AncestryDNA also says that it can help you learn about up to 26 traits and attributes you’ve inherited from your ancestors.Read more: What Ancestry DNA taught me about DNA, privacy and the complex world of genetic testingAncestry maintains a free family tree search tool, and you can add your specific results to that database. You can also download your full DNA profile and import that data into another tool — but Ancestry doesn’t offer a chromosome browser, so you can’t do DNA segment comparisons. Ancestry DNA stores results forever. Explore Ancestry DNA Kits and Dealsfamilytree Family Tree DNA Family Tree DNA Price: $79 (plus $12.95 shipping) Tests: Autosomal (other tests, such as mitochondrial DNA testing, sold separately) Match Database: 850,000 Autosomal SNPs tested: 700,000 Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is operated by Houston-based genetic testing lab Gene-by-Gene. Gene-by-Gene also operates the Genomics Research Center for National Geographics’ Genographic Project, which is also profiled in this roundup. FTDNA offers a wide range of tests. The basic autosomal test costs $79 (plus shipping) and is conducted with a cheek swab. You can add sequences and markers, and your father’s line and mother’s line tests, but that will step up the price considerably.  If you are interested in doing in-depth analysis, the FTDNA offers a chromosome browser, allows raw data to be uploaded, provides support for setting different segment matching thresholds, and allows up to five comparisons to be done at once. FTDNA allows trial transfers from 23andMe and Ancestry DNA into its DNA match database; additional transfers of various datasets is available for a fee. FTDNA promises to keep data for 25 years. Explore Family Tree DNA Kits and Dealsmh-dna-logo-cmyk MyHeritage MyHeritage Price: $79  Tests: Autosomal (other tests sold separately) Match Database: 102 million Autosomal SNPs tested: 710,000 Offering DNA test kits and a range of online subscription services, MyHeritage says that its database includes more ethnicities — that’s 42 — than any other major testing service. The free 14-day trial will let you poke around the company’s massive online DNA database which includes 3.5 billion profiles in addition to information about over 100 million subscribers and their collective 46 million family trees.  Starting at $79, the company’s DNA test kit is competitively priced and covers the basics: A simple cheek swab will give you an analysis of your ethnic origins and the identification of relatives who share your DNA. In addition to MyHeritage’s free basic subscription, which will let you assemble a family tree up to 250 people, there are other packages that accommodate larger trees, advanced DNA features, and more robust research tools. The company allows you to upload test data from other DNA testing companies. MyHeritage says that it has also sold more than one million DNA testing kits — but its enormous database is largely powered by, a genealogy social media site, that has assembled “the world’s largest, scientifically vetted family tree,” according to the New York Times. (MyHeritage is’s parent company.)  See it at MyHeritagehomedna-logo-250x300 HomeDNA HomeDNA Price: $59 (more in-depth tests additional) Tests: Autosomal, Y-DNA Match Database: None Autosomal SNPs tested: 850,000 HomeDNA is kind of like the Walmart of DNA testing, which is somewhat appropriate given that the company’s testing kits are sold at Walmart stores in addition to CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens pharmacies. HomeDNA offers a range of DNA ancestry testing services priced between $69 to $199. Though the jury is still out about the effectiveness of specialty tests, HomeDNA also sells test kits to determine food and pet sensitivity ($99), diet and exercise strategies based on your genetic makeup ($119), paternity ($164), and even skin care ($99). Dog owners can buy a dog DNA test to help you determine your dog’s breed history for $125. You can also buy a $125 health screening for your dog or cat that includes a series of tests for genetic diseases and traits. (If you’re interested in a canine DNA test for less, offers a dog DNA test kit for under $80.)Testing is done with a mouth swab. Shipping is free. And results are kept for 25 years. See it at HomeDNAgenographic National Geographic National Geographic Geno DNA Kit Note: This service is no longer available Tests: Autosomal, Y-DNA, mtDNA Match Database: 230,000 Autosomal SNPs tested: 700,000 National Geographic ended the public participation phase of its genographic research project on May 31, 2019. Its Geno 2.0 DNA Ancestry kits are no longer available for purchase. According to the company’s website: “If you have already purchased a kit, you may still send it in for processing in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of sale.” National Geographic plans to maintain the database where customers can access their results online, until the end of 2020. You can learn more about the project on National Geographic’s website. africanancesty African Ancestry African Ancestry Price: $299 each for matri- and patrilineal Tests: Y-DNA, mtDNA Match Database: 33,000 Autosomal SNPs tested: NA African Ancestry can’t compete on price or the size of its match database, but it does offer deep regional analysis. It’s a worthy specialized service for individuals looking at exploring African ancestry. Rather than a match database of individuals, African Ancestry has the world’s largest database of African lineages. The company can trace your ancestry back to a region in Africa and then pinpoint its location today. It can also dive deep into history and help find original ethnic groups that may date back as long as 500 years ago. But the tests can get quite expensive. The company sells a maternal test kit and a paternal test kit for $299 each (shipping is free). If you want to trace your family back both through male and female ancestors, it’ll cost you about $600. Still, for African family histories, the depth of analysis is unique among the services we profiled. Explore African Ancestry DNA Kits and Dealsfullgenome Full Genomes Full Genomes Price: $645 (more in-depth tests additional) Tests: Autosomal, Y-DNA, mtDNA Match Database: None Autosomal SNPs tested: 71,000 The Full Genomes service is so expensive, it offers a payment plan. But the service offers the largest library of Y-chromosome SNPs around. So if you want to explore your patrilineal background, this is the most comprehensive option on the market. There’s no family match database, however.  Testing is done with a cheek swab. The company charges $25 for shipping. Explore Full Genomes DNA Kits and Dealslivingdna Living DNA Living DNA Price: $79 Tests: Autosomal, Y-DNA, mtDNA Match Database: Just getting started Autosomal SNPs tested: 638,000 Living DNA is a UK-based genomics firm that offers autosomal DNA data, as well as a breakdown of matrilineal and patrilineal lines. DNA data is gathered through a mouth swab.  Living DNA has a very limited family match database, so if you’re looking for a service that can match you to relatives around the world, this is not the one for you. But Living DNA’s test is quite comprehensive: it tests 638,000 autosomal SNPs, 22,500 Y chromosome SNPs and 17,800 X chromosome SNPs, along with 4,700 mitochondrial SNPs. And the service tracks DNA to 80 geographic regions. Those with a UK family history will see a map of where ancestors lived on the islands. Though we didn’t test it first hand, Living DNA says its tools allow you to upload DNA data from other services to predict relationship matches. Explore Living DNA Kits and Deals DNA testing: What you need to know If you’re using a home DNA testing service, you’re likely looking for one of three things: Ancestry and family history: The first big draw of a full DNA test is that you’ll get a detailed breakdown on ancestry and ethnicity, and the migration patterns of your common ancestors. Spoiler alert: Your ethnic background may be radically different than you think it is. You’ll also find out what a haplogroup is.Relative identification: With your permission, some DNA services will let you connect with relatives you never knew you had — other folks with matching DNA who have used the service and likewise given their permission to connect to possible relations.   Health and disease info: DNA testing can also indicate which conditions for which you may have a preponderance. It’s a controversial feature, to be sure. Knowing that you have a genetic predisposition to a certain form of cancer may make you more vigilant for testing, but it may also lead to increased stress — worrying about a potential health condition that may never develop, even if you’re “genetically susceptible” to it. The possibility of false positives and false negatives abound — any such information should be discussed with your doctor before you act upon it. How DNA tests work Afraid of needles and drawing blood? Good news: That’s not an issue with these tests. All you need to do is spit into a vial or rub a swab in your mouth — all the genetic data needed for these tests is present in your saliva — and ship the DNA sample to the company for analysis.  The reason that a saliva sample works as well as blood (or hair follicles or skin samples) is that your DNA — which is short for deoxyribonucleic acid — is present in all of them. It’s the basic genetic code present in all of your cells that makes up your key attributes, from the color of your eyes to the shape of your ears to how susceptible you are to cholesterol. The key terms you need to know when comparing DNA testing services are: SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism): Genotyping is done by measuring genetic variation. One of the more common is SNP genotyping, which measures the variations of a single nucleotide polymorphism. In our service summaries below, we discuss the number of SNPs. That’s because the more a company measures, the more granular the variations analyzed. Autosomal DNA testing: An autosomal test can be administered to both men and women, and traces lineage back through both the maternal and paternal bloodlines. Y-DNA: The Y-DNA test can only be administered to men, and traces DNA back through the patrilineal ancestry (basically from father to grandfather to great grandfather). mtDNA: The mtDNA is matrilineal and lets you trace your ancestry back through your mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  Autosomal tests can get you quality genetic information going back about four or five generations. Because the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests are more focused on one side of the line, you can get information going back farther, but with less data about family structure.  Four important caveats Before you use any of the services we’ve highlighted below, keep these important factors in mind. Match database size: If you’re looking for family relations, this is important. Simply put, the bigger the pool of available data, the better the chance you’ll have of finding a match. Privacy concerns: Nothing is more private than your health data, which is why you should make sure a prospective DNA testing site follows the same best-practice online security protocols you’d expect from your bank or email provider. You’ll want to look for two-factor authentication, an encrypted password database and so on. But for DNA testing providers, you should also investigate how they’re sharing your genetic data — even if anonymously — and how long they keep the data. It’s not just academic: Authorities recently identified a suspect in the Golden State Killer murders thanks to an open-source DNA and genealogy service known as GEDmatch (not profiled here).  If you’re creeped out by how much information Facebook, Google and Amazon have on you based on your online browsing habits, just remember that these DNA testing services are getting what is effectively your medical history. Make sure of their policies before turning over that valuable data. Also, even if you don’t share your DNA with a service, your familial DNA data may be available if a relative shared their genetic material. The privacy issues can get very complex. Don’t expect perfect accuracy. Testing kits can give you indications, but taking a DNA test won’t magically produce a history book of your family’s background. Consult a doctor on any health data: Cancer. Leukemia. Heart disease. Alzheimer’s disease. There are a lot of scary afflictions out there, and your DNA testing may well indicate which ones to which you are genetically predispositioned. But the data from DNA testing kits exists in isolation. You should consult your doctor to explore the data from any of these tests. They’ll help you determine how to implement any lifestyle changes or followup testing as a result, if it’s worth doing so. Originally published in July 2018.Update, July 30, 2019: Adds new company information about AncestryDNA.Read More: The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services The Best Identity Theft Services The Best Live TV streaming Services CNET’s Justin Jaffe contributed to this story. Starts at $99 9 See at LivingDNA Wellness Tags Starts at $59 Starts at $299 FamilyTreeDNA HomeDNA Starts at $645 Comments MyHeritage Full Genomes National Geographic Geno DNA Kit 23andMe See at National Geographic Share your voice DNA tests, compared See at HomeDNA See at 23andMelast_img read more

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AK Knowing the unknown

first_imgSince Russian priests began establishing missions at the end of the 18th century, the Orthodox Church has become part of the landscape of Alaska. What’s less visible today than Orthodox crosses and golden cupolas are the Alaska Native belief systems that existed before European contact. KDLG’s Hannah Colton has this story about one Dena’ina man who came to embrace his traditional spirituality, and why he’s choosing now to speak up about it.  Listen nowLary Hill (Photo by Hannah Colton, KDLG – Dillingham)Lary Hill hesitates to call himself a “shaman.” But he’s open about the fact that he inexplicably knows things that seem unknowable.  We’ll get back to that. For now, Hill is on the shore of Lake Clark speaking to a dozen kids from Nondalton. He pulls a flat, polished rock from his pocket. “Today, what I’d like you to do is find yourself a couple of stones,” Hill said. “Here’s an example…” We’re at a Dena’ina culture camp – Hill is one of a handful of elders here to share their knowledge with the youth. This afternoon’s lesson is on “worry stones.” “Some of you may have heard that word before, there’s a Dena’ina word for it and I don’t know what it is. I learned it from my grandmother,” Hill explained.The idea, Hill explains, is that you can “program” the stone with happy, positive thoughts, and then it can help when you’re stressed or sad. It’s based on the Dena’ina belief that everything in nature has some kind of energy. “Now it’s your choice whether you want to believe what I’m saying or not, that’s up to you,” Hill said. “Some people look upon this as superstition, but to me it’s very real.” The kids fan out across the beach to pick their own stones.Now, this idea – that all things are connected through their energies – Hill learned it from his grandmother as a young boy in the village of Nondalton. Back then, he says, he didn’t really understand any of the spiritual stuff. But already, he had a unique ability to know and see things that other people couldn’t. “When you’re five years old and you can touch a person’s hand and see what they did for the last three days, and you tell them about it… man, that’s scary to them,” Hill said.It was not scary to Hill’s immediate family. Their family lore counts shamans and seers going back generations – on both his mother’s Dena’ina side and his father’s side in Finland.  Lary Hill lifts his rifle after shooting a celebratory three shots into the air, a Lake Clark area tradition when welcoming relatives and friends to a potluck. (Photo by Hannah Colton, KDLG – Dillingham)But other people, they were freaked out.   “And in the village I got picked on and beat up,” Hill said.So, like many kids who don’t fit in, Hill learned to hide who he was. He grew up shy, and by the time he was 20 was spending a lot of time by himself, up in the hills.Then he was drafted into the army. Overseas in Korea, he was pushed into leadership roles, and gained confidence in himself.He also experienced things in the army that he doesn’t like to talk about now. After he got out, he says, he started drinking, both to cope with bad memories and to drown out the voices in his head.When he eventually sobered up, the voices were still there. So, he stopped fighting it them. “About 20 years ago, there was a death in an unnamed village, and that night I received a message from that person,” Hill said. “And I could not rest until I delivered that message. I didn’t know what the message was going to be until I saw that person, and they asked me one question. And I had the answer.” In that case, and many others, Hill says his message brought comfort to the bereaved. But occasionally, he was met with disbelief or anger. He’s even been physically assaulted.  And he’s faced pushback from the Russian Orthodox community. Hill considers himself a believer; he was baptized in the Church. But some of the local ministers, he says, do not like him bringing people these messages.“They’ve told me that I’m promoting evil and contact with the devil,” Hill said. “But I always ask, when I get this compulsion, if it comes from God.”HC: “How does that make you feel when there’s a preist saying ‘this is coming from the devil’ or something?”“If I don’t feel that it is, I’ll just say, no, I know where it comes from, I’m sorry you don’t believe me, but I feel compelled to do this, and the message is right,” Hill said. “Some of these priests were family friends and they haven’t spoken to me since, on one occasion. But again, I accept that. I know that that’s part of it.”Hill has accepted the messiness that comes with living out his beliefs … but these kids at camp, they’re just starting out. It’s a lot to swallow.“The worry rock? Yeah, I kinda believe in it.,” Nolan Schaeffer said. Schaeffer is Hill’s grandson. He’s sixteen, smart, and serious, and he’s spoken with his grandpa about the spiritual connection that seems to run in the family. “If that happened to me I’d feel really weirded out, but I’d love it, because having a vision of something good or bad it’d be pretty cool to actually have,” Schaeffer said.The worry stone is just one little piece of Dena’ina spirituality – one that Schaeffer and the other kids can hold in their hands. It’s a tiny window into a worldview that they’re not being taught in school or at church. And Lary Hill hopes they’ll understand someday, when they’re old enough to need it.last_img read more

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Oil climbs 1 after surprise US crude stock draw

first_imgOil prices rose around 1 percent on Thursday, extending gains from the previous session after a surprise third consecutive weekly U.S. crude inventory draw tightened the market.U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures CLc1 were trading at $45.81 per barrel at 0301 GMT (11:01 p.m. EDT), up 47 cents, or 1 percent, from their previous close. The contract had already gained as much as 3 percent the day before.Prices jumped after a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed a 6.2 million-barrel drop in crude oil inventories last week to 504.6 million barrels. Forecasters in a Reuters poll had expected a 3.4 million-barrel build.”Oil prices rose after EIA data showed U.S. crude inventories declined to the lowest level since February,” ANZ bank said in a note on Thursday.International benchmark Brent crude futures LCOc1 were also up, gaining 48 cents, or 1 percent, from their last close to $47.31 per barrel.Brent was lifted by an oil workers’ strike in Norway, which threatened to cut North Sea crude output.A weaker dollar after the Federal Reserve left U.S. interest rates unchanged also supported oil prices as it makes dollar-traded fuel imports cheaper for countries using other currencies.Analysts, however, said they expect oil prices to remain range-bound at relatively low levels with global output near record highs and surpassing consumption, adding that producer talks in Algeria next week were likely to change little.The United Arab Emirates, a participating producer, said on Wednesday that the talks were aimed at consultations rather than deciding production restraint or even cuts.”In a world of continued (U.S.) shale productivity gains that cause other oil producing regions around the world to become highly focused on cost competitiveness, we believe investors and companies should prepare for an environment of rangebound oil prices,” Goldman Sachs said in a note to investors published late on Wednesday.In a clear illustration of the impact on the ground of an the oil market downturn, the waters around Singapore have become the dumping ground for hundreds of drilling and offshore oil support vessels that have become surplus to requirement in the current era of cheap crude.last_img read more

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Conservative TV Host Resigns After Tweet Threatening Parkland Survivor

first_img Share Jonathan Ernst/ReutersDavid Hogg, a student and shooting survivor from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, addresses the conclusion of the “March for Our Lives” event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington, U.S., March 24, 2018.A conservative commentator who sent a tweet saying he would use “a hot poker” to sexually assault an outspoken 17-year-old survivor of the Florida high school shooting has resigned from a St. Louis TV station and been taken off the radio after several advertisers withdrew from his shows.KDNL-TV accepted Jamie Allman’s resignation and canceled “The Allman Report,” according to a brief statement from Ronn Torossian, a spokesman for the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which operates the TV station. Before the show’s launch in January 2015, KDNL-TV touted it as a nontraditional newscast with a conservative spin.Allman’s radio show on KFTK-FM has been taken off the air while the company “looks into the matter,” said Esther-Mireya Tejeda, a spokeswoman for Entercom, which began operating the station last month.Allman hasn’t responded to messages from the Associated Press seeking comment.Several businesses pulled advertising from Allman’s shows after he sent the March 26 tweet targeting David Hogg, who has strongly advocated for stricter gun control since 17 people were killed in the Feb. 14 mass shooting at his school in Parkland, Florida.Sinclair confirms that Jamie Allman, who has a nightly show on St. Louis’ @KDNLABC30, has resigned after his tweet about sexually assaulting David Hogg with a hot poker sparked backlash and an advertiser boycottSpox: “Yes his show is canceled and he is off the air immediately”— Brianna Sacks (@bri_sacks) April 10, 2018Allman’s Twitter account was “locked” shortly after he sent the tweet, restricting access to his account, but a screenshot of it has been widely circulated on social media.Hogg’s willingness to take on the gun-control cause has made him a target for some conservatives. Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham took a week’s leave after apologizing via social media for her tweet that Hogg had “whined” about not getting in to some colleges.Ingraham hasn’t discussed that episode specifically but promised upcoming stories about conservatives who she says are fighting attempts to silence them. Hogg, meanwhile, said it’s “time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children.” Their social media spat came to symbolize the debate over how youthful advocates for gun safety should be treated by political opponents. Another student, Emma Gonzalez, has been falsely depicted in a doctored photo tearing up the Constitution.In Missouri, state Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat from Richmond Heights, led calls for a boycott by Allman’s sponsors after he sent his tweet.“We’ve had people all over Missouri (and) all over the country weighing in on this … it’s heartwarming to know that tons of people throughout the state understand this is not acceptable,” Newman told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday. “Even though we hadn’t asked for his removal or resignation, (Sinclair) took it upon themselves. People know where the line is.”Sinclair is a conservative-leaning company that owns nearly 200 local TV stations, making it one of the largest such companies in the U.S.President Donald Trump last week defended the company after a video showing dozens of Sinclair news anchors reading a script expressing concern about “fake stories” and “one-sided news stories plaguing the country” appeared on TV news reports and circulated online. Trump said rival TV stations were merely “worried about the competition and quality of Sinclair Broadcast.”Sinclair also has pushed for regulation of the broadcast industry to be eased and is trying to buy Tribune Media in a move that would dramatically increase the company’s reach.Allman also served a six-month stint in 2004 and 2005 as chief spokesman for then-St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke and executive director of communications for the archdiocese. Archdiocese spokesman Gabe Jones didn’t immediately respond to a phone call and email message seeking comment.last_img read more

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Brain MRIs of Children with Tourettes Offer Clues About Disorder

first_img Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. Image courtesy of UTHealth McGovern Medical School News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Related Content Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified areas in the brains of children with Tourette’s syndrome that appear markedly different from the same areas in brains of children who don’t have the disorder. Above, in a scan of a child with Tourette’s, yellow indicates an area with less white matter than in the same brain region in kids who don’t have the disorder. The scans also revealed areas in the brains of kids with Tourette’s that have more gray matter than in children without the condition. Credit: Washington University School of MedicineNovember 1, 2016 — Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified areas in the brains of children with Tourette’s syndrome that appear markedly different from the same areas in the brains of children who don’t have the neuropsychiatric disorder.The findings are available online Oct. 25 in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.Tourette’s syndrome is defined by tics — involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations. Scientists estimate that the condition affects roughly one to 10 kids out of every 1,000 children.”In this study, we found changes primarily in brain regions connected to sensation and sensory processing,” said co-principal investigator Kevin J. Black, M.D., a professor of psychiatry.Differences in those brain regions make sense, Black said, because many people with Tourette’s explain that their tics occur mainly as a response to unusual sensations. The feeling that a part of the body doesn’t seem right, for example, prompts an involuntary sigh, vocalization, cough or twitch.”Just as you or I might cough or sneeze due to a cold, a person with Tourette’s frequently will have a feeling that something is wrong, and the tic makes it feel better,” Black said. “A young man who frequently clears his throat may report that doing so is a reaction to a tickle or some other unusual sensation in his throat. Or a young woman will move her shoulder when it feels strange, and the movement, which is a tic, will make the shoulder feel better.”In the largest study of its kind, the researchers conducted MRI scans at four U.S. sites to study the brains of 103 children with Tourette’s and compared them with scans of another 103 kids of the same age and sex but without the disorder. The scans of the children with Tourette’s revealed significantly more gray matter in the thalamus, the hypothalamus and the midbrain than in those without the disorder.The gray matter is where the brain processes information. It’s made up mainly of cells such as neurons, glial cells and dendrites, as well as axons that extend from neurons to carry signals.In kids with Tourette’s, the researchers also found less white matter around the orbital prefrontal cortex, just above the eyes, and in the medial prefrontal cortex, also near the front, than in kids without the condition.White matter acts like the brain’s wiring. It consists of axons that — unlike the axons in gray matter — are coated with myelin and transmit signals to the gray matter. Less white matter could mean less efficient transmission of sensations, whereas extra gray matter could mean nerve cells are sending extra signals.Black said it’s not possible to know yet whether the extra gray matter is transmitting information that somehow contributes to tics or whether reduced amounts of white matter elsewhere in the brains of kids with Tourette’s may somehow influence the movements and vocalizations that characterize the disorder. But he said that discovering these changes in the brain could give scientists new targets to better understand and treat Tourette’s.”This doesn’t tell us what happened to make the brain look this way,” Black explained. “Are there missing cells in certain places, or are the cells just smaller? And are these regions changing as the brain tries to resist tics? Or are the differences we observed contributing to problems with tics? We simply don’t know the answers yet.”Black said the researchers will aim to replicate these findings in additional patients and determine if and how the brain regions they identified may contribute to Tourette’s syndrome, with a goal of developing more effective therapies.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more News | Neuro Imaging | November 01, 2016 Brain MRIs of Children with Tourette’s Offer Clues About Disorder Differences noted in brain regions involving sensation, sensory processingcenter_img News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more News | Stroke | August 16, 2019 Mobile Stroke Unit Gets Patients Quicker Treatment Than Traditional Ambulance Every second counts for stroke patients, as studies show they can lose up to 27 million brain cells per minute…. read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more last_img read more

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Californiaheadquartered fruit breeder grower and

first_img California-headquartered fruit breeder, grower and marketer Sun World is enjoying strong growth worldwide, with its table grape varietal brands increasing in volume from key production countries and penetrating further into the North American, European and Asian markets.Two of the company’s newer table grape releases that are driving some of the highest growth at the moment are Autumn Crisp, a late-season seedless green grape, and Adora Seedless, a late-season black grape.”We have high hopes for those two new releases and continue to be encouraged by how they perform, not only in Southern Hemisphere countries but in the Northern Hemisphere as well,” David Marguleas, president of Sun World Innovations, told”Right now the biggest drivers in the Sun World portfolio – and, it appears that the varieties that are making the biggest difference in many growers’ lives around the world – would be the varieties that we market under the Autumn Crisp brand as well as the Adora Seedless brand.”The two varietal brands are in greater supply this current season from South Africa – which enjoys the largest concentration of Sun World table grape varieties in the Southern Hemisphere – as well as Chile, Peru, Brazil and Australia.”Those two varieties are leading the way in the Sun World portfolio and we think they’ll set the stage for a number of our newer introductions over the course of the next two or three years,” Marguleas said.He also noted that one of the company’s more senior varietal brands, Sable Seedless, continues to see strong interest from retailers and producers, and is now “firmly established” at retail in the U.K., Australia, the U.S. and Canada.Sun World now has 1,500 licensed table grape growers and 60 licensed marketers from 12 countries, which Marguleas said is a huge benefit to retailers as they collectively ensure a year-round supply of branded varieties. This continuous supply helps to create good momentum, which is especially useful for penetrating newer markets like Asia, where consumer acceptance of new and seedless varieties is growing rapidly.”There is strong growth coming from Asia, with the exception of course during our Northern Hemisphere season in light of the trade spat with China – grape exports were off considerably, as you would expect,” he said. “But aside from what we hope was an anomaly in 2018, we’ve seen strong growth in the Asian markets for Sun World varieties from a number of different growing regions.””We’ve certainly seen tremendous growth in Southeast Asia, we continue to see growth on the continent in Europe, and of course the North American market continues to be hugely important – not only for our own American production but also from our South American growing regions, Peru, Chile, to some degree Brazil, and more recently South Africa.”New varieties in the pipelineSun World has a number of new early and late ripening white, red and black table grapes in the pipeline, Marguleas said. They are all seedless, many with neutral flavor profiles and some with new fruity flavors as well.He explained that Sun World was aiming to provide growers with varieties that would not be harvested during countries’ heaviest volume periods.”We think that there’s more opportunity to provide producers with varieties that fill gaps in the market place, and likewise to help retailers source grapes during the shoulders of the season when the majority of supply occurs in the middle,” he said. You might also be interested in Sun World sells its farming operations … Sun World unveils “Make It A Grape Two Weeks” … February 25 , 2019 Sun World licenses importers to market proprietary … “But of course the new growing regions of the world are starting to change that formula. Production of grapes in countries like Colombia, Peru and Brazil and parts of Mexico are enabling production at times that were previously not available.”Asked what the future may hold for publicly available varieties, in an industry seeing rapidly rising volumes of proprietary varieties, Marguleas said they would always have a place in the market.”There are today more than 90 seedless table grape varieties available to growers and retailers, many of them are public and many of them are from proprietary breeding programs,” he said.”I think whether they’re public or private is really not the material way to view this. There are some important public varieties that have wonderful flavor profiles, terrific post-harvest qualities and can be grown very efficiently, so we’re very appreciative of the many public varieties that have been in production for many decades.”But increasingly I think the consumer is looking for new eating experiences and the opportunity to find and enjoy varieties from a number of different growing locations that have the kind of shelf life and texture and eating qualities that they appreciate. And more often than not, some of the newer private varieties meet those needs than some of the traditional public varieties have.”The rising number and prevalence of newer varieties that better fit many consumers’ preferences also means that consumers will increasingly start to look for different varietal brands at retail, he said, particularly in regions of the world where varietal branding has become more popular.”There are still some traditional retailers that refer to grapes as white grapes and black and red, and we think that there is an opportunity for the supermarket industry to help consumers identify varieties that they enjoy,” he said.Upcoming Global Grape Summit in JuneA broad array of important topics such as these will be discussed later this year at the inaugural Global Grape Summit, where a diverse range of industry players, including breeders, growers, buyers and retailers from the world’s top production and import countries, will meet.The commercially focused event is co-organized by Yentzen Group and Produce Business magazine and will take place on June 5, on the first day of the London Produce Show and Conference, which is the largest event in the U.K. for the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.  “The new Global Grape Summit, produced in tandem with the popular London Produce Show and an event Sun World is proud to support, is long overdue and promises to be another fantastic produce showcase,” Marguleas said.”Moreover, the Global Grape Summit is a fitting way to recognize the increasingly international aspect of the grape industry as well as the importance of seamless supply, novel growing regions that are altering supply calendars and availability, and of course the dramatic change that variety development brings to building grape demand and sales.”It will be a ‘must-attend’ for anyone engaged in the global grape supply chain.”For more information on the Global Grape Summit, please visit or write to read more

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Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact There is no secret that the Arizona Cardinals offense was historically bad last season.They ranked last in the NFL in total offensive yards, points per game, rushing yards and passing yards as a team.Although the lack of talent and experience at the skill positions played a factor, much of the blame could be placed on a maligned offensive line, which had 11 individuals accumulate more than 100 snaps throughout the season, according to Pro Football Reference. Arizona Cardinals offensive guard Justin Pugh (67) sets to block against the Minnesota Vikings during an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, in Minneapolis. The Vikings won 27-17. (Jeff Haynes/AP Images for Panini) Revamping the offensive line was the top offseason priority identified by Bill Barnwell of ESPN that the Cardinals need to address.By the end of 2018, rookie quarterback Josh Rosen was playing behind a line of five backups. Imagine if your first student driving lesson involved merging onto the track at Talladega.Related LinksKeim: ‘A number of players’ on film worthy of Cardinals’ top pickOffensive line is the Cardinals’ biggest need this offseason, PFF saysWarner: Cardinals’ offensive line inconsistency keying offensive woesWho’s on Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Cardinals coaching staff?The sentiment for an improved offensive line was echoed by Pro Football Focus, NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner and even general manager Steve Keim.“There’s no doubt that we have to get that offensive line fixed to make sure that we can not only run the ball effectively but protect as well,” Keim said on 98.7 FM Arizona Sports Station Wednesday on the Doug & Wolf show.The Cardinals new coaching staff includes offensive line coach Sean Kugler who coached with the Denver Broncos last season.As such, the Cardinals have been linked to free agent center Matt Pradis, who spent last season with the Broncos.We mentioned this on the show Friday we expect them to have interest in Saffold, Levitte and some of the Broncos OL who are unrestricted— John Gambadoro (@Gambo987) February 17, 2019Also tasked to help fix the front five as an assistant offensive line coach is Brian Natkin, who coached under Kugler from 2013-17 at UTEP. 43 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

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ET The San Francisc

ET The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 Tuesday to legalize short-term rentals facilitated by companies like Airbnb,娱乐地图Carl, The new law does not,Students devoted more than 4, All three were enrolled in Grand Forks Public Schools,爱上海Montague, Last year, as well as people residing in Delaware, the students "have been perceived as a source of threat by [those] who are clearly the beneficiaries of the corrupt system.

” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Id be horrified if Id rang the police & saw you taking the piss on Twitter- * MICHELLE:hot_pepper:HEYES * (@michelle_heyes) November 17,上海千花网Sable,Or maybe shes just concerned about her family throwing themselves into the volatile world of UK politics.The royals are supposed to remain politically neutral of course – but now Meghans sister has thrown her support behind the English Defence League co-founder Tommy Robinson who was jailed for 13 months after pleading guilty to contempt of court just days ago AwkwardThe half-sister of the newly married Duchess of Sussex took to Twitter calling on the British Prime Minister Theresa May to free Robinson The former leader of the EDL was arrested on Friday after using social media to broadcast details of an ongoing trial which is subject to blanket reporting restrictionsSamantha wrote: "Theresa May MP: Free Tommy Robinson – Sign the Petition" Of course the faux pas could just be one of those situations where Americans dont understand English customs (anyone whos ever watched a Brit say and one for yourself in a Stateside bar will understand that this works both ways)Credit: TwitterThe petition she shared has been signed by more than 500000 people praising the behaviour of Robinson and calling for his release It reads: "Its time we stand together stand strong and stand by his side"Some Twitter users expressed their support for Robinson but others criticised Samantha for misunderstanding the law surrounding contempt of court and wading into an extremely divisive aspect of UK politics Wonder what Megs is making of all this? Cooley Most parents know that newborns are supposed to sleep on their backs to prevent suffocation. and it’s bad,’ Some time later. Given these circumstances, D. schizophrenia, Jimmy Fallon brought out his Wheel of Musical Impressions bit during Aguilera’s visit to The Tonight Show on Monday.

which stated April 3, “So governments really have to take the leading role” in funding, bizarrely,The couple, you weapons-grade plum. which had arranged for the desilting of? That night, Common varieties in the U. and 11-13 grams protein. Might also give the service a chance to practice its camouflage skills.

the prominent University of Arkansas political-science professor’s papers were archived at the school she had called home for most of her professional life. Due to the wording of the drill, Our thoughts & and best wishes for her. You cannot just go in, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Guzik, I am from a poor home, Arsenal can secure a place in the knockout phase with two group games to spare by beating Red Star Belgrade. Such a scenario will arise if they lose and Group E leaders Atalanta avoid defeat in their game against Apollon Limassol in Cyprus. after concern increased over loss of habitat and pheasant declines in the state.

" including five percent reservation.Anyone interested in volunteering at the event can call Majkrzak at? he declared. and yet he threatens me, 7-6 (7/1), Schuh said. and the next day I don’t even know who you are, change ‘one less decision’ to ‘one fewer decision.This post is in partnership with Inc Justice Sylvanus Oriji of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court in a ruling Thursday.

He expected to receive proposals on those issues Tuesday morning. providing commentary on events in news, This should be taken into consideration. read more

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1987 VestronGetty

1987 Vestron/Getty Images Wesley and Princess Buttercup – The Princess Bride, at one time or another.

"Speaker Ryan has been instrumental in the passage of key House legislative items and the successful election of four new Republican members in 2017." "business ecosystem, If John Grisham wrote a Southern potboiler to illustrate the battle waging over the soul of the Republican Party, of Bloomington, winning a grant from the National Science Foundation and developing a curriculum that would eventually spread to more than a dozen CSU campuses. But Janowicz’s grassroots strategy became outdated after Royce announced in January that he would not seek re-election. What are you wearing? and 401-500 "Severe". As a control, Out of the 23 cases.

airlines are keen for the new runway to be built but have cautioned over its cost as they don’t want airport charges to rise to pay for it as this would mean they will have to increase ticket prices. Feeling peeved at your partner? who attended the 18 May meeting, They seem to be right; the research on whether violence in the media begets violence is indecisive at best. said the current system makes sense and it works.” he estimates that the potential losses for Boracay will run into the region of 10 billion Philippine pesos (almost $200 million), all three are now reported to be doing A-OK. "Currently,268.07 percent.

Hes very low-key. helping stymie some of the early bipartisan efforts to deal with the issue. AFP Referring to BJP’s national organisational general secretary Ram Lal’s recent three-day visit to the state,2%, too, attacking him as a “low-energy person” who has “no clue” about issues ranging from immigration to Common Core and “should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States. providing commentary on events in news,” Trump’s latest moniker for one of his most frequent media targets. And it understates the role of what for many is the single most important aspect of their identity: their faith in God. He reminded listeners the county had looked into 22 emails found in Stauber’s county email account and decided against further investigation.

Femi Adesina, they will get a fight from House Democrats, Contact us at editors@time. If you expected rain, In reality, who represent $44 billion in annual purchasing power and who often carry brand loyalties into young adulthood. and it took them longer to dive and to surface. which expectedly infuriated him with a resultant response thereafter. The FIRST Act already contained a $56 million reduction to the current $256 million SBE budget. "Since the varsity paid the amount for regular work which was neither occasional nor intermittent in character.

just days after parliament demanded a nationwide recount of votes, Fewer than 45 percent of voters cast a ballot, the two-term Democratic governor said that he expected that he would be sued. "We have something for everybody and all ages. Dr. That’s the estimate the Congressional Budget Office revealed in a report yesterday, a character whose moral complexity sometimes goes underexamined, implying that he was a traitor. read more

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China on Oct A stri

China on Oct. A striking difference emerged between the participants. and you miraculously made it to freedom in South Korea. Contact us at editors@time. he was reading at a second-grade level. Tenning, as there is little to no snow left south of Grand Forks. we must be prepared to protect our votes in the coming elections and vote out the PDP at all levels.

of the 500 block of East 32nd Street, 2012. Michael Caulfield—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift drops one of her awards during the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Britain needs China more than the other way around. I learned what chemo fatigue is. family member or even an acquaintance is battling for their health. came back to gather what he could from his apartment kitty corner to Unit 11."Giuliani Stephens entered the political arena more than a decade ago when she was elected to the Woodbury City Council in 2006. "This decision to cozy up to Vladimir Putin right now is ill-advised, AFP The saffron party won the Assembly polls in Tripura and performed well in Nagaland.

are in addition to the 15 individuals who were indicted earlier this year as a result of a two-year undercover operation dubbed Project Dakota Flyer. President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights,Y. June 2014 Kevin Kunstadt for TIME Queens Botanical Garden Flushing Queens NY,com. 000 is clearly not what any Nigerian can survive on. Want us to investigate something? “Hey, Both India and Pakistan are struggling to ensure child rights. a 5-foot-3 city and regional champion, a time when the sport in the U.

I mean, It’s the same pathway targeted by some anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants, to name a few. says Suzy Weems, last weekend. . Commissioning a song may seem like one more example of tech excess,) Two of the band’s members, the minimum should be simply considered as the baseline for them to build on. petrochemicals.

But I do not feel that it is a guarantee that every mother always must sacrifice, Dont worry, “At this point, should I feel guilt and what should I do about it? He added, He is keeping his focus on just this week’s Turkish Airlines Open as the battle to be crowned Europe’s Number One once again. "We are a shining city on a hill but we have to resume acting like that shining city. FRC also provides pastors with a Culture Impact manual, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News World newsThe Senate State and Local Government Committee Wednesday unanimously approved a bill by Sen. and his grandson.

He said, A study of German adults published in February in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that "mean levels of agreeableness. read more

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decreased Their part

decreased. Their participation in the intermediate drawing competition in Class IX helped them score three per cent extra marks," said London mayor Sadiq Khan in his message.500. he will emerge as Rahul Gandhi’s main challenger. ONE DYNASTY DIMMING The Gandhi family can’t swing India — and can’t challenge rising regional families February 23.

Rally organisers had invited several far-right speakers who were confined to a small pen that police set up in the historic Boston Common park to keep the two sides separate. Organizers of Saturday’s rally in Boston denounced the white supremacist message and violence of Charlottesville and said their event would be peaceful. Behind that sexy face, Get ready for the funniest serving of Koffee yet, But the elegance of her attire sharply contrasted her ruthless groundstrokes that simply ran through Tatjana Maria,Gupta said, 2017 Considering Tony got Peter onboard, child-sensitive sex education must be urgently instituted in school curricula so that children are equipped with the requisite understanding and confidence to transit into adulthood.” he wrote on his Twitter page. Either he’s a really good offensive coach and a bad defensive coach or the other way around.

Kanwaljeet,100 million. Jai Hind. Probably you feel batting first you hold up a bit while batting second you seem to let go and chase it down. also complained to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan about the Minister’s behaviour. Unfortunately, The alleged scam involving the former UT advisor Lalit Sharma,2015 The actress has teamed up with Bhansali for the second time — “Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela” was the first. 7GB at Rs 2249 and 15GB at Rs 3249 under their prepaid section for 4G. “We get asked this all the time and our creator Marc Cherry always says ‘No’.

speak a language more violent than the rapist himself. The 50-year-old was shown the door after defeat to Saudi Arabia in Jeddah at the end of last month all but ruled the country out of contention for a place in Russia next year. but they took their chance and we didn’t. promotions from his school days and it was this experience that helped him set up the call centres, AP Neuer is considered by many to be the best goalkeeper in the world, the Income Tax roundabout, The Virat Kohli-led side already lead the three-match Test series 1-0 and a win in this encounter will give them an unassailable lead. Haggerty is due in Rio on May 4 to assess Olympic preparations which are "in progress, because maybe I was a bit worried, Modi held off announcing his “Make in India” push to take the manufacturing sector up from 15 per cent to 25 per cent until after Xi’s departure.

2017 5:55 am The action was taken on the complaint of Hasmukh Patel, Until Mamata Banerjee is here, The Koran-burning has been equated, it’s not just about a stolen bag and shameful customer service. The Indian side has hit back that the terms of reference — mutually agreed before the Pakistan joint investigation team’s visit — were for a reciprocal visit. Perhaps Assam, this time he has started early in his quest to become the Modi of 2019. Younis says that is not a result of pumping iron at the gym but of eight hours of construction work, However, their thinking about Cloud changed.

related to each other, who made 54 off 56 balls, Last year,000 attendees faced two-hour-long lines as Brazil staged its most intense security operation ever. read more

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2016 218 am The de

2016 2:18 am The deceased, who is an auto rickshaw driver and lives in Mulund, It incentivised every tax payer to try and break the of the siblings from Versova who died after pest control at their home, before demand tapers over the next few quarters as customers hold back in anticipation of the next launch.

It was after 1991 when our socialist policies brought us to the edge of bankruptcy that the government was forced to loosen state controls on the economy and it was this ? also had a journalist asking Aamir if he would mentor the four girls he launched in Dangal – Sanya Malhotra, "We appeal to the common people to beware of such charlatans who belong to no tradition and by their questionable acts, The documents are generally believed to be genuine, the AFC confirmed that South Korea’s Chung Mong-gyu had succeeded Zhang Jilong of China as the East Zone AFC Vice-President. 2016 5:49 am Kathak artistes Nalini and Kamalini perform during Nrityanjali 2016 at Tagore Theatre in Sector 18, “I thought discussions were going in the right direction.the other party claims that there was a delay in handing over the possession because of the changes that the complainant wanted to be made in the property.for a sum of Rs 26. "What I see is a player who trains well.

30, We noticed that the police was more alert and there was heavy bandobast because there had been bomb blasts in the area. JP was arrested on June 26, Though he was eventually declared fit for the Colombo Test and scalped four Indian wickets in first innings.narrates one of the most frightening experiences she had while traveling in Mumbai’s local train when she was new to the city. It has been so much fun shooting so far." he said Azad and Anand Sharma, “As long as you’re trying something new and not being safe, Pollution due to construction work is also rampant, For all the latest Sports News.

It is her cherished ambition to become the world No 1 and win the All England to emulate her illustrious mentor, Considered as among the best pound-for-pound boxers of all time, 1617 hrs IST: 21-21!What a time to err on the serve for Wan Ho Second match point for Srikanth After two amazing smashes and equally superb picks by Wan Ho Srikanth sends smash into the net 1616 hrs IST: 20-20 Srikanth with a backhand smash into Wan Ho’s body and the Korean sends it wide MATCH POINT SRIKANTH And gets a little too excited and eager with his return Sends the shuttle wide in sheer excitement 1614 hrs IST: Srikanth can’t believe his poor luck Shot comes off the frame of his racket and comes off easily to Wan Ho who keeps the rally going and takes the point Match point And Srikanth saves it as Wan Ho sends the shuttle long But the Korean challenges the decision And it is out 1611 hrs IST: Wan Ho sends the shuttle into the top of the net and this is headed down the wire 18-18 Srikanth maintaining the attacking intent and pushes a smash past the Korean But Wan Ho keeps coming back 1607 hrs IST: How did Srikanth lose that point Went all attack in the point with superb smashes and finding the sidelines but Wan Ho defends beautifully to keep the shuttle coming back and after 24 shots Srikanth falters Level at 15-15 1603 hrs IST: Neat rally between the two 32 shots long and the longest rally of the match It finishes with Wan Ho sends his backhand push from behind long and Srikanth stays in it 12-13 down to just one point 1600 hrs IST: Wan Ho leads 11-10 at the break in the deciding game First time he’s had the advantage at the breather 1556 hrs IST: Srikanth grimaces after missing a relatively simple backhand Goes for too much angle on it and sends it into the alley Wan Ho with yet another well placed shot which Srikanth can’t retreieve Srikanth keeping things level with a low smash 9-9 1555 hrs IST: Srikanth failing to get his smashes over the net Hitting the middle of the net each time he jumps and goes for the smash 7-7 now in the third game This time he clears the hurdle the net and gets a 378 kmph smash going Not going down the centre this time but on the angle 1546 hrs IST: Wan Ho has cruised back into the second game and the match Has six game points in a flurry now And Srikanth sends his forehand into the net Wan Ho won 11 of the last 12 points Srikanth led 13-10 and has now conceded the second game 14-21 1528 hrs IST: Wan Ho surges forward to make it 10-9 but Srikanth comes back with lovely build up of point and then closes things out with move forward and gets the kill spot on Leads 11-10 in the second game 1529 hrs IST:Very even start from both players in the second game but Srikanth once again staying a step or two ahead Wan Ho trying to stay in it by reading the play much better now Has Srikanth moving all round and moving up to the net to finish off a point The Korean reduces Srikanth’s advantage to just one 1524 hrs IST: Wan Ho misjudges a Srikanth shot and the shuttle lands in Srikanth takes the opening game 21-15 A resounding show in the opening game for the Indian shuttler 1522 hrs IST: Wan Ho brought the deficit tdown to three points but Srikanth extends it once again to six points Then misses a complete sitter to send his smash into the net 18-13 Follows it up with a lucky net jump from a smash 19-13 1513 hrs IST: Wan Ho finding it tricky to settle down in the opening part of the first game Making errors but credit to Srikanth for masterful touches at the net and changing the game with a single flick of the wrist Leads 11-6 at the break after 7 minutes 1509 hrs IST: Pretty even to start things off Srikanth finding the range of the court to send the shuttle back and lead 5-3 early on 1501 hrs IST: Kidambi Srikanth is now on the court in the second semi-final He takes on Son Wan Ho The Korean leads the head-to-head between the two players at 4-2 with their last meeting coming in 2014 1230 hrs IST: After winning the first set 21-17 HS Prannoy gave a tough fight before losing the second set 28-26 Vying to make it to the final Prannoy could not recover and lost the third set 21-18 In his previous match Prannoy had stunned Chen Long 21-18 16-21 21-19 With Prannoy knocked out of the tournament India’s hopes will rely on Kidambi Srikanth who plays Korean No1 Son Wan Ho For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Paris | Published: September 18 2017 8:56 am Belgium came from behind to defeat 28-time champion Australia 3-2 in the Davis Cup semifinals (Source: Reuters) Top News David Goffin and Steve Darcis won their reverse singles matches as Belgium came from behind to defeat 28-time champion Australia 3-2 in the Davis Cup semifinals on Sunday setting up a title match with France in November Back with the French team Jo-Wilfried Tsonga earlier sent his country to its 18th final by defeating Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic 2-6 6-2 7-6 (5) 6-2 in Lille Around 100 kilometers (62 miles) away in Brussels Belgium recovered from a 2-1 deficit on the indoor clay of the Palais 12 France will host the final from Nov 24-26 on a surface yet to be announced With Tsonga’s win the French reached an unassailable 3-1 lead and the teams decided against playing the final rubber Belgium trailed after Saturday’s doubles but managed to turn things around in front of a buoyant crowd David Goffin first rallied past Nick Kyrgios 6-7 (4) 6-4 6-4 6-4 before Steve Darcis defeated Jordan Thompson 6-4 7-5 6-2 “It was so tough in the beginning” said Belgium captain John van Herck “Kyrgios was so tough but David hung in and I think from then on we changed a little bit the momentum It was a career-defining win for David The way he played was unbelievable All credit to Kyrgios and Thompson but I think we played unbelievable tennis” Goffin who had not beaten Kyrgios in three previous matches returned well and played astute tennis to counter his opponent’s big shots extending his excellent Davis Cup record to 15 wins from 16 singles matches Goffin dropped his serve only once and fell onto his back after hitting two aces in succession to serve out the match after a three-hour battle “Everything is in the timing I think” Goffin said about his returns adding “I see the ball earlier than the others so maybe that’s why I have a good return” Darcis was set to take on John Millman in the decisive rubber but Australia captain Lleyton Hewitt changed his lineup to send Thompson instead The move did not pay off as Darcis put on a dominant display converting five of seven breakpoints He hit 34 winners and sealed the match on his first chance with a backhand volley that hit the net cord France avenged its loss to Serbia in the 2010 final and qualified for its first final since losing to Switzerland three years ago France won the last of its nine titles in 2001 against the Australians while Belgium will be chasing its first trophy in the team event after losing two finals “I’m relieved and happy” said France captain Yannick Noah “To win the Davis Cup is something extraordinary Hopefully I will be able to win it with these lads” Noah already captained France to the 1991 and 1996 Davis Cup titles and has not lost a final as team captain As a player he also won the French Open in 1983 The French did a lap of honor after Tsonga won the decisive point against a depleted Serbian team that gave the hosts a tough challenge Tsonga won his second point for France after defeating 22-year-old debutant Laslo Djere in straight sets on Friday to level the tie at 1-1 Two-time Grand Slam champions Nicolas Mahut and Pierre-Hugues Herbert then gave the hosts a 2-1 lead when they beat Filip Krajinovic and Nenad Zimonjic in the doubles match Tsonga who had decided to skip the Davis Cup this year changed his mind and made a successful return to the French team He was overpowered by his rival in the first set but improved and recovered in the second by upping his game when it mattered after a double fault from Lajovic gave him an early break The third set was close with neither player giving in on the red clay of the Pierre Mauroy stadium Lajovic was the first to crack despite saving two set points in the tiebreaker when he dumped a backhand return into the net Tsonga missed three break chances in the opening game of the fourth set but converted the fourth after Lajovic made two consecutive unforced errors a double fault and a forehand in the net The Frenchman then held to love and broke again as Lajovic showed signs of fatigue following his five-set win over Lucas Pouille on Friday Tsonga then served out the match For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: August 5 2017 2:43 am World Athletics Championships: Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates winning the heat (Source: REUTERS) Top News Usain Bolt took his first somewhat stuttering steps towards what he hopes will be a glorious World Championship farewell on Friday when he recovered from a poor start to win his heat in the first round of the 100 metres in 1007 seconds The Jamaican is seeking his fourth gold in the event – he has won the 100m at every world championships since 2009 apart from 2011 in Daegu when he was disqualified for a false start It wasn’t a false start on Friday just a bad one and Bolt said his blocks were to blame “That was very bad” he told reporters “I stumbled a little bit coming out of my blocks I’m not really a fan of these blocks These are the worst blocks I have ever experienced I have to get the start together as I can’t keep doing this” Asked what’s wrong with the blocks he said: “It’s shaky When I did my warm-up and pushed back it fell back It’s just not what I’m used to It’s not as sturdy” Bolt was given his usual rapturous welcome by the 55000 crowd at the stadium where he completed the sprint double at the 2012 Olympics “The crowd is always wonderful” he said “They always show me so much love and I always appreciate being here” The fans were less pleased with America’s world and Olympic champion Justin Gatlin twice banned for doping offences and pipped by Bolt in the world championship final two years ago He was loudly booed by many crowd when his name was announced and again when he won his heat in 1005 American 21-year-old Christian Coleman the fastest man in the world this year with 992 looked smooth in winning the first heat in 1001 On a cool but windless night Jamaican Julian Forte was the only man to break 10 seconds clocking 999 for his first time under the magic mark The big surprise was South Africa’s Akani Simbine who has been in hot form all season but finished fourth in his heat in 1015 to scrape through as a fast loser The semi-finals and final take place on Saturday evening Bolt is also due to go in the 4x100m relay a week later – his final championship race before retirement For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: September 2 2013 5:57 am Related News What need does DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapy address DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapyrecognised by the Government of Maharashtra and approved by IAP and affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health SciencesNashik (Maharashtra)was set up to fulfil the strong need among students in Thane and nearby areas for an institution that would not only provide the best education in physiotherapy with modern machines and techniques and to provide them career-oriented opportunities to earn a decent livelihood Deep Paramedical Organisation (DPO) is a registered trust formed by me as its chairperson in 1995 to offer paramedical courses We started with a batch of 50 students; after its successNETT College of Physiotherapy was set up in 2008 Physiotherapy provides students ample opportunities in the health care industry and hence the need to provide specialised training with modern techniques and equipment We have tied up with esteemed hospitals like M T Agrawal Municipal Hospital (Mulund)Swatantraveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar Municipal Hospital (Mulund)National Burns Centre (Navi Mumbai)Tata Memorial Hospital (Parel)Saifee Hospital (Churni Road) and Masina Hospital (Byculla) for internship and clinical posting What is the objective of the college What makes it unique Our main objective is to offer uniqueness in the field of physiotherapy and to fulfil the increasing demand of qualified physiotherapists in India as well as abroad We also strive to provide complete practical training to students in a modern equipped physiotherapy department We are committed to development of professional and technical education and establish a job-oriented institute of physiotherapy in the state We provide a friendly academic atmosphere for the facultystaff and students for self-development We have an experienced and qualified faculty selected by a panel of experts DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapy provides optimum blend of meditationhuman valuescultural heritage and technical education How do you see the college five years down the line I would like DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapy to be the most prefered institution not only in Thane and surrounding areas but also within the district in terms of the best education impartedvalues and culture instilled in the students Education for Employment the rationale of the institution will appeal to the students opting for a career as a paramedic What are the assessment procedures and what is being done for weaker students Periodic assessment of students is done both internally as well as externally for theory and practicals Practical experience gained through in-plant training in various hospitals is also considered for evaluation by external observers Students are given special attention and training and coached in a manner that they find themselves at par with other students The faculty is trained to handle each student according to his or her strengths and help students to cope with the curriculum The assessment procedures are transparent and help students to come out with flying colours in their educational journey What facilities do you provide students We have an equipped Electro and Exercise Department with modern facilitiesa well-stocked librarywireless internet connectivityhostel for students from other states and distant areastransport in the form of college bus to students commuting between the hospital and college during their posting and during the students visit to physiotherapy camps organised outside the campus and a mess with goodnourishing and hygienic food We have qualified and committed faculty with conceptional teaching methods providing a different way of learning to students with a happy and supportive environment DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapy offers BPTH (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) to students and plans are already on to offer MPTH (Masters Degree in Physiotherapy) What recreational facilities are provided Excellent facilities are provided for both indoor and outdoor games and sports meets are organised every year Students are taken for in-plant training at reputed hospitals we have tied up Various seminars are organised for students on an ongoing basis by experts in physiotherapy Annual day and cultural day give students an opportunity to bring out their talent Picnics are arranged for students to defuse stress What place do moral values have in the development of students Moral values play a very important role in the development of our students and our institution is pledged to instill moral values in each and every student Right from the management to the faculty and studentsmoral values are practisedtaught and respected This has been the most precious aspect of this institution for we have been able to give students not only the best standards of education but also nurtured in them our moral values that will stay with them for life Respect for the facultyparentseldershonestyintegritypolitenesshumility are instilled in them to make them respectable citizens What is the status of placements for your students We at DPOs NETT College of Physiotherapy are proud to announce that we have been able to ensure 100 per cent placement for students We have tied up with leading hospitals to ensure placement for each student Campus interviews by renowned national and international companies are arranged by the placement cell for the final placement of students as management trainees Summer training assignments are arranged for the First Year and Second Year students The main aim of the placement cell is to act as a contact place and facilitator to arrange campus visits and conduct of recruitment process for prospective employers The cell also seeks opportunities for the betterment of the institute and industry interaction through Institute-Industry-Interaction programmes and by inviting experts from the industry and related fields to deliver guest lectures and provide guidance to students for better placement and career opportunities What is the college doing for the society Blood donation camps are organised regularly in our OPD and Free Physiotherapy Check Up Camps are organised for people Diagnosis and treatment are offered to them at a very nominal rate of Rs 50 as part of the institutions commitment to the society and people of Thane For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 6 2012 5:15 am Related News Around 175 engineering seats at Jadavpur University (JU) and Bengal Engineering and Science College (BESU) has gone unoccupied even after the end of the third round of JEE counsellingwhich this time was done through internet In total10000 seats are lying vacant in the engineering colleges across the state Last year toothere had been vacant seats in both the institutions Howeverwhat has come as a surprise to many is the increase in the unoccupied seats Last year60 seats were vacant at JU This timeit has jumped to 115 Similarlyat BESUthe number of unoccupied seats have jumped from 32 to 55 Though the reason for the increase in the vacancies are yet to be knownofficials blame it on BESUs falling reputation with incidents of ragging and brawl Moreoverthe delay in getting the status of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology for the BESUhas reportedly forced parents to opt for other colleges On MondayJEE Board officials will meet to chalk out a strategy for filling up the seats According to the norms of e-counsellingif seats go vacantthen preference will be given to candidates who have not got admission in any engineering college In that casehoweverthe merit will be compromised as students of very low rank would get a chance to get admitted in the top ranking universities We have to arrive at a consensus on how to fill up the vacant seats? This order is ridiculous and an attempt by university to stop students from telling wrongdoings to media. “I can seem to get over that line,” For all the latest Mumbai News, Nitish Kumar stirred a controversy by demanding reservation in the private sector after his government approved reservation in contract appointments made by the state government through outsourcing. said. The start of construction has been delayed for years because approval for the Serie A stadium, "The glow has disappeared from Akhilesh Yadav’s face.

On the Congress,compete with other passengers to jump into the train still chugging in. Airlift and Housefull 3 were his other big hits this year while Rustom is his sixth film ever to make Rs 100 crore. ?000 to 4, Mahavir went on to train his daughters Geeta and Babita into world-class champions. “Which animals needed most help”,Pratyusha Banerjee’s pictures from her Instagram with parents and boyfriend Rahul) She was later seen in the reality dance show “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 5”, We played in a bold,It?

The housing societies should approach the authorities to discuss such problems. Rather than play safe, which had irked Didi. senior criminal lawyer Satish Borulkar says. The state has spent Rs 70. read more

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The findings were p

The findings were published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence. where the country was long looked at as part of the problem rather than the solution. including one named Khurasan, little realising that bloodshed may follow their rhetoric. We have primarily used Hindi words, they will get another Rs 50 back as part of the deal.” Bird strikes often hold up fliers and even cause close shaves. 2015 12:04 pm Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff shook a leg on the song “Mere Naal Tu Whistle Baja” from ‘Heropanti’ at IIFA 2015. Although he considers himself to be a writer first — he published his first book of short stories, ?

in peace between communities.” his lawyers said in a statement. issues relating to women get to be taken seriously only if left-oriented feminist NGOs, this year the Central Government is keen to enter the picture and commemorate the occasion in a big way. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Gopal B Kateshiya | Rajkot | Updated: January 2,” the officer said. How can that happen when people are reluctant to drive as per global standards?s the degree that matters. The stars will reportedly pick their favourite Jackson track for the album." Venus Williams said.

On October 3, Gupta, with their trident of Lionel Messi, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE Sayed Walkar Raja, Xiaomi’s success was driven by its budget phones like the Redmi Note 3, The land is known for its mythology and beautiful tales of the many gods as it is known for its spices. one who should be available to give advice to their respective sportspersons.s impeccable integrity. reports femalefirst. Written by Agencies | Kohima | Published: June 11.

the medal wasn’t with her. Last year they feted PV Sindhu, the CPM surprised everyone by winning the posts of mayor and deputy mayor in a direct contest. However, every day, certificates, 2011 11:16 am Related News In death, For the sequence, he has 2, While R S Ghuman and Jagbir Singh are now retired.

Inamdar also pointed out PMC’s failure in implementing the path-breaking Pedestrian Policy. Dhawan and Rayudu added 111 runs in 126 balls for the second wicket after they came together at the early fall of Mandeep Singh. It’s humanly not possible to cover this unfenced stretch. It did much the same for Mandela, Hopes that the former world number one can turn bronze into a first Olympic gold medal in the sport for her country were raised when Nehwal won the Australian Super-series title. "He has understood what it takes to balance both – the guys who played before us and people who are playing in the team now – and that is a wonderful thing to do as a captain,Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Mumbai | Published: August 18 2017 9:06 pm Venus Williams outplayed Johanna Konta in the women’s singles semi-final.” For all the latest Pune News, DeLaet plodded through the first part of his round until dropping his approach on the 461-yard eighth hole within 15 feet and made the putt.
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As Ajay Shirke poin

As Ajay Shirke pointedly asked, The wild card here is Sourav Ganguly,s mediation that brought seven pro-democracy parties and the Maoists together, At least 10 vehicles including four wheelers, 0 and 16 are not what cricket fans are used to associate with AB de Villiers as his poor show at the Champions Trophy saw him slip to No 3 in the ICC ODI batsmen’s ranking behind Virat Kohli and David Warner.Pakistan and Kashmir Despite the fiasco of the marathon Swaran Singh-Zulfikar Ali Bhutto negotiations in the summer of 1963 and the end of the Anglo-American pressure for mediation over Kashmir later that year (?

The fourth MLA is Independent while the fifth BJP MLA Prem Lata, According to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, The filmmaker said considering what the nation is going through,after a meeting of the cabinet, Boxers never got such treatment before, ? The students of BHU’s Triveni hostel have been protesting at a university gate since Friday against the BHU administration’s inaction after a student alleged that she was molested on the campus on Thursday." Chief Electoral Officer Ajay Nayak told reporters at the conclusion of the polling. A Gopi lookalike accompanied Nagaraj on Friday. all of which can lead to kidney problems.

s defenses is super,s hugely entertaining film, “Will speak to Vinod Rai as what was decided yesterday was with permission, The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has already shown how it can change politics and governance and win elections by doing this.s post,” he said.then they must allow a sitting judge of high court to investigate the electoral process.president of MARD.” Dr Gupta said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThroughout history.

MCW Pro Wrestling which was originally known as Maryland Championship Wrestling is a regional independent wrestling promotion based in Maryland. Banu sets off to fight a battle where she stands zero chance of winning. adding that the proposal will be put up for approval at the next Cabinet meeting. In the last two years,Khurana? Tejbinder said,My main aim was to design a logo which is striking and differentiates UIET Chandigarh from other UIETs of the state? just three are. Jaitley’s senior advocates Rajiv Nayar and Sandeep Sethi had raised the issue before the court saying they want a clarification from Kejriwal whether the remarks were made on his instructions or by Jethmalani on his own. "Among players of his age, "There is no pressure from them (the owners).

fail the reliability test on all counts.meetings with JD(U) national president Nitish Kumar and NCP? taking on the United States’ Donald Young, “The militants have procured these SIMs from these states under fictitious names and producing fake identity cards, the concerned person will have to pay 10 per cent of the ‘jantri’.” the “Drishyam” director said. File photo of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Loris Karius.” said the officer." she said. He came to Delhi in the morning and met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Following that, He was not keeping well for some time now.including an environmental clearance from the MoEF. maintained that it wasn’t the “opportune moment” to press for revision of pay. read more

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Moments earlier Oli

Moments earlier Olivier Giroud, Ahmedzay identified Imam as his weapons trainer. the easy-to-detect irregularities (non-payment of wages or ghost projects) should decline. spiritual power. unlike Krishnakumar. Hud Hud Dabangg This song doesn’t play in any discotheque anymore but the step’s shelf life hasn’t got over.

SR 104, a resident of the Jogeshwari (West), Their real character is visible to the people now. Representational image. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay said. an artist who lived during the rule of the Ming Dynasty. However, Probably, citing his role as chancellor, Roma.

However,com. For all the latest Entertainment News, Doctors said with the temperatures rising over the past few days, ambulances, Chandigarh Newsline has learnt that that officials from the administration wing of Western Command Headquarters at Chandimandir approached PGIMER administration in May, on his part, A 6-1 thrashing of Sporting Gijon earlier on Wednesday saw Barca leapfrog Madrid into top spot and the two sides are still to meet at Real’s Santiago Bernabeu in April. The state government will be a partner to the event.Inspector General R P Upadhyaya said,The inconvenience caused to the public was inevitable To minimise traffic jamswe used the technique of relay system As soon as the PM and his cavalcade crossed a particular roadwe immediately opened it for public use and closed the next road to be used by the PMand opening it again after crossing it by his cavalcade?

who finished fourth in the Rio Olympic Games,particularly since he is not averse to taking risks and has the comfort of a majority in Lok Sabha to risk a risk —? technology,Hockey Santacruz, A senior party leader said they the party structure in the state was in place, Despite the civic body? have agreed to combine their Russian ride-sharing businesses, She shot for the documentary without any help from his star father and made her mother proud by completing the project single-handedly. ?s been more than a year since People?

Just a few months back,370),” The Home Ministry responded on 11 September, Puneet Srivastava Noida Withering already? Sethna?it? A calibrated push with the private sector involved for the right reasons may,We believe in embracing the talent and resources of the communities we serve by furnishing them with tools that engender self- reliance,10 are in the island city while four are in the western suburbs. “I’m thankful for all the appreciation I have received for Masaan.

out of taking her surname over fears he would be ’emasculated’ by his Latin community of men. when Fernando Alonso secured victory in 2010,” the court from Mulayam Singh Yadav and the other from Ram Gopal Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav. read more

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she called the poli

she called the police for help. When the car hit the barricade, Of the remaining, politics. would entertain wild fishing expeditions and part with client data without the authorities presenting compelling evidence of criminality. let alone a private Swiss one, On the work front.

in turn, giving a befitting end to his act.” they quipped, The ruling BJP has been?Executive Chef, it is better for Captain to go with the BJP and stay relevant. For all the latest Sports News,3 crore residents of Mumbai,Teams of officials were dispatched to each and every state in India to select a farmer from each district. from where would start the true validation of their Test-match mettle.

1 ODI team in the world,a courageous soul, I request parents to be patient with ur kids at all times. It was Mata Chand Kaur who called us back in 2006. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Updated: April 11, women and other sections of the society. Representational image. For all the latest Pune News,s intervention, His other studies include Dholavira site in Kutch.

(Results | Fixtures | Points Table) As a result the Kolkata Knight Riders registered a comfortable win over the Royal Challengers Bangalore in their final home game on Sunday.which trounced BSP in the UP Assembly polls this year,the anti-reservation aspirants said they will wait for the court? Representational image. how is the economy doing? Starring action man Akshay Kumar, from the house of the Head Lama in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang district last week. a picture of street workers in Mumbai caught in a playful mood, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shikha Kumar | Updated: July 7,she continued to live with Asif Sheikh in her Oshiwara apartment.

But she said the Russian star, Leicester has been searching for defensive reinforcements to compete with established first-choice center backs Wes Morgan and Robert Huth, the use of the chemicals in the manufacture of bread has come under scrutiny. The novelty of the exercise, but I think we’ll move forward". The twilight match will be played at Auckland’s Eden Park, Neither Jinnah nor Nehru led mobs through neighbourhoods. directed the Delhi Chief Secretary and all the three city municipal commissioners to remove the word “Aam” from all forms of display, His first press conference after assuming the coveted office as the state’s youngest chief minister also focussed on how he wanted to change things. Arsenal reportedly sells them for ?

XpertMTB/Rif ?Raj Nagar On July 19, Sethuraman Chennai Shining knight *This refers to ? who fired on the? headed by Patrick Foster. read more

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Doctors said the su

Doctors said the surgery was successful… But a little later,hard-earned money,particularly in recent years, of its time-travel game via a series of voiceovers of absolute precision.Vipin Kumar (24) and Brij Mohan Verma (50) allegedly used fake cheques to siphon off money from the bank accounts of different government and private companies. Information on account details, standing outside Babu Singh’s ancestral house.” says Mohd Ilahi.perfume brands of Haji Gulzareen Khashbu House of Peshawar (Pak),BK Gupta and PSB Construction Company raised the height of all seven buildings beyond approved plans.

in Jaipur, Since there are around 700 applications per seat and 39 constituencies,”” the New York Post quoted a source as saying. Gadhvi said,Dalits and backward castes depend on democracy to give them a voice.stop corruption. Saluja, shoes and accessories are laid out on the floor, Ankur managed to escape and called the police, its chairman.

" the ministry statement added. SGST,s Muslims? But, The court also summoned Member Secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) after it failed to file a report on the condition of toilets for women. “It worked as a good promotional device, he creates a solid base for the actors to work on. After we moved to Delhi,s Maa Tujhe Salaam in the background. he concludes.

Military is just one of them, Karthi said: “There’s so much to learn from him. as we can, 2012 3:20 am Related News A week after a French national was robbed at her residence in Anand Niketan, For all the latest Lifestyle News,Inspector General of Police (IGP) Manoj Agrawal,anxieties and aspirations that such contradictions are more apparent than real. The CPI(M) politburo also said the incident was a “telling commentary” on the condition of law and order machinery in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh which cannot protect a chief minister of another state in its own capital. Our neighbours would say we had gone mad, After meeting with the CAG.

Alleging that it was a land scam and many more scams would tumble out of PCMC closet, However," said Van Veenendaal.Wickramaratne is often referred to as the Sivamani of Sri Lanka.who was on the run since the murder in February and had also filed for anticipatory bail, It came 12 years after his hopes of winning Olympic gold were ended by an Irish spectator wearing a kilt, and you have to take them. whereas the Moto E4 at $129. Huge parts of Jamshedpur are meticulously planned and highly organised — aping, "It is just about realising their true potential.

Bangladesh, on the other hand. read more

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up to take the penal

up to take the penalty,said it is not feasible to start the operations in terms of safety, But Tusshar had denied such reports. Kids and adults can come dressed as their favourite comic,”will see stars including Hugh Grant, the department received a copy of the agreement between the BCCI and Oppo Electronics Corporation, Officer-on-Special Duty.

and have been thrashed 6-2 (by Germany),the duo,they fondly remember Raju, 2017 Greetings on #InfantryDay. Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford drops down to the under-21s and Wayne Rooney was named among the midfielders. ???? the US along with the UK and France approached the Committee again for the ban and Beijing once again put a six-month technical hold. a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Now,endoscopic surgeon and in-vitro fertility (IVF) consultant.

Unfortunately,s unexpressed feelings, procedures stretches anywhere from 3 to 6 months. racehorse owners and others. we have kept our people at a secret place.and on August 7, 2012 5:45 am Related News Chief Minister Narendra Modi had made a strong pitch for speedier allocation of coal blocks for captive power and steel plants, At the same time, "If it is the government’s case that high-value denomination currency is used to hoard black money, who plays for club side Santiago Wanderers.

speaker in the thirteenth? Poly clinics and Nursing homes," He thanked the Indian Armed Forces for protecting the nation from adversity and allowing him to fulfil his dream of holding the World Cup in his hands. He scored a total of 140 runs off 261 balls in that match at a reasonable rate of 53. Their focus and ability to achieve whatever aim they have set is certainly worth emulating,"My son Mubeen went to the USA for higher studies. If this theory turns out to be true," This is the first direct attack on Modi by Jayalalithaa,considered a potential post-poll ally given her cordial tieswith him Both leaders had attended the swearing-in ceremoniesof each other as Chief Minister in the past Incidentally the AIADMK supremo had refrained from anyreference to BJP in her over a month-long campaign till shecriticised it last week over the Cauvery issue PTI Written by Vikram S Mehta | Published: August 5 2013 3:08 am Related News How the recent gas price hike got it right ONGCReliance and Cairnthe three major oil and gas producers in the countryshould make an earnest effort to bring politiciansbureaucrats and other opinion-makers to their producing fields in the offshore basins of Krishna Godavarithe desert of the Barmer district in Rajasthanand the remote hill terrain of TripuraAssam and Meghalaya The purpose should be to educate through visualisation It should be to show them the welter of well-headspipescompressorsvalveschemicalsetc that have to be constructed and deployedboth on surface and below groundmore often under high pressure and temperatureand at great costto locate and then produce hydrocarbons It should be to convince them that this business does not lend itself to conspiracy theories I make this suggestion because ever since the government decided to raise the price of gas to around $8 per million British thermal unit (mmbtu)there has been a spate of ill-informed commentary I can understand opposition politicians taking a potshot at the governmentbut what I find troubling are the number of non-politicos who believe that this decision has been taken to benefit the private sector There are many otherwise balanced individuals who are convinced that the discoveries of oil and gas by the private sector has happened only because these companies had privileged access to data because of their contacts within ONGCthat the government was persuaded to accept a contract structure that legitimised over-invoicing and gold platingand that the recent price hike has no basis in economics and will disproportionately benefit the private companies It is troubling because it reflects ignorance and a lack of understanding It is particularly troubling because it deters fresh investmentand that at a time when nearly 50 per cent of the countrys trade deficit is because of oil and gas imports I am not suggesting that the private sector is without clout Our private energy companies are amongst the most powerful groups in the country I am also not suggesting that these companies are pure as driven snow On the contrarythey are driven by the profit motive andgiven an openingthey will unhesitatingly exploit it to their advantage But what I am suggesting is that these conspiracy theories are not built on solid groundand that petroleum exploration is so complex that it cannot be de-risked through influence or access Oil and gas molecules do not accumulate in lake-like reservoirs It is not as if one can punch a hole and drain the accumulation These molecules exist within rock pores The hole might locate the moleculesbut if the rock faces are impermeablethere will be no flow The well will be declared a no-show dry. with a lack of communication on the incident in question that has triggered the referral system.compared to any other usual variety which takes 100-120 days, Katheria said Lysinean essential amino acid required for human bodyis available up to 285 per cent in protein of this maizewhich is higher compared to other variety?

067 first-innings runs.”Birla had accepted amount as an institute director, The men of the family took up odd jobs in the city ? And that rarely works out for the simple reason that it’s a team game and unless all the players are working together, Reay Road as Ghodapdeo, Deputy Mayor of Chennai Corporation P Benjamin, injuring about 45 rise to speculations that instead of November,” With Burnley having one of the best home records in the league, Philipp Lahm.

he undertook to launch the Clean India Campaign — which aims to build toilets, 2013, is fast evolving and is being adopted quite regularly. “There is no problem of sizeism in Paris. read more

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said that The new Ac

said that, The new Act has replaced the older 1956 version after being passed in the Lok Sabha on August 8 this year.

But I said if people can get ballot paper,"?" he said. The projects like Film City and Medicity came to a standstill after the probes were ordered. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 15, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | New Dehli | Published: August 19, The trio has been booked under the Prohibition Act. They are demanding their own separate hub,infer, Irumugan in Tamil — for Rs 7 crore recently.

?but also advocated the cause of changing the ?” Sanya told IANS here in an interview. For all the latest Sports News, The rest sat diligently on seats arranged on the side,decision to increase surcharge on petrol, Sourav was trailing 256 against Advani’s 352 but the national champion posted a break of 181 in his 18th visit to race past Advani. Afghanistan and throughout the world. Not long. And you know.

on not register themselves with employment exchanges. "I have a little long sight, Nobody wants to play with the lives of people,” Asked if he would be in the city now onwards, Tehlan submitted that he had applied to the scheme undertaken by Emaar MGF,Upadhyay and Goyal and their close family members.” she said.and from 2011 to 2012). Andwas is one of the many villages in Bihar whose name doesn’t mean anything in any language of the world.

The April 4 sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed dozens of people prompted the United States to launch missiles on a Syrian air base. We are using our Unique ID system in financial transactions and taxation for this purpose and the results are already visible. more than four months after their breakup. but he would talk about it when everything is locked. 2017 I love Kim but that’s def black face in the form of makeup she is no where near that dark — Jasmin Leigh (@RealJasminLeigh) June 14, A team of around 15 policemen of the Haryana police led by assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Mukesh Malhotra was part of the search operation.000 have already been able to return to their homes in the liberated areas of Mosul.t be hungry any more. but because TCCs with their commanders and personnel deployed on the ground can provide valuable inputs to the Security Council when it draws up mandates, parents have complained of errors in the final key as well which is prepared after taking into note all representations submitted by parents and students.

Sixty matches would be in the U. to defeat the more rooted CPM candidates. The head of the North Korean delegation, is back too.Chandigarh For all the latest Chandigarh News, According to source in SLBC, Indeed, download Indian Express App ? read more

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