Messi: “My duels with Cristiano will remain forever”

first_imgLeo Messi gave a long interview, published in Italy by ‘DAZN’, recalling his beginnings as a footballer, his current status in Barcelona and his challenges for the future. The Argentine acknowledged missing Cristiano and that his duels will remain “forever.” the beginning: “I played soccer seven, in Malvinas, the Newell’s field, and it was more forward, but there each one moved from different sides. I moved around the top, behind the tip, and as a child I felt comfortable there “.Quarry: “I have a lot of what I learned as a kid, on the street, playing on the stone, dirt court, and then I owe a lot to the Barça quarry, where I worked totally differently than what I had done in Argentina. a different philosophy from anywhere in the world: I grew up as a player, without losing what I had. “Philosophy: “In the first months it was difficult for me to understand the way of playing football that the Barcelona quarry had. I spent time without playing because of paper issues, I started and I got injured … It was not easy to understand such a marked philosophy, although doing so as a child is more easy”.Position: “When I arrived at the first team they sent me to play on the right. I had no other left, but it was a totally new position for me. I got used to it little by little, I was delighted because I played and eventually took care of the position, playing a changed leg made it easy for me to get in. “False nine: “It was a surprise for me. Guardiola told me that he was watching the Real Madrid games a lot, that he had been talking to Tito and that they had thought he was going to play a fake nine: he was going to send Eto’o and Henry for outside, and I was in the center, to join the media too. The idea was for the centrals to follow me and the two fast ends we had stung from behind. There is one of Henry’s goals that is like that. “Change: “Does Valdano say that I can play in any position? He loves me a lot (laughs). It’s true that in recent years I got used to getting a little late, having more contacts with the ball, getting more together with the midfielders. This happened when we stopped having Xavi and Iniesta, with them we had a lot of ball possession throughout the game. “Physical: “I felt a physical change in the beginning until today, because I think it is automatic, one is growing at a football, technical and physical level, and it was like that in every way. When one is turning years of age one realizes things that, when you are younger, you do not see them. From 20 to 24 you can do what you want, that the body does not feel it … From there, you have to take special care, they are many matches, a lot of effort, and the physicist does not forgive. “Sons: “Since Thiago was born, I reduced my parties a lot, and now that I have three children, even less. The pace of my life depends a lot on the boys: we finished training, I return home to eat fast and go out to look for them at school. Yes, my naps were cut a lot (laughs). “Records: “I do not give importance to the records, but today you find out everything through social networks, by friends, colleagues, the press … It is very difficult not to reach you, in the end I end up finding out, but the truth is that I I’m not looking much at these things. “Suspenders: “Gento? I would like to match his 12 Leagues, even, or beat him … But I would like it for what it would mean for all of us to win so many, not for the record itself.”Pichichi: “The goal record in the League is important and significant, spectacular players passed here, the best in the world. Being my historical scorer is special. He is one of the most beautiful records I have, an honor. They are many years here, I don’t know if others stayed that long, and that helped me a lot to keep growing at the goal level. “Fun: “I’m still having fun, obviously with a lot of responsibility, but the secret is to have fun, and when you do things come out more natural, easier.”Fans: “I have always received a lot of love in the whole world, I am grateful, I do what I like and I enjoy it, then people who think what I want both today and in the future.” Christian: “They were many years and it is not easy to keep so many years competing at the highest level, and more in the teams in which we were, as demanding, as are Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the two best in the world. Competing as equals as many years will remain forever, the sporting duel was very nice personally and I think people enjoyed it, whether it be Madrid, Barça or in general everyone who likes football. “Classics: “The games against Madrid are always special, but when I was Cristiano they were much more. But hey, they are stages that we are burning, that we leave behind, and it continues.”Job: “I still want to learn, that helps me a lot. I was left with a lot of penalties and it bothers me, the way to improve is to train it, study the rivals … As I suppose they do with me.”Xavi and Iniesta: “They were two incomparable players, very difficult to copy. I looked at them a lot, both when I had them as partners or when I saw them from the outside. I like to learn, get things from teammates and rivals.”The league: “LaLiga has grown a lot and is increasingly matched. It was said that it was only the three-team championship, in reality they were very close seasons, and that it is very difficult to win in any field. Going visitors is becoming more complicated, the small teams become strong at home and know that their chance to achieve the goals is to win at home. “Difficulty: “Football is very tactical, very studied, in most games the opponent locks back and leaves you no spaces. It is true that before there was more space, more time to think. Today everything is much more difficult.”Equipment: “The collective is essential. Today any team with players without much talent can match you and even win. With order, with work, effort and constant help.”Markings: “Man-to-man marking doesn’t bother me, but when it’s like that you know they are ugly matches, it’s rare to have one always close. It didn’t happen much either, it doesn’t bother me, but they’re weird, different matches. I don’t remember one in particular. Maffeo del Girona? Yes, it may be, that was exaggerated (laughs). “Defenses: “I never complained, I think that contact and kicks are part of these games. The tickets bother me when they are in bad milk, yes, but if not, everything is part of the game, I do not take it badly “. Goal scorer: “It seems weird, but when I was little I didn’t have to score many goals. I remember that in the first years in the first team it was hard for me, or I was missing or I was lucky. Eto’o once told me: ‘The day you start doing goals, you’re not going to stop. ”I missed a lot, until one day the ball went in, and they all started to come in.”Obsession: “Every time I think less about the goal, I throw myself a little further back, I try to be the creator, rather than define. Obviously I like it, and if the possibility comes welcome it is, but on the court I get less and less mentalized in that I have never been obsessed, although I understand that it is spoken when I do not frame much, but it is part of the growth, of continuing to seek the best for myself and for the team. “Favorite goal: “I always said that the goals I prefer are the most important, rather than for beauty. I think of the Champions League finals, both of them to Manchester United, the one of the semifinal against Real Madrid I also remember it a lot for what it meant … But I would have to review them and see them all to choose my favorite. “Goal against Getafe: “It was not a goal of great importance, but it was similar to what Diego did, although the moment and the match with one another had nothing to do with it. The play was similar, though.”Faults: “Before when I threw a foul, I settled and kicked for kicking, I tried to pass the barrier and go to the goal, I did it without thinking. Until I was training, I perfected the positioning, the steps, the punch, trying to set foot one way or another … But this is also going on streaks, sometimes you have the luck that they all go inside, and sometimes you throw five or six and they all stick to the barrier.It is all work, training.Each has his way of kicking , it is very difficult to copy another, everyone must do their own thing, find their way. “Penalties: “The penalties do not worry me, but erring them bothers me, nobody likes me. I also understand that it is part of the game, it is increasingly difficult because the goalkeepers are faster than before, they study you, everything is more prepared.”last_img