Promotional film as a result of excellent cooperation between the tourist boards of the island of Pag

first_imgThe island of Pag will soon be presented through a promotional film, which is being shot by the joint efforts of the tourist boards of the City of Pag, Novalja, Stara Novalja and the Municipality of Povljana. Finally synergy. The first shots of this film were shot in the town of Pag, and it was attended by members of the Cultural and Artistic Society Družina, Benedictine nuns from the monastery of St. Margarita, lacemaker Tonći Maržić, Martina Pernar from the Pag cheese factory and cyclists and Nordic walkers. The tourist boards of the island of Pag have been cooperating for more than two years when they realized that it is best and most effective to promote the entire island of Pag, not individual areas of tourist boards, because visitors are not interested in borders but what they offer. The island of Pag has a really original and rich tourist offer with a lot of specifics and it is a unique attitude to present themselves together. Each tourist board will present what they consider to be the most attractive because the entire offer cannot fit in a promo film. At the same time, each TZ will have a separate, shorter promo film from its area. Basically, the message of this movie is “One island and one common vision” which says it all, and it is a continuation of the previous successful and quality cooperation. After the coronavirus, we will continue to further promote the island of Pag within our capabilities with, as you could see for yourself, our tourist trump cards that we really have progress. But, like other tourist boards, we cannot currently predict visits for this year, although we are very optimistic about the data that the islands are the most visited. In conversations with our agencies and renters, we get a variety of data – from those whose reservations have been canceled to those who have filled in July and August. We wholeheartedly hope that our wishes will come true “, said Karavanic at the end. Another major project is the Agreement on the Association of Local Tourist Boards of the Island of Pag (Pag Tourist Board, Novalja Tourist Board, Povljana Tourist Board, Kolan Tourist Board and Stara Novalja Tourist Board) concluded in the implementation of the project Development of OUTDOOR tourism on the island of Pag. In other words, this agreement means the development and shaping of the island of Pag into a unique, harmonized and market-affirmed destination for outdoor (adventure, active) tourism, especially cycling and trails (racing-hiking) tourism by development stages until 2023, for which prior consent given by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia. This is the first step in applying for the funds of the Fund for United Tourist Boards, which amounts to about 50 million kuna. “For two years, the island of Pag has been presented at tourist fairs together – a joint visual was created, which proved to be successful because we presented ourselves at several tourist fairs and at the same time saved money. There are also some joint events – I single out the Pag project on the menu, which was held by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag for the first time last year with the aim of promoting the gastronomic offer of the island of Pag. This year the project was supposed to be extended to other tourist boards, but due to the corona virus we unfortunately had to give up. The project is being done in cooperation with the Bartul Kašić High School – catering, the Association of Craftsmen of Pag and Novalja and the tourist boards of Pag, Novalja, Povljana and Kolan. TZG Pag and TZG Novalje have been jointly organizing the International Rowing Regatta Osmerci on Pag for two years now. ” “The film should be completed in about twenty days, after which the promotion would begin. Of course, we will promote ourselves through social networks, portals, etc. The recording is the responsibility of the company Moonstone Production from Solin, which is extremely satisfied with the shots taken so far. ”, emphasized the director Karavanić.center_img After the town of Pag, the shooting continued in the area of ​​the Tourist Board of the town of Novalja, after which the team moved to Stara Novalja, and the last shots will be shot on Friday in the municipality of Povljana. One island and one shared vision – that the island of Pag is a tourist destination. In this context, a promotional film can certainly help and motivate visitors to visit the island of Pag. Destination promotion is certainly the main activity of tourist boards, so shooting a promo film can only bring benefits, both for this season and in the future. “The city of Pag will be presented in the film as a city of lace, since Pag lace is an intangible cultural heritage protected by UNESCO, with its unique view of the old town of Pag reminiscent of Dubrovnik, beautiful Pag folk costumes, Pag dance, Pag Basque from the Benedictine monastery of St. . Margaritas. We will also present our Pag cheese as a world-famous delicacy, views of the Pag saltworks, then the embracing stone and wind bike trail, co-financed by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds, and Nordic walking trails. “, told us the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Pag Vesna Karavanić. “The shooting of the joint promo film came as a logical continuation of the previous continuous cooperation, which has only just come out in the time of the corona virus. The promo film is intended for both domestic and foreign markets, which will be able to see the most attractive and beautiful that the island of Pag, which we also call Moon Island, offers – we offer beautiful beaches, fantastic, untouched nature ideal for cycling, running, trail, Nordic walking, walking, rowing, surfing, there is also the award-winning Adriatic camp Šimuni, then an excellent gastronomic offer that is world famous – Pag cheese, lamb, cottage cheese, honey, baškotine, wines, aromatic herbs…, rich and extremely interesting cultural heritage, ornithological reserves, underwater amphora site near Šimun, protected area of ​​Hanzina forest, Lun olive groves… ”, added Karavanic. Photos: Pag Tourist Board and Elvis Schmidtlast_img