4th Family Accommodation Forum opened

first_imgToday began the largest annual gathering of family tourism, the Family Accommodation Forum (FOS), which aims to educate, present news in legislation and network participants with exhibitors of products and services relevant to family accommodation, organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Family Tourism Association.At the opening of FOS, Josip Zaher emphasized that family tourism is important for the progress of the entire economy, and this is evidenced by the fact that the hosts and providers of family accommodation in the past year have achieved excellent tourism results with as many as 35 million overnight stays. “It is a market that has experienced a significant upswing in recent years. The first family accommodation forum was organized in 2014 in Opatija, when there were less than 60.000 family accommodation facilities in Croatia. Today, Croatia has more than 92.000 household accommodation providers, which have over 540.000 beds in their facilities. It is clear how important family tourism is not only for tourism, but also in terms of the strength of small businesses and the progress of the overall economy. In addition, it represents a significant potential for further positioning of Croatia as a successful tourist destination throughout the year, especially through continuous investment in service quality.”, Said Josip Zaher, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Tourism, Trade and Finance at the opening of the 4th National Forum of Family Accommodation organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Tourism, Trade and Finance Josip Zaher; Source: HGK.We should certainly praise the statement of the Minister of Tourism Cappelli, who clearly and loudly calmed the “passions” between hoteliers and hosts in family accommodation, emphasizing that there is room for everyone in the market and that the focus is on quality and diverse accommodation. “Croatia has something that others do not have, and that is family accommodation. Family accommodation that is synonymous with the authenticity of the tourist experience and through it we have a great opportunity and potential to show our guests that Croatia really has a lot to offer. Our goal is to transform the tourist system, which on the one hand will connect stakeholders in tourism in the desire to create a complete tourist destination and on the other hand take into account the individuality of our products and their capabilities, and this is where family accommodation is very important.”, Said the Minister of Tourism Gari Capelli, adding that he believes that this segment of our offer, valued at 15 billion euros, will be even more competitive in the future, through further pooling of accommodation capacities and connection with local providers, and thus make a great contribution to the success of overall Croatian tourism.”The Croatian market is one of the largest and with the highest growth rates in terms of family tourism in Europe. We anticipate that this growth will continue in the future, but we also count on regulatory problems, states want to protect hotel tourism, collect more taxes and have more control over family accommodation which could seriously hamper our sector. Fortunately, this is not happening in Croatia but in Spain, Italy and France. I am glad that I can point out Croatia as an example at the EU level in terms of good regulation in the field of family tourism, you have shown the way to others in which direction to go”, He emphasized Carlos Villaro Lassen, Secretary General of the European Family Tourism Association (EHHA), saying that the quality of the offer of the Croatian family tourism sector is evidenced by the fact that as many as four of the ten best holiday homes in Europe for 2017 are located in our country.Minister Cappelli announced the recategorization of family accommodation and favorable HBOR loansMinister of Tourism Gary Capelli; Source: HGK.Addressing family-run hosts, Minister Cappelli said he expects the tourism sector to grow by 5 to 7 percent this year, saying more emphasis should be placed on extending the season by promoting continental and health tourism. He also announced the recent publication of the TOMAS survey. which will give us a clearer picture of the position of our tourism, and according to the Minister of Tourism, tourist spending has increased and the motive for coming is no longer primarily the sun and the sea, which is more than great news. “Currently, the new Law on Hospitality is in the second reading in Parliament, and when it is adopted in May or June, the recategorization of family accommodation will be presented, all with the aim of raising the quality of households. Also, in the second half of the year, HBOR’s favorable loans for hosts in family accommodation will start, where the interest rate will not exceed 3 percent, probably from 2.3 to 2.5 percent, with a grace period of one year and a period of 10 years. The goal of more favorable loans is to support family accommodation so that it develops better and better through investment in raising the quality of accommodation and services.Cappelli pointed out.The second day of the 4th FOS will be marked by B2B workshops and interesting lectures, and as tourism is one of the first branches to accept all new trends and technological solutions, it is certainly more than important to inform and educate ourselves in order to be competitors. Also, FOS is a place where you can share your experiences and thoughts with colleagues in family accommodation and hear all the new information and trends in the global market.last_img