An excellent initiative of free guidance for citizens throughout Croatia has been launched – Get to know your country

first_imgAs part of the project ‘Get to know your country’, the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides (ZDTVH), with the support of the Croatian Tourist Board, on the occasion of the Day of International Recognition of Croatia, January 14, 2018 (Sunday) starting at 12:00 p.m. to organize free guided tours in all cities where tourist guide associations operate – members of ZDTVH.In particular, it is about the organization of free guided tours by local tourist guides in each city, and all guided tours with tourist guides will start at the same time. The guides are intended for the local population to get to know their city and become ambassadors of Croatian tourism, but of course all visitors and tourists.So far, 30 cities have joined this great initiative, and I sincerely hope that all cities will be involved, because this is an extremely important topic, getting to know your city and turning citizens into ambassadors of Croatian tourism.  “In this way, we want to give citizens a special gift throughout Croatia, congratulate the Day of International Recognition of Croatia and point out the importance of tourism professionals for international reputation as well as the importance of protected sites. In the light of the new Law on the provision of services in tourism which implements European directives, protected sites are the only areas where history and cultural heritage and national identity can only be represented by tourist guides educated in the Republic of Croatia.Kristina Niuć Prka, president of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, added and added that she hoped that all cities from Slavonia, through Zagreb, Lika, Kvarner, Istria, Dalmatia to Dubrovnik would join the initiative. “Tourist guides interpret cultural heritage, and it is cultural heritage that sets us apart from globalization.”Concludes Nuić Prka.Get to know your city and be ambassadors of Croatian tourismA great tourist story and a very important segment in the mosaic of our tourism that we have absolutely neglected. The city is the people, so the local people are tourism and the best ambassadors of Croatian tourism. The locals give rhythm and pulse to the destination, and guests want to get to know us and our culture of living, customs, our stories… because that is the very essence of tourism.An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who is proud of our country, history, customs, culture, heritage, successes – proud to be a Croat. An ambassador of Croatian tourism is a person who promotes his tradition and his region, who respects himself, because if we do not respect ourselves, others will not respect us either. Anyone can be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you can also be one. When a guest asks you what they can see in your city be prepared to refer them to all the local stories. Tell him a story about your tradition, culture and customs. Recommend him the great tourist stories he can experience in your city or surroundings. Also, in order to be an ambassador of Croatian tourism, you do not have to be a tourist worker. If guests on the street ask you for advice, you can certainly boast of some local tourist stories or at least refer it to the tourist board in the city.Get to know your city and all the hidden stories it tells. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Be a tourist in your own city in order to experience it as well as possible and thus tell that story and experience to our tourists. Let us be proud of our identity, history, heritage, culture because we certainly have something to be proud of.Be ambassadors of Croatian tourism, tell stories.Related news:DO WE CARE ABOUT THE STORY WE TELL TO OUR TOURISTS?BE A HOST IN FAMILY ACCOMMODATION, NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTSCOMPETITION FOR CROATIAN TOURISM AMBASSADOR OPENED – APPLY!&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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