Bao Mao high speed Sichuan section of the accident occurred 9 dead more than 20 injured

traffic safety is an important social problem, and many people are killed in traffic accidents every year. Recently, a large accident occurred in Sichuan Mao Mao high-speed, resulting in 9 deaths and many injured. Tragic accident alert the majority of drivers friends, driving must pay attention to traffic safety.

12 morning, G65 Baomao expressway of Chongqing Linshui county territory has two traffic accidents occurred, two accidents caused a total of 9 people were killed and more than and 20 people were injured. Scene appalling.

2012 in August 26th at 2 pm, Shaanxi Ansai service area Mao highway south exit happened a heavy traffic accident, a double decker sleeper bus and a methanol tanker collision, and caused two car fire. The accident has killed 36 people.

3 years ago, there was a serious traffic accident in the Shaanxi section of Baotou expressway, 36 people were killed in the accident. Driving on the highway must pay attention to the speed and turning, especially in the mountains when driving on the need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, to avoid accidents.

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