Want to join the brand dress before thinking twice

everybody knows the brand clothing market is the market potential for the development of the market, but it is never saturated the market, but this is just a summary usually, once we need to implement join a brand when we need a step by step to choose the.

, a strong brand apparel

advantages: have rich experience in the operation of the brand, the product and the terminal control ability is very strong, the franchise system has been perfect, the franchisee, can provide enough support franchise, including product development, store design, product display and customer management etc..

disadvantages: join the higher threshold, the franchise fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars, high rate, single product profit space is less, and the local brands more focused on brand maintenance. Zhiyingdian status is more important (such as Wenzhou Angelo brand is to create a national direct system, gradually reduce the proportion of the shop), and attend to the franchisee management. Terminal franchisee often complain that the good selling goods in the quarter to get the goods, not to sell the style into inventory, and finally even without the consent of the headquarters, private discount promotions. The reason is the monopoly of the provincial agents selling goods. The economic relationship between the more distant franchisee naturally can not get the corresponding benefits, so we have to take a variety of measures to keep the business going..

advantages: in the market has achieved some popularity, a product has achieved good results in the breakdown of the market, a strong brand also joined the threshold is low, the corresponding goods rate is low, the profit margins of large single goods.

disadvantages: this kind of brand is the most production transformation of brand, the success of a great chance, the lack of long-term brand strategy, brand operation sensibility, step by step, the brand image is not fixed, not form a stable brand image in the minds of consumers, not to mention the brand loyalty. The lack of terminal retail management experience, although there is a considerable marketing network, but in the end showing a large difference in the image. For example, the rise of Ningbo, a men’s brand, in the men’s shirt Market has achieved good results. But after investigation, dozens of East China area stores no two from the image is consistent, from the consumer point of view, the difference is also significant, really embarrassed. This type of brand in the domestic number of many, if not the corresponding adjustment, rectification, unlimited expansion, it will be done to the point of abuse, >