Cottage construction bank in this era of banks have been fraud

We all know that

in the daily life of bank is a kind of convenient financial service system, and around in our life, but also a lot of different banks, usually for money business the first thought is the bank, now to tell you, the bank also has the mountain village you believe?

7 24 in the morning, Shandong Lanling County town Aiqucun Lanling   Construction Bank Chinese opened a shop, a similar appearance with a regular bank. As everyone knows, this is a man Zhang Lan Ling to open his own copycat bank, and the public Liu Mouze in the copycat bank yet before the opening of the inside 40 thousand yuan.

7 13, Liu deposited in the network of $40 thousand in cash, and received the bank as the basis of the China Construction Bank passbook. After a few days, due to the business needs to outlets withdrawals, staff to the head office on the same day, as an excuse not to pay.

7 29, anxious to spend money Liu came to the county seat of a Construction Bank withdrawals. Unexpectedly, after careful identification of the staff of the Construction Bank, to determine the book in his hands for the fake passbook, the 40 thousand yuan deposit go? Bank immediately asked Liu Jun deposits and report.


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