Hand to teach you how to run a good shop

in the fierce competition of society, and now many white-collar workers have begun to work side of the business, the shop is the first choice for white-collar entrepreneurs, the reason is the small shop investment, see Lee fast, easy to operate. As soon as the micro shop was available, the ability to accept new things young white-collar workers are hot. So, for white-collar entrepreneurs, how can we do a good job in the absence of delay in the operation of micro shop

?Several problems of

1, to understand what is a micro shop?

2, micro shop and traditional e-commerce platform what is the difference?


3, what is the advantage of micro shop?

4, micro shop marketing model is what?

distributors more, more of your commission. Introduce others to open a micro shop, they naturally became your distributor, consumers in the micro shop you have a distributor, you can get promotion commission 30%. The more you distribute, the more rewards you get!

1, which companies can become a micro shop network provider?

have the business license of the enterprise, including limited liability company, individual industrial and commercial households.

2, supplier price list

platform service fee: 3000 yuan (three years)

3, one million micro store to help you sell products!