College graduate Village officials to help beekeepers start rich

college-graduate village official system with advanced modern management skills to China rural to college-graduate village official, now has a new goal, that is to promote rural entrepreneurship, in the era of electricity providers for rural entrepreneurs to seek new development.

"hard, capable, the mind will always come up with some new ideas, which is accessible to the people of his evaluation of Wang Zhijun. In 2012, Wang Zhijun completed a master’s degree from Hebei Normal University, this can find a good job in the outside, but Wang Zhijun gave up the superior city white-collar life, participated in the Hebei province college-graduate village official recruitment, was selected to Zhao village in Tangshan City hundred households nine hundred households in Luanxian town.


Wang Zhijun and Dong He couple in


back in Wang Zhijun’s mind soon sprouted a new idea, can get a good idea to these mountains and beekeepers in the market and business? The original Wang Zhijun has been on the micro-blog network has a special liking, especially agricultural aspects of micro-blog, as early as during the university is ranked nineteenth in the country of similar micro-blog, usually a time to love and successful communication, with Taobao, WeChat and other electricity providers increasingly prosperous, see new opportunities in Wang Zhi.