The army stopped paying services to prevent the occurrence of the valley case

latest news, the specific provisions on the military to stop paying services, the following are detailed, interested in small partners together with the small series looks like! The Central Military Commission recently issued on the armed forces and the armed police force to stop the activities of paid service notice, the army and the armed police force to stop the formal start of the paid service.

the first clear stop paid service schedule

"Circular" pointed out that the Central Military Commission plans to use about 3 years time, step by step to stop the army and armed police forces all paid services. To undertake the social security tasks entrusted by the state, the integration of military and civilian development system. Since the "notice" issued date, all units will be on the new project, the new contract to carry out foreign paid services, which has expired foreign paid service contract shall not renew the contract agreement, to lift the military project immediately stop.

"notice" also put forward the main principles and measures of complete cessation of paid services, the reform of the expenditure management, establish allowance system and related treatment measures of various kinds of legacy so clearly.