Wu Yi open husband and wife to understand communication is very important

since it is a husband and wife shop, it seems that there is no contradiction, after all, are the family, what is good communication. However, if it is a husband and wife store, understanding communication can really be very important, Wu Yi has a very profound understanding of this. I think it is not easy to open a good husband and wife shop, the key issue is to do a good job in communication between husband and wife, to achieve a unified opinion is more important.

my wife and common management, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of them, and find some solution methods: two people of husband and wife shop, no difference in power generation, disagreement, conflict, conflict in the use of funds and the purchase of goods will be too emotional may be brought to the table, easily lead to family conflicts, it will inevitably be brought to the shop, it is also bad for customerrelationshipmaintenance.

business is good, the time will be very nervous, day and night, causing physical and psychological exhaustion, inevitably neglect of the elderly and children care, adverse factors on family harmony. Therefore, I think to open a good husband and wife shop, division and communication is the key.

generally, usually "couple shop" business is not very busy, in addition to two couples to the store during the holiday season and sit outside, the rest of the time a person will be able to take care of the store, in this case, it should be according to their personality and interests are clear responsibilities, for example, who watch the shop who purchase and how to manage money, how to do health and so on, so as not to cause minor contradictions.

will also support the elderly and the children’s education as far as possible to do the communication, try to achieve the perfect. On the basis of their duties, the two should also be unified business ideas, the main sub shop operators, the development of the general direction of the joint decision of the two people to be good. As the saying goes, family harmony, in little patience, every big talk, will be able to do business is booming, the days passed smoothly.

each person’s character and temperament are different, even if the husband and wife, if you do not do a good job of communication, there will be a lot of contradictions. Therefore, even if the husband and wife to open a shop, want a hot business, want to let the store lasting business, you need to do a good job in communication.