Ningde 21 thousand and 200 poor families receive accurate poverty card

Although the economy of the

society is speeding up, a lot of people have gone to a happy valley and bought a villa, but there are still a lot of poor people in their lives. They need our help in time. On the morning of 11, collection of savings, settlement, credit and other functions as one of the precise poverty card issued in Shouning County township party under the. With immediate effect, the city of Ningde (county) in the field of 21 thousand and 200 poor households with valid identity documents to the Department of agriculture and the various outlets can handle. The following and small series of specific understanding.

under the party Township Yang Creek head of the village of villagers Luo is the scene with the help of poor poverty card on behalf of the poor. He received a card of excitement came to the entrance of the Huayang convenience store purchasing home urgently agricultural, 220 yuan of the material after 10 percent off POS machine brush paid 198 yuan. "I didn’t expect to have such a good bank card. No specialized banks run for the security procedures, can real-time loans for the purchase of agricultural means of production, after the development of production in urgent need of money without the Minato East by the west."


Office of Ningde Province Rural Credit Union director Fan Jiachang said, the precise poverty cards free free mortgage guarantee fee characteristics of bank card, specifically for Ningde’s national and provincial 21 thousand and 200 poor households in poor households credit card tailored to the maximum amount of 50 thousand yuan, the longest period of 3 years, within the credit limit with the loan with the also, with the use, and can realize the mobile phone banking, online banking funds through the 7× and ATM channels; 24 hours turnover use, do not use no interest.

the precise poverty card also contains VIP VIP service, the lowest interest rates, Union merchant discount multiple value-added services: poor households in Ningde rural credit card system any outlets are the VIP service, the priority for the business; enjoy the benchmark lending rate (monthly interest rate of 3.625 per thousand), equivalent to the farmers the same grade of inclusive financial card monthly interest rate the following 25%; supporting the establishment of township businesses preferential card alliance, poor households to the designated merchants to buy agricultural production material products can enjoy a variety of discounts, reduce the production cost of product sales; poor households in rural electricity providers by the precise poverty list card transaction flow can enjoy preferential lending rates, sales from downstream pull production and sales of poor households.

Ningde branch banking Secretary Lin Xiaofu told reporters, in order to promote the financial poverty alleviation precise level, early results, the Ningde banking regulatory bureau to actively support the Ningde rural credit system pioneered for the precise poverty poverty custom card in the production and marketing integration platform as a core to build support for poor households to develop production, promote the production of poor households out of poverty the capital chain, chain of production and marketing chain three chain integration, to achieve the cost of capital, production and circulation cost "three down", common for poor families to create sustainable business and stimulate financial accurate new model of poverty alleviation.

as of the end of 8 this year, the balance of agricultural loans in Ningde City, 83 billion 400 million yuan, agriculture recommended