Henan 2741 involving gas small scattered bad all polluting enterprises out

in today’s increasingly serious environmental pollution, whether we drink healthy drinking water, or breathing fresh air, in the urbanization of life seems to have become a luxury. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial environmental protection department, to grasp the implementation of the "1+6+7" program, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has formulated the battle air pollution control environmental regulation and law enforcement work programme requirements before the end of October, 2741 involved gas "small scattered poor" polluting enterprises shut down all and return, out of place.

[task] in the second half of the 5 environmental law enforcement inspection is the focus of

program made it clear that the second half of the provincial Environmental Protection Department of environmental supervision and law enforcement has 5 main tasks:

is a comprehensive investigation on the 2741 "small and scattered" involving gas polluting enterprises, whether to shut down, lay off, washed out, whether do water and electricity, removal of facilities, revoke the license "three place".

two is in the iron and steel, cement manufacturing, flat glass manufacturing, coal, electrolytic aluminum industry, law enforcement inspection, the pollutant emissions exceed the standard of the enterprise to take daily penalty, stop production remediation measures, promote the adjustment of industrial structure; the key inspection operation, pollution control facilities, pollutant emissions monitoring, automatic installation and operation of facilities to limit production or discontinued remediation measures for implementation.

three is the focus of the industry using inferior coal chemical industry, industrial furnaces and other enterprises, severely punished severely according to law, to prevent the use of low quality coal; key coal inspection to ensure the implementation of the system, the purchase of the coal quality testing situation, quality meets the requirements, and the operation of pollution control facilities and pollutant emission standards.

four is the ban on high polluting fuel combustion zone to conduct a comprehensive investigation of burning high polluting fuel combustion facilities, facilities to dismantle or renovation of coal-fired boilers and other high polluting fuel use; focus on examination of the local press the blue sky project implementation plan requires designated ban high polluting fuel combustion conditions, no fly zone in new or existing high polluting fuel using the facilities, investigating combustion facilities for new high pollution fuel facilities, illegal burning of high polluting fuel environment and dismantle or renovation of the use of high polluting fuels.

five is to strengthen the daily supervision of the 6463 key industrial enterprises involving gas, to ensure a stable discharge of atmospheric pollutants; especially the 6463 key industrial enterprises, involving operation of gas pollution prevention facilities, pollutant emissions monitoring automatic installation and operation of facilities, the implementation of environmental protection system, governance environment problems, the protection of air pollutant discharge the situation.

[requirements] before the end of October 2741 involving gas companies all closed down

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