Lin Ailin yang to share with you the business secret

wants to sell gold in a competitive market, and it’s not good to have no idea. Would like to open a shop, but there is no cost; creative desire, but nowhere to sell a masterpiece. Put the work in other stores consignment (consignment), has become a group of young people creative and painstaking way out.

on the market;

local fashion designer Yang Zhanye (Terence  Yong) Gang Chudao also experienced the stage of worry about personal gains and losses in their own stores, so I decided to make room for Clothes  Matter, the local young people happy to breathe design works. He placed three young brands in the store, including Mizu, which has been slightly known.

mizu is designed for the three group Threesome brand. The person in charge of Party Paul said: "in addition to worry about rent, can ease the creation, the consignment is also a market test, know how to design more popular, also accumulated experience."

consignment kylin