Six ways to shorten the sales cycle of brand clothing stores

no matter what to do, master certain skills, in order to get twice the result with half the effort, harvest success. When you have a new budget, you have to spend your time wisely to reduce the sales cycle. Here are 6 ways to deal with the problem properly.

1. quality, quality, quality. Whether you are a senior person on the phone, or directly responsible person, you have to see whether or not to join others. Make a decision to determine who is the person, you can ask: "is there someone to help you make decisions, and who I can talk about it?" "in addition to your attention" to ensure that you will not talk to you ignore.

2. in the course of each sale are more information. I often hear from customers that they have decided to start a new company or continue to do so in their current company. So you may be able to make decisions by providing valuable information. After that, they will remember you, so it is possible to shorten the sales cycle.

3. know your customers. Develop your skills in sales and use your knowledge to separate yourself from your competitors. If you have a broad understanding of your customers, you know how they make money. That way, you’ll be able to pick up some of the information that is relevant to potential customers, and make the decision process shorter.

4. customer loyalty. When there are many difficulties in the end of a transaction, you have to try to believe that the value of your products, to believe that the product to your customers. At the same time, the front of the buyer may not accept your product, but until the third customers to accept your product, he can see you from the first customer contact with the increasing efforts. A buyer refuses, you redesign your product, improve your presentation at the next presentation.

5. don’t forget to close the sales call. This can help you see how to shorten the sales process, if you ask too early, your potential customers rejected you, and this will be refused a chance, let you find you exactly wrong where, if you want to be successful and they deal, you also need to do what. If you can do everything well, sales are only the simplest part. Based on my sales experience, I use this wonderful ending technique: "why don’t we use it?" it should be a statement, not a question. Once you have established a harmonious relationship, you can ask the right questions to show the needs of potential customers. It’s a relationship, and if you can’t build a relationship with a customer, you can’t use such a clever technique.

6. know how to use is the key. Those who understand the value of your services are more likely to end the deal. They will be unable to work because they do not have your product or service, so they will call you. Oral works and for this reason is confirmed, you will use your results to deepen people’s impression of you. And don’t forget to promote yourself and let people know you