Tsinghua University released Global Entrepreneurship watch China Report

China’s rapid development of entrepreneurship, has aroused international concern. Academia is also very interested in the development of entrepreneurship in China, and conducted a careful investigation, according to the latest report of a global entrepreneurship China report, China’s entrepreneurial activity, with great room for development.

1 on the morning of 28 am, sponsored by the China Center for entrepreneurship research center of Tsinghua University,, Tsinghua University, the enlightenment and Innovation Research Institute jointly organized by the global entrepreneurship observation (China) conference held successfully. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Chinese responsible person, Party Secretary of the Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University School of economics and management China entrepreneurship professor Gao Jian director of the research center, deputy director of entrepreneurship and Tsinghua University China Research Center Professor Cheng Yuan released a research report.

1.  China’s entrepreneurial activity is still active in the global efficiency driven and innovation driven economies. According to our 2014 survey data, China entrepreneurial activity index (15.53) is higher than the United States (13.81), the United Kingdom (10.66), Germany (5.27), Japan (3.83) and other developed countries. An increase in the proportion of entrepreneurial opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities based on 2/3 entrepreneurs, indicating that entrepreneurs are expected to increase the contribution of entrepreneurs. Because of the opportunity of entrepreneurship relative to the survival of entrepreneurship can bring more employment opportunities, new market opportunities, opportunities for innovation and business growth opportunities. Female entrepreneurs (14.18, twenty-first) relative to male entrepreneurs (16.83, twenty-second), in the global entrepreneurial activity is relatively more active.

2.  innovation content of China’s entrepreneurial activity needs to be improved. Although the China entrepreneurial activity index is higher than the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan and other developed countries, but the venture "products using new technology" (25.63, fiftieth) and the development of "new market" (24.6, sixty-ninth) of the index is far lower than that of those countries. This shows that our country is recommended