Henan Yi relocated to the government to provide strong financial support

in the process of economic development, although a lot of local economy has achieved remarkable development, people’s living standards have been greatly improved. However, there are still a lot of backward areas, slow economic development. For poverty in the region, the relocation of poverty alleviation in Henan, the government gave strong financial support. Hope to help people in poor areas out of trouble, develop their own living standards.

7 the afternoon of 27 March, the relocation of poverty investment limited and Henan province poverty counties in the province (hereinafter referred to as the "provincial poverty alleviation company) signed a project to resettle the government purchase service agreement, in accordance with the agreement, financing will take the form of government procurement of services, to help the poor company to implement a unified credit system also not included in the scope of the local debt. The move marks the province’s easy relocation of poverty alleviation work officially entered the implementation phase.

commissioned by the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Agricultural Development Corporation set up a provincial poverty alleviation company, as the provincial poverty alleviation and development investment and financing platform, the registered capital of 8 billion 150 million yuan. The company based on the relocation of poverty and the annual plan to remove the scale of financing.


13th Five-Year" period, our province in accordance with the calculation to be relocated out of poverty population of 430 thousand people, about 26 billion yuan of funds. Among them, the central budget for investment 3 billion 20 million yuan, farmers raised part of the housing fund, the total of about 4 billion 300 million yuan, through the provincial poverty alleviation company financing $21 billion 700 million.

provincial poverty alleviation company through three channels to raise funds: one is to adjust the debt structure of the provincial government, the provincial government to the operation of the market, the company into the capital of poverty; two is the issue of special construction funds through the National Development Bank, agricultural development bank, into the provincial poverty alleviation company; three by the National Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank poverty alleviation policy loans for the company to borrow long-term province.

long-term loans from the project county debt, the interest rate of 90% by the central government, the provincial financial discount interest rate of special construction funds need to bear the interest of the province by the provincial fiscal discount of 10%.

easy relocation of poor financing funds to take the form of government procurement of services, not included in local government debt management. The company and the government poverty alleviation project county government signed purchase service agreement, the financial sector will raise funds lent to project counties, by the government to determine the specific implementation plan of project county relocation, financial department responsible for undertaking funds and strengthen the supervision of funds.

To undertake the project

county funds lent by the government, the project overall after the annual county agriculture related special funds, land formation of net income and the level of available resources, poverty alleviation and relocation project funds to repay the balance, into the management of the fiscal budget expenditure year by year.

according to the provincial poverty alleviation company responsible person, due to the relocation of various forms of poverty alleviation, in order to ensure that the recommended