The quality of female entrepreneurship

female entrepreneurs in the current society is no longer the case, but because some women has its own defects, which requires them in the business needs to have more quality than men, the following Xiaobian together and share these qualities.

, a sense of adventure

, rational thinking

to the long-term stable growth of the business, sometimes at the expense of temporary interests.

three, for small

may be born, women care about most likely a small profit, the lack of a broad mind, a pick sesame and watermelon throwing suspect. Do business to invest first, no pay no gain, vision needs to be put in the long run, the pursuit of the overall maximum benefit rather than the interests of a certain stage to maximize. In order to grow steadily for a long period of time, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice temporary interests. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, sometimes covet small profits but bring greater losses.

The process of