Telescope ten brands list

whether it is personal, or some special reasons, in short, the telescope in the current market fire up, and because of this demand, will make the telescope market brand is more and more. So, telescope which brand is good? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of binoculars, so that you can have a greater understanding of the telescope market.

telescope ten brands list NO.1, panda PANDA – Yunnan northern Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd.:

is one of the earliest telescope brands in China, one of the scientific research and production bases in the field of national defense industry, and the famous brand in Yunnan.

telescope ten brands list NO.2, Bo crown Bosma – Guangzhou crown optoelectronics Polytron Technologies Inc:

professional telescope / binoculars and other series of optoelectronic products manufacturers, Guangzhou famous trademark, Guangzhou Bo crown photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc.

telescope ten brands list NO.3, Cai Si ZEISS – Carle Zeiss optics (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1846 in Germany, the ten largest telescope brand, one of the world’s leading optical manufacturing companies, Carle, Cai Siguangxue (China) Co., ltd..

telescope ten brands list NO.4, Canon Canon – Canon (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1937, Japan, the world’s leading integrated producer of imaging and information products, Fortune Global 500 companies, Canon (China) Co., ltd..

telescope ten brands list NO.5, Nikon Nikon – Nikon imaging equipment sales (China) Co., Ltd.:

in 1917, Japan, the world’s leading optical product design and manufacturers, industry leading brands, Nikon imaging equipment sales (China) Co., ltd..

telescope ten brands list NO.6, STEINER Xi’an ougeer Steiner Trading Co. Ltd.:

in 1947, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of military telescope, the largest and most modern lens production equipment company, Steiner optical company.

telescope ten brands list NO.7, Leica Leica – Leica camera Ag: