Shop how to name Relevant market supervision and management department for your weapon

shop name, it is not difficult to say, but it is not easy, for the current number of operators, it is undoubtedly a difficult thing, it is difficult to do the work. In fact, the individual industrial and commercial households decided to use the name, should be submitted to the registration authority for approval before registration can be used. Shop how to name? Let the relevant market supervision and management departments for your weapon.

. An individual industrial and commercial households can use only one name.

. The individual business name by administrative divisions, size, industry and form of organization. The administrative divisions in the name of individual industrial and commercial households refer to the names of the counties (cities) and districts within the individual industrial and commercial households.

. The operator name can be used as the name of the individual business size.

. The name of the individual business sectors should reflect the main business activities or business features, the industry that should refer to "the classification of national economic industries" in class, small class class name or industry specific business projects.

. The individual business name organization can choose the "factory" and "shop", "shop" and "department", "line", "center" and other words, but may not use the "enterprise", "company" and "farmer cooperatives".

individual industrial and commercial households shall not contain the following names and words:

. Damage to the state and social public interests;

. The violation of public order and good morals, does not respect the ethnic and religious customs;

it may cause deception or misunderstanding to the public;

. Foreign countries (regions), names of international organizations;

. The names of political parties, government organs, mass organizations, the name name organization name and abbreviation, unit designation;

. "China", "China", "national", "state" and "international" words;

*, Chinese phonetic letters, foreign words, punctuation;

it does not meet the national standard language;

Other contents and text provisions of the laws and regulations of


. The administrative divisions above the county level shall not be used as a name, except the names of administrative divisions has other meanings.

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