What conditions are needed to open an adult toy store

said that although now venture market very popular, many people are going to go on a road, that however, if you want to get rich by nature to shop business, also need to meet the relevant conditions. So, open an adult toy store needs to meet what conditions?

capital – the first investment is about 40 thousand yuan, including the adult toy store rent of 15 thousand yuan (about 10-40 square meters of shops, pay 3 and 1 to 4000-7000 per month rent calculation), decoration 20 thousand yuan (not including air conditioning, audio), liquidity 5000-10000 yuan.

store – adult toy store shop area of about 10-40 square meters. Adult toys and other goods in different places is that must be put out for the customers to choose from, as much as possible in the range of toys in the visual to give the customer a relatively strong impact force, let a person feel the door is a unique toy store. Stores do not need to choose in very busy sections and markets. Because adult toys have a fixed consumer groups, not rely on the flow of people to ensure the turnover, so the requirements of the mouth is not particularly high.

staff – employees must first like the toy industry, at the same time, must be a little understanding of English (as some well-known brands of adult toys, customers will also have foreign friends). Adult toy store sales staff under the age of 30 women are better, because they are lively and lovely, with affinity, image and neat, and fluent language skills. In addition, many adult toy fabrics are different, different fabrics washing machine washing methods are different, the salesperson must be familiar with its characteristics, and to tell consumers.

in short, we can not deny that now adult toys is indeed a very large market demand, such a shop will have a good development. However, if you want to successfully open an adult toy store, the premise is to meet the above three conditions.