Supermarket anti theft methods can be

no matter what places to shop, we always have no way to avoid some petty people, especially in some large supermarkets, a variety of goods stolen things every day is from time to time, the owner is naturally caused a great economic loss. Therefore, if you want to make the supermarket more profitable, naturally also need to do a good job of security work. So, the supermarket can have what method?

did not open a new store, had heard a colleague said, a large supermarket on the scale, the Department provides for the stolen stolen losses allowed to control at zero point three percent. In other words, a supermarket stolen stolen case is normal. However, if it is necessary to effectively prevent the occurrence of theft, it will reduce the loss.

so, how can we effectively control and prevent it? A new supermarket has 400 square meters, is a moderate scale, because the supermarket is large, unlike me in the village, is to not bow to see the rise of regulars. New stores in the four communities at the junction, traffic is relatively large, the customer is also very complex, so in terms of anti theft I consider several aspects to proceed.

first, in the layout of the supermarket, I made a lot of effort. Supermarkets use a very short shelf, a lot of people think that the shelf cost is too high, the number of goods placed far higher than the high shelf. Practice has proved that the higher the goods piled up, the more the thief has the opportunity to secretly hide the goods, while the low shelf display, the goods are placed to one person high, that is, in the eyes of the level above the line of sight. Even if the thief wants to start, see the opposite side of the shelf customers will have concerns.

small size, high value and attractive goods, must be placed in the cashier to see or the thief has little chance to hide. Such as batteries, blades, as well as some valuable headdress, I put in front of the cashier, the customer back to the cashier, generally do not dare to start. Cigarettes and watches are placed in the top of the wall inside the cashier, will not allow customers to do it yourself.

in the food area, which was easy to open direct consumption of goods, I have been separated in the front of each set of shelves, I stood in the cashier’s position, can be directly observed the dynamic front four groups of shelves, even if some customers want to engage in a small action, because in front view the broad nature, did not dare to act rashly.

If the local

shop enough, to set aside a part of place Duitou promotional. My new store because the area is large, only a group of south wall of one side shelf, the other is promotional duitou. My intention is because the southern Great, if placed shelves, it is easy to block the line of sight, poor customers will have opportunities to start, the store clerk to see the need to increase the tube, but after all I use promotional Duitou, the entire situation in my view, the customer’s every move, don’t pay attention to. On the one hand