Semir brand how to learn to grow big

Semir brand we should be very familiar with, whether it is office workers or students are like this brand. Step by step to today, Semir is how to do it?

The use of

in the production, with large scale, strong technical strength of the manufacturers as OEM partners, and through the ISO9000 certification standards assessment and on-site supervision personnel sent QC to ensure product quality. In terms of sales, Semir franchise chain operation, franchise will transfer to the franchisee through contract, based on "river water river with" win-win policy, the franchisee is to enjoy the special needs of the company unified image, unified price, unified management, unified service, unified quality, unified supply, unified configuration advertising, so as to ensure the high quality of the operating company. Semir after more than eight years of brand operation, from the early start of the 20 chain outlets, now increased to more than 1620, and the Ministry of agriculture as "famous brand enterprise", "top 500" Chinese among private enterprises and the national garment industry "double hundred strong" ranks, become Chinese growth hundred enterprises.

brand, market size, three

The first stage: