The wedding chapter teaches you to become rich

with the modern people have more and more attention to innovation, more and more attention to creativity, creative life also has a new view, with new ideas. Here, Xiao Bian for you to bring about a new project to get rich!


a few years ago, a classmate of Mr. Wei is preparing to get married, the houses are decorated, days are set up, is to write the invitations about headache. In order to express respect for the guests, the two newcomers decided to write an invitation on the invitation and the signature of the two, but this is an idea, always did not dare to implement the pen. Because they think their own handwriting is not too good, so afraid of being a joke to write, writing to Mr. Wei for help, Mr. Wei with little wedding seal to help a friend a favor, but also began a career. The emergence of the wedding derivatives, brought him endless business opportunities.

for future development, Mr. Wei remind, married seal further, so the competition will be more intense, he began to consider opening up new markets. He believes that modern people in the wedding ceremony and gift selection is not a fixed pattern, as long as there will be a market for new ideas, his next goal is to do with the new logo bottle opener.


wedding is in our daily life often, often encountered, how to find new business opportunities in the old things, find new markets, creativity is key, creativity is very important, help to open new markets for you!