Dry sharing the promotion of P2P nternet financial industry

from 2013 onwards, we have received some advice on the P2P industry, a variety of companies are uneven. But they all have a common problem, that is, do not know how to use the Internet for online promotion and marketing. Since 2013, Purdue network marketing planning service of not less than 10 of the P2P Internet financial enterprises, summarizes some methods of promotion and operation of Internet banking and effective important link. Today we do a dry sharing, let us know how we are on the P2P industry internet marketing promotion.

The number of

P2P enterprises has been increasing rapidly since 2013, and most of these enterprises are lack of online marketing. Some enterprises know about finance and investment, but they don’t know how to spread it. Some enterprises know the Internet, but they don’t know the financial products. If an internet financial enterprise, know the attributes of network marketing promotion, and know how to combine the Internet and mobile Internet skillfully, I think this enterprise is not far from success. Purdue network marketing planning as a service to many P2P companies, with some experience and ideas.

stands for

many Internet banking enterprises starting point, there is no station alignment. They bought a mature P2P website from some technical service providers and made it online within 5 days. Fabricate some annual, high yield, outrageous investment products, such as the photovoltaic industry, a high-end project, etc.. To make money pool for the purpose of quickly through various means to attract business. For the line, is to take some simple rough extension method, the pool of funds will rapidly expand, demolition of the east wall buxiqiang. This enterprise finally difficult to cash the customer’s principal, and finally run. However, this kind of business is not uncommon in the current financial market. Here, we have to come up with a problem: if a business starting point is wrong, then he certainly is not the end of the good. For an internet financial enterprises, first of all, the mentality of the right, only the mentality straightened out, in order to plan out a good product. Only by having good products can we attract customers, attract customers, invest successfully, and succeed in investment, so that we can continue to develop. Therefore, the Internet financial enterprises, first to do two things: station counterpoint, do a good job of products. In this era of social media and mobile Internet combination, good products will naturally speak, will naturally spread and promote.

integrity builds

as I mentioned above, the Internet financial industry appeared a lot of damage to a an evil member of the herd, the rapid development of the industry and prospects, so want to do Internet banking business owners have a headache. In this regard, we should also set up a series of corresponding programs to solve these problems. The establishment of good faith is divided into sensory and real word of mouth, and the products of Internet financial enterprises are the interaction of funds. Because of the influence of many bad enterprises, more and more investors become more and more calm