Personal independent blog quality content source and profit model

from PJBLOG to ZBLOG, from OBLOG to WORDPRESS, what we see is the diversity of independent blogging programs that offer a variety of options for webmasters who like to use independent blogging programs. The Moonlight blog’s success is let the webmaster see independent blog "and the broad prospects and the possibility of giving love independent blog webmaster with strong confidence. However, as a matter of fact, when you run an independent blog, you find that it’s not easy to make your blog run out of quality content and make a good profit.

personal independence blog two problems can not be avoided in the actual operation: one is uninterrupted to visitors to provide quality content, so as to attract and cultivate loyal customers; the two is to find their own profit model, the blog can smoothly profit, maintain the normal operating expenses, and to bring the power station successfully the incentive and stick to it. That has opened an independent blog and trying to set up the independent blog friends are facing or considered these two problems, the author’s own experience in the operation of independent blog, A5 would like to use this platform to put their own experience to share with you out, together to create a successful personal independence blog, reach the ideal state of "fame and fortune" the. The following stars from the original starting, reproduced, please retain the source. Thank you

first, high-quality content source of diversification

1, purely original personal experience,

as a personal blog, it is usually based on personal expertise and experience to determine a fixed theme, to explore issues related to. Therefore, the webmaster can sum up his experience in this field, the creation of original bowen. Generally speaking, this kind of article is the webmaster can show the strength, is the most attractive with the same interest friends become an important type of loyal users of the article, at the same time to improve the search engine algorithm weights in the system, get good rankings and included other plays a very important role.

2, comments on related topics

experience is limited, in addition to share their experience in some aspects of the topic, the related topics in this field, blog concern in news comment and discussion, and has the common interest in friends to exchange views, but also timely to them to transmit some hot news, thus greatly attract the common interests of the people has become the blog back, the Moonlight blog is a typical representative of the initial success, with the various comments and Google related products, has attracted more and more user groups.

3, attract other friends contribute


personal blog not only provides a platform for the webmaster to show his talents and interests, but also provides an independent platform for the exchange and display of people with the same interests as the independent websites. Therefore, the organization of content should not be limited to