Zhou Ning the achievement and loss of the performance evaluation of local website editors

The history of

local web site editors’ performance appraisal is the history of editors being misled, misunderstood and oppressed, and also the history of website administrators’ delusions of being lost and disappointed. Most of the time, performance appraisal is performance as aphrodisiac introduced, was finally confirmed as poison. Finally, it leads to the reflection of managers and realizes the real meaning of performance appraisal.


·: when you don’t know what everyone should do, you can’t make a reasonable performance review plan at all.

in · you don’t know how the performance appraisal will check erroneous ideas at the outset, the cost of

has become a huge black hole!

· without performance appraisal, there may be an efficient team,

· so the team from the three to chop and change in the four twilight so hard.

· performance assessment for the 19 floor, long lane is Canon, sword from the palace may not be successful.

· mechanically management, the success of the doctrine, they played Zhao Kuo, Ma su.

on this issue, I also had a lot of Kudachoushen, tuition. Reflect on the past and realize the following mistakes:

one, human nature, any performance evaluation program vulnerabilities will be used,


, for managers of start-up companies, has had a hard time in performance appraisal, unless you pay enough tuition for someone else’s money while you’re working. Don’t be frustrated, everyone is just fifty steps to laugh,


analysis of performance appraisal from the human point of view, we can see a lot of dark side: competition, loss, greed, trickery, negative. At the same time, managers will find the wisdom of the masses is infinite, you have a policy he had before countermeasure, assessment program in assessment of the wit is in a disastrous state.

a famous beauty website editor, monthly performance champion, a careful analysis of her third of an acre, it seems basic work is not prominent. Why so special in the flow index? Originally, she fix home editor, a privilege in the delivery.

station is so large, don’t mention it. There is no performance when you eat no energy; performance when you pick up the most profitable work thin fertilizer. This is human nature.

two, must be professional, understand each detail, in order to develop a useful performance appraisal program.

makes it even when you do not understand the principle of the steam engine to draw a set of car drawings, reliable performance? The significance lies in driving business development, you don’t know what to do to drive the business to arrange for someone to do this reliable


website’s most basic assessment indicators in fact only 2: flow, income. >