Real income and life of a T executive in Beijing

at 8 in the evening, Wang Chunlei, 29, returned to his home on the East Fifth Ring of Beijing. His face was tired, his voice was light, and he was very slow. He from the computer to the author of a 2008 October salary bar, the above pre tax salary is 6972 yuan, withholding personal income tax 620 yuan, tax accounted for almost 1/10 of the total income.

now, a family of four, including a long – term wife and 14 – month – old daughter, are on the payroll. This 620 yuan, equivalent to 4 barrels of imported milk powder prices, equivalent to two months of children’s rations. 6

"life is tired, tired after having children, but generally speaking, having children is really a lot of warm home."." Wang Chunlei says.

Wang Chunlei’s house had no living room for visitors, and as soon as it came into the house from the outside, it was the bedroom. At present, they are a family of four, rented in less than 65 square meters of a living room, he and his wife live in the bedroom, his mother with their children living in the living room, their family two rooms are placed in a large bed.

in September, Wang Chunlei’s wife was on a long vacation, and the family had only his income.

is currently Chinese the individual income tax threshold is 2000 yuan, if levied according to the family, Wang Chunlei family of five per capita income of only 1530 yuan, pay no tax at all, and he has a child, in some high welfare state, the children not only free, the government will give subsidies. These are pretty far away for Wang Chunlei.

Wang Chunlei heard of the financial crisis, but also heard that 4 trillion yuan investment plan, but I feel he has nothing to do with it. But the industry says such a large amount of investment will pump up a substantial portion of social welfare input and tax cuts. Now in the discussion of tax cuts can only be reduced by about 36 billion yuan, and some experts suggested that should take 1 trillion of tax cuts, this amount is only equivalent to the government investment of 1/4, but if according to the average of three people in a family, like Wang Chunlei’s family will give each year to reduce the tax burden of 2500 yuan.

now, China’s bailout is still dominated by government investment and government consumption, and large tax cuts and public spending are being squeezed and even shrunk. The former can pull the GDP, but it can not bring the immediate welfare and benefits to the people.

, a Wang Chunlei from Heilongjiang, currently works for a public relations consulting firm, a production executive, whose main responsibility is to shoot and edit pictures for clients. The unit is located in a high-rise building in the CBD area. Although it leaves work at 6 o’clock, he and his colleagues have been accustomed to working for another hour before leaving the office. On the second morning, I need to swipe my card to make sure they are in the office on time. He said, even if 5 minutes later, will be absent when to deal with him since this unit work, never late, has been holding a perfect attendance award. He smiled and said, "now he is more like a clockwork alarm clock