Website commercialization should be reasonable pure and commercialized unfavorable website develop

A few days ago,

wrote a "commercial website to pure commercial unfavorable site development (a)" article aroused many webmaster response, actually every site has its own business process, but as a webmaster in website commercialization of this process should not forget to respect the commercial users, commercial must meet the needs of users, or purely commercial website is to lay hidden, in front of an article mainly referred to the trash content and the advertisement of commercial issues after the website, loyal users this article mainly want to talk about how to treat the commercial website after website. If further increase dependence on the website of these users.

three, website commercialization should be reasonable, commercial after learning to "promotion"

Since the

website has been commercialized, it has its own web site has its own profit model, the profit model is a good thing, but in this profit behind and don’t forget the commercial success of friends website users. No user site to commercial success that is not a real thing, so we have to user feedback, this A5 will do better, do not regularly held some essay activities, the essay not only allows users to A5 understanding, but also by sharing between the users and the website has been further communication; and now A5 group purchase some goods which, very valuable, remember this love net in A5 group purchase price of only 28 yuan a COM domain name, to tell the truth I use these days the group purchase registered 5 domain name registered two domain names with the usual price can only be registered 5 a domain name, what this illustrates the website can bring more benefits to the user, and this is the love of the user.

and now many sites in the commercial and then forget it and the site of the word, the pursuit of self interests, to the pursuit of self-interest is not wrong, but the pure pursuit is completely mistaken, now the Internet and some sites do not improve, I believe that this kind of website survival in Internet time is not too long.

four, website commercialization should be reasonable, commercial after service is important

The word

service either in reality or in the Internet has always existed, good service can not only provide users with high quality to the psychological enjoyment, but also to enhance the reputation and credibility of the site, why millet condemning, why now hot pepper condemning, to tell the truth: Web service I don’t really like, not long ago in the Beidou network to buy a mobile phone, in order to understand the delivery of, I will be all customer service sites in QQ are added, I put forward the question after a customer did not answer my question, I don’t know what is my sin you or you no service for this website. This kind of website of my sympathy, long-term bad service, users do not know how to think, perhaps you have characteristics, but now the Internet out of service Higher features >