Webmaster talk about the transformation of website traffic

What is the success of the

web standards? Small left think flow and ranking to improve your success only shows a small part for a formal business website, website profit is the most important, only in real money, is the success of the site, for many network enthusiasts also say this may be a bit extreme, but for Internet entrepreneurs, website profit = successful website. "Unprofitable websites are shameful."". What little left to say to you today is the question of effective transformation. When we set up a website, along with its development, more and more people will have a sense of achievement, because the site will gradually be familiar, from the beginning of the day, a few IP, to the late every day hundreds, even thousands of IP, which is to make people jealous, envy. But these are superficial phenomenon, this data can only say that the site’s customer source is very wide, but in the end there is no good use of the webmaster resources, which we can not verify.

some people will ask "made above this is not good, what do what good?", everyone and everyone’s different values, it is also for this reason, between the webmaster and purpose is different, may be said below conclusion in a certain one sidedness of pure here, please forgive me. "What kind of applause?" this question, for example to illustrate. Small left contact network time should be considered early, remember that "HAO123" came out, many people are not optimistic, the reason is very simple, because it is not what substantive content, is all some site links, but what happened behind (everybody clear!) is really surprising. Again, some sites every day only a few hundred people’s views, but his income can be high to earn hundred days; browse some sites every day can amount to tens of thousands of high, the income is also the day to earn one hundred yuan, compared to what is not difficult to find, the former site do a good turn.


by saying before, we should understand the intention of this article, then we should do if the effective transformation? Here to human habits and human needs analysis, as for how to analysis the general idea for everyone to talk about.

one, behavior analysis. In fact, the above said two points are very easy to understand, human habits analysis, that is to say, to the user’s habits are analyzed, the results, to meet the human habit changes to the website, you can understand the user experience, of course, the user experience is also very different, as for what is the difference, we slowly to understand. For example, the location of an advertisement is chosen. Some friends like to put advertisements at the end of the article. Some friends like to put advertisements before the article begins. If you want to ask "which is good, which is good?", each method of placement can be found for good reason. For example, at the end of the article, people will say that after reading the article tired, and if there are pictures of advertising to attract readers, it should attract its Click