Talking about the five major skills of soft writing let the webmaster get twice the result with hal

soft text is the network promotion and access to the chain of the chain of an important way, basically all the webmaster have written soft text. For a web site, if you can write a few high-quality original soft text, will be reprinted many times, so as to bring the objective of the site of the chain, and finally to enhance the PR and bring traffic purposes. And just on the line of new sites, if you can write a few soft Wen sent to the weight of relatively high web site, also can let the spider as soon as possible to find your website, so as to speed up included. Let’s look at the experience of SEO in Zhengzhou.

The importance of

soft text has been widely recognized, but each person writes the soft text in different ways, so as to achieve the effect is also different. Here to write the soft note to pay attention to a few skills, if the webmaster can carefully study the soft Wen writing, will be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

one, soft Wen theme. Before writing soft text, be sure to clear the theme of writing soft Wen, that is, cut in point. A good theme can arouse everyone’s interest, and automatically reprinted, so as to achieve the purpose of soft wen. Two, if there is no choice of good topics, written out of the soft text, no one to see, no one reproduced, and soon drowned in the ocean of information. The technique for choosing a theme here is to select topics that are interesting to others, that is, news hot spots. Combined with hot spots written by the soft Wen, because caught the attention of the hot spots, it is easy to attract other people’s eyes, so as to achieve the purpose of writing.

two, heading. The effect of the title is beyond description. With good themes, there must be headlines that attract other people’s eyes. Because soft text will publish to some weight high web site, and these web site every day issued soft Wen quantity is very big, if you don’t have very wonderful title, then still no one to see. A lot of soft Wen’s title is written very well, very attractive, but the content is very poor, other people go in to see later, very disappointed, these articles is the title party. That’s the great effect of good titles. Therefore, the soft writing must be able to attract a large number of people to eyeball the title, such as 2009 ten big profits industry. Because everyone is concerned about the money and want to make money, so they see this title will certainly go to see the content, then this title is successful. Good title is half of success, so be sure to choose a good title write in the soft, dull remarks died over the momentum to reach.

three, style of writing. Writing style is also a very important aspect to determine the quality of soft text. The title of the party is being looked down upon by the people, that is, their writing style, that is, poor writing skills. A man of good writing can turn decay into a miracle. Write an old topic and write new ideas. Writing style is the most difficult part in the soft writing. Many people can seize the hot spots, but also to draw an attractive title, but that is not good writing, will not organize content, set the structure, and the results of other people read the article, like drinking boiled water, meaning nothing. A good soft text usually has good content, so when writing, you should prepare the materials first