The user is the basic construction of website marketing should be an easy letter

a web site, if it lacks marketing function, at least its value will not be maximized. Many people think that the marketing website, whose performance is selling products or services, is actually narrow. In essence, a website can be very successful when it can impress users and let users need similar information. If return to essence, the marketing type website certainly has the packing, promotes the enterprise image, even propaganda product’s duty. With the gradual application of the basic application of the Internet, the construction of the website, especially the construction of the enterprise website, must pay more and more attention to the marketing function. How to build a marketing website is a question worthy of further exploration. A requirement for the construction of the marketing website, there are many, but the professional website construction company pilot technology that conforms to the "faith", "security", "easy" three word standard website, is the true sense of the marketing website.

letter: the content of the website is authentic,

this website content refers to the general, not only includes the main content of the page, but also includes the domain name of the website, art design, structural layout, and even filing information, and so on. Authentic sites should first do three things, namely, domain name, site filing and website hosting (generally refers to all sites copyright, or contact us inside the name of the unit). Compared to Internet applications, the beginning of the time, now is a mixed bag, all kinds of counterfeit, imitation cards, Shanzhai sites also emerge in an endless stream. Thanks to the increasingly strict implementation of the Internet real name system policy, through the domain name Whois and filing information inquiries, and then compare the copyright information of the website, it is very easy to distinguish the authenticity of the website. Domain ownership, site ownership and record information are three real and consistent, which is the most powerful way to obtain user confidence.

content in the narrow sense is authentic and indispensable. It can be appropriately packaged and promoted while the content of the website is built, but it must not be fabricated. For example, when writing the website introduction, in honor of the list (in the implementation process of the website construction in small and medium enterprises, there are a lot of people PS fiction workshop, quality and so on), but a little neglect may abandon the false will bring users, if the resulting infringement is more The loss outweighs the gain. Web content is not only true, but also related, the content of the site as much as possible related industries, related enterprises, related products and services, and this is the only way to give users a very professional impression.

an: stable, safe operation,

for the website, regardless of the user experience or search engine optimization, stable, safe and fast operation is always particularly important. Frequent downtime, search engine performance is not ideal, not to mention the user experience. Therefore, to ensure a stable, safe and quick operation of the website is one of the key tasks in the construction of marketing websites. Because the site is ultimately to the user to see, and then exquisite design, perfect function, can not effectively show to the user, everything is finally empty. Influence network >