Analysis of the website installed Baidu traffic statistics and Baidu share button benefits

many webmaster for site installation Baidu flow statistics and Baidu share button, the weight of the web site and ranking in the end have no relationship, answer are not sure.

I recently did a test, the results show that Baidu traffic statistics and Baidu share button for the site is absolutely friendly.

(my site is 2 months of new sites, I installed the Baidu early site traffic statistics, delete, late middle time to upload the template and modify the site description, Baidu snapshot gone for ever, Baidu included straight down to 0



from the webmaster inquires can be seen, Baidu included all K finished, before the collection is more than 200. Baidu snapshot with needless to say, no direct. So at this time, many webmaster will think Baidu K station, included and home page all have no, that must be K station, don’t know how to do? Don’t worry, we look down


This is the Baidu

statistical flow meter data, please ignore the small amount that browse, can see I was installed in July 2nd Baidu traffic statistics, today is July 6th with my post on the 4 day of the time, we certainly want to know my site is now what? Please write down at


This is

Baidu snapshot time in July 6th, we can see has an hour ago, we take a look at the collection? Because most of the time, Baidu snapshot, but is not included, then looked down at


can see that the collection has been 1, and that proves that the site started snapshot normal and included normal

!"There’s one more thing to add here," says

. "The site also has the Baidu share button,



said these do not know if you do not mind a definite answer! Indicate no other third party statistics tool is not good!! Baidu has recently been in the update algorithm, then to take care of the new site falls behind, simply no matter, I want to say is that in addition to the site regularly updated daily post, how to please Baidu search I want to also need certain skill. I hope you can update the website snapshot, included Yong Sheng (above from Tianjin 366 community, if you want to discuss, you can leave a message.). Please retain the absolute address for reprint)