A cock silk webmaster growing up on the road of those sweet and sour

Hello, I’m freezing rain. This article is to make some friends just enter the circle to get some website experience, let novices detours, but also on their own for more than a year summary of


from last year to now entered the circle, for more than a year’s time, no successful operation of a website in some days not website, although not built a website, but also from the harvest in some sense, friends do not want to pass away, whether you are a novice or a station big brother, have stopped to look at, there will always be some harvest.

think I got into the circle, I don’t remember exactly, it is a free space QQ group, that group is relatively active, daily news is 99+, every day to see the inside of the webmaster chat very interesting, especially the envy. Therefore, the formation of the idea of the site, until now, the hearts of the site. At that time, check the Baidu " every day; how to set up " ah, the kind of problem. Yes, a website consists of domain name, space, and a set of site building procedures.


is the first problem to be solved in the domain name, so every day I break your head, think of the domain where to immediately after the computer to check up, to see if there is no registration, but most have shown a ruthless red fork fork. After all, now the domain name resources are too scarce, the mainstream suffix to register, basically show registered. Non mainstream suffixes use fewer people, and they do not like it. So every day entangled domain name there. Have free time on the network domain name. There are ways to get a good domain name, you can go to the domain name transaction site to shoot domain names, but for me such cock silk, then do not put on par.

thought over a period of time, ha ha, finally registered several domain names, although it is not a top name domain name, but I still like it very much. There is a three spell com and a concept type of CN domain name yerk.cn, ha ha, what do you think, do not spray ah?. Of course, there are some domain names, I will not say one by one.


The next problem that

faces is virtual space, commonly known as space. The beginning do not say, the reason that I think is the initiation site for free space QQ group, but his free space is not easy, that is to go to the source of his sharing website to share resources, to obtain the integral to exchange his free space. But it is also very simple, and find a few resources, share up, you can get points, not to an hour, a month of free space on hand..


‘s next problem is uploading programs to start building, and that’s why I can’t do it well