How did do it from P2000 to 20000

three months ago, I entered the promotion of this industry, in this study, predecessors wrote two words, and today to move the door to get ax, hoping to help the friends of the same industry.

first briefly talk about this a few months, I do experience and micro effect promotion, the main current promotion or for national education and training information website Qiuyi network, in addition to the Wuhan art network and Wuhan training network in Hubei area, I am not engaged in education, there is no learning promotion knowledge, at the beginning of this contact industry, confused, site visits have been put up, every one thousand IP, eat well, sleep, anxious helpless, so calm down a careful analysis of the fundamental reasons for the day, still adhere to the network owners to see all kinds of articles written by predecessors, learn from, and then compared with their own the actual work, gradually find their own shortcomings, but also gradually found their own way, site visits from day more than 1000, rising to 20000 a day now About。 Although this goal is far from our expectation, but at least there is little progress, every improvement is a kind of learning, is a kind of experience, it has the role of further development, so I think we should put this record through continuous learning experiences, but also easy to the day after his watch.

why was the previous visit only more than 1000

per day?

this is before I never thought about the problem, like a man who made mistakes, but did not recognize the wrong, when waking up or being pointed out, think back to that time, the wrong is a really confused. Every day before work a lot, give myself every day to do, are timely and fully completed, but does not see the traffic grew up, combined with the current situation of think carefully, then it is less effective, do not work hard. Take our station news education examination this part of the work, before the main is to collect some relevant education examination in major news websites, as long as the day of the exam, related to education, are included in the station, look every day in the update, and the number of them, but for most hits 0, view access statistics, focus on domestic do good education website, compared to their causes, then understood, the so-called news is a new new people, it is unheard of; two to hold the hot spot, what is hot, people is hot; the three is to the original, not original copy, compared to Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other large web education channel, their website weight was low, and the original copy of their news, that does not mean to help them to do Promotion? It was easy to understand the truth, but they have been groping for so long before they wake up. Root cause analysis should be made clearly, how to improve the program, the first collection of major national education information websites, including the now popular University official website, such as personnel examination, self-study examination, academic examination, and each exam time and schedule, "