From the product iteration the street is how to break through the user size ceiling


this week, unfamiliar street issued a 16 year Q4 earnings, live body mass and growth is most rapid, accounted for 79% of the total revenue, stock price is up and down, this will not dwell on, said the other three not how impressive but still good income:

mobile video advertising and marketing because of physical inventory itself unfamiliar street information flow increased, also increased by 28.8% year-on-year, the future will continue with the unfamiliar street video and other social module (such as group and circle), the future prospects;

game dormant for one year, from the release and intermodal to self, that is, from Tencent model to NetEase model, an increase of 44.9%, the future promising, after all, Tang boss is also a NetEase Department origin;

I think most of the members of Membership

, due to the small virtual gifts with ordinary chat to greet the icebreaker to value-added services revenue, VAS, also an increase of 30.8%, but this remains to be seen.

then, the focus came, unfamiliar street user scale is how to fall from 2 consecutive Q to 4 consecutive Q rise, and finally break through the ceiling to reach 81 million 100 thousand of


from the map, we can see, unfamiliar street MAU bottom is at 2015Q4, from 16Q1 began to pick up. To tell the truth, unfamiliar street this is not bad, money companies if you want to use the channel operation and market launch means to flush live, then they must have done. But if the product is still unable to follow the influx of users, the likely result is to continue to repeat this black history of 2014Q4-2015Q4.

from the 2016MAU as a whole to maintain a rhythm to go up (just a straight line) to see, it is inevitable that some updates on the product is relatively less successful, in order to let unfamiliar street life can continue to rise so. Therefore, if we look at the past few years, unfamiliar street on what products have been updated iteration, the basic can find unfamiliar street months to open the ceiling reasons.


In fact, as shown in red

icon, and short video broadcast It is as expected, it should be more than a year, unfamiliar street two times the most important product updates, many other products update is basically around it in the two.

but the strange thing is, is also a function of broadcast and short video, on other platforms are not shown in this Mo, also can have enough for "high efficiency of user scale and business income".

, for example, compared to micro-blog and YY, unfamiliar street 2016 annual net income ($145 million) has been anti micro-blog ($108 million), while the number of live paid users (3 million 500 thousand), anti YY>