Qihoo to die of affidavits groundless talk of innocence

August 6th, Qihoo President Qi Xiangdong guest Sina do interviews, interviews, Qi Xiangdong stressed: 360 from the birth of that day we sent a death oath, never do evil.

read this sentence, I feel a little sad.

Qi total of this sentence, let me think of the three scenarios, the first, the children often play the hanging hook for one hundred years in the game; second, the television drama often some of the plot, bad guy has done something, but in order to hide, when pressed to take the name of God in vain to prove his innocence; third, court the free heart certificate, said, I swear on the Bible by hand.


three scenes flash, feel with Qihoo vows to prove that no evil, is a commercial joke. It seems strange that a business has been questioned by the public for a simple free strategy. As the enterprise, use some strategy or strategy, originally normal, but occurs in the Qihoo body, seems to have some taste, and then in the industry set off huge waves, if only from the marketing point of view, the Qihoo to attract enough eyeballs, but more than the bad reputation, some counterproductive effects. This event occurred in other enterprises, may not have such a strong reaction, but in the Qihoo, produced a sensational effect.

why? I think it’s all because of Zhou Hongyi.

Zhou Hongyi has always been a news figure in the Internet field. So, 360 antivirus software free cause widespread concern, and then suffer questioning, Zhou Hongyi can not take off the relationship.

started from 3721, Zhou Hongyi became a focus, his publicity and domineering, making him in the industry much controversy and criticism. When the concept of rogue software rampant, 3721 first, but the old week at this time, has launched the 360 security guards, let oneself become the pioneer of anti malware, this change has won a certain reputation, but also criticized by. This is from one camp defection to another camp behavior, although Zhou Hongyi has his own difficulties and great plans, but the word "hooligan" is still firmly tied to the head. One day a thief, always a thief, so even want to bleach, it is difficult to be recognized, this is the world. From the view of the brotherhood, Zhou Hongyi is not man, with a group of brothers water, wait until the flood to the neck, regardless of their other brothers. First, on the shore, and the other is in the water out loudly calling for the brothers, a little sense of justice. From the view of ethics China, defection is always a derogatory word, so although Zhou Hongyi tried to bleach, but now that he is somewhat futile since the brothers in the water, and he teamed up with people out water brothers, have no respect for him.

Zhou Hongyi is obviously a man, as the lone man, like rivers and lakes on the way according to their own master, a card, always so conceited, and Robin Li and Ma Yun became the greatest hero in the world. Of course, in the twists and turns, right and wrong, outsiders.