The way a person can do Wangzhuan station

, I’m not interested in doing things. It’s straightforward to think that websites allow you to make real money and dollars. How many websites can a person do and how many websites can be made? Of course, these websites are built on the basis of making money. If the site doesn’t bring you revenue and benefits, even if your creative and artistic people are so impressive, it’s all zero to you. A website can make 1 dollars for you, then 10 websites can earn you 10 dollars, very simple addition arithmetic problems, but the result is usually not so simple. It’s possible that 10 sites are not half as good as your original website.

from his first registered two domain name is registered in 2001, the real COM domain is in 04 years, the first site is a forum was created in 05 years, this road is really into the site graph king and A5 contact in 08 years to enter the same Wangzhuan hu. The so-called entered the ranks of the webmaster, perhaps he still is not strictly speaking a webmaster, only a few simple CMS, a template on OK, LOGO is looking for a friend to do, the template is clinging to download their own online several day and night a little changed. So watch GG, from a few dollars a day in the previous month to a day and even a few tens of dollars, from one website to 10 20 websites. Daily income ranges from 0 to 100 percent and then from 100 to 0, from dozens to dozens of websites. Coming a little bit, I think it’s important to stick to it.

to do the site just standing up to consider their own love angle, and not in the profit perspective to think, say I’m a sentimentalist, a bit like myself always melancholy and moody, emotional password, a sad, a tribal garden of love… Etc…. Some emotional aspects of the site, now back look at this station if GG advertising, price is the lowest, and the matching degree of advertising is not very good, which refers to the click rate less than 0.1 of the poor, the best slowly let oneself slowly transition to do stand is to make money, do stand every step to stand in the direction to profit thinking. As a site of IP from 0 to 10, but the transition from 10 to 100 is not so easy, or directly into the interests of a website to earn a dollar easy, but to make a website to earn $10 a day is not so easy. So he began crazy to do stand one by one. Do… Make themselves deeply into this quantitative Wangzhuan psychology.

due to the site of the choice of site profit model restrictions, want to profit, only to do keyword search, by search to bring traffic, and then converted to GG advertising click. Plus new station by Baidu included, it takes half a month to a month, and there is update. A person is more busy, come and get, although the site is basically Baidu included, but the site is too much, simply can not have too much time to consider pseudo original. Even order >