Webmaster interview how to make an outline effectively


recently started talking to webmaster interviews because they were just in touch with interviews, so here’s a little bit of experience from a new comer.

I’ve probably divided the interview into the following steps:

1, interview guests

interviews, guests may be divided into grassroots webmaster, entrepreneurial type webmaster, well-known website founder. First of all, we must first determine the guests of the interview, only to determine the guests to the next step. After the guests determine to understand guests of course understand the more detailed the better, as the saying goes baizhanbudai, this is crucial for the next interview.

2, clear interview topic

Before the

interview, the subject was to be defined, and the interview was at the core of the interview, and the whole interview was centered around it. So do plenty of homework, do heart bottom.

3, in-depth understanding of the site and guests

in order to interview in-depth, then we need to understand all aspects of the site to be interviewed, history, development and so on. Personal experience of website services and products is more conducive to in-depth interviews. Of course, the webmaster’s experience and website must have some kind of connection, so the website and webmaster depth understanding is essential.

4, design interview outline,


guests and themes, the most important step is to design interview questions. If an interview question is not drawn up before the interview, the interview is likely to become blind and become a headless fly". A good interview problem can let us catch the initiative. So, how do you design interview questions? The so-called "white spot" of interview question is the question that should be asked during the interview. How many are more appropriate? The problem is not in many, but in essence. About 10 to 15 in general. When designing a problem, it’s better to buckle up and make the interview straight. Grasp the theme of interviews without bias and pay attention to details. Here, I divide the questions into the following:

1, introduce your website

2, what was the reason for this site?

3, the website construction has encountered any difficulties? How to solve it,


4, what is the biggest resistance now? How are you going to overcome it,


5, what are the main business sites currently?

6, what is the profit model of the website,


7, what is the location of the website? What are the issues that need to be considered?

8, the website operation has what problem,


9, how did you begin to improve your website’s popularity,

?What are the difficulties encountered in the promotion of

10? How can it be solved?