The time has come for tech bloggers to integrate brands

as a part-time webmaster blog (also other types), for the future of my blog has not been up too much, not that I can not afford, but said the current blog environment is very complicated, even if you have enough of the color content, you also will face a no the audience is awkward, because in the fast culture era, most people have no interest and no time to read your blog is a long and minute statement, but was sentenced to the death penalty? I do not think of it, at least from 36 krypton and the tiger sniffing the network to get venture capital, the blog is still favored by investors, and all this achieved is the basis of innovation and brand.

in fact, when it comes to innovation and branding, I think Lu Songsong and 36 krypton are very representative in the blogosphere. Lu Songsong as a webmaster and focus on the search engine’s blog, it enjoys enough heat in the webmaster group, it comments from a number of single star point of view, we can find that the popular blog, and 36 as krypton tech blogs get investment, the pursuit of innovation in their own profit model, get rid of the blog rely on advertising to survive the embarrassment, we build a business platform, and attract more investors, although the two blog described above in the content to have different, but both are caught live for a long time to blog, namely innovation and brand.

so, in the current search environment, what are some aspects of blog innovation? I want to be broadly divided into 4 levels.

innovation development direction, the blog has been defined as the young artists of the exclusive products, namely the specific people specific consumer products, and we want to rely on the development of blog, then correct blog general location, like 36 krypton in pursuit of a seemingly less reliable internet business, may be more mature.

innovation in the form of promotion, more information will be transmitted directly to the target population, will not be widely disseminated information, nor follow the trend, the use of so-called hot media for a single channel of communication.


products and information, as apple said, the highest level of a product in the sale is a way of life, and innovative products and information expression obviously can make the theme of the blog to get more in-depth implantation.

The innovation of

integration, this is to say in the electric grid, as a technology similar to the theme of the blog, it removes many things with elements of science and technology, the integration time, and left a lot of digital technology and skills of things, I think this kind of integration method to its dregs, takes its essence, obviously can let the whole blog theme is more obvious.

besides, what about the brand building? Lu Songsong blog, Moonlight blog and other IT blogs can give us some enlightenment.

master level users, like Lu Songsong before to try some blog updates, when he offered to write some articles about science and technology category, click rate and heat concerns will have obvious >