The perplexity and perplexity of a primary school teacher’s station

Hello, I am an old dish, often pay attention to your blog. I don’t know what to call you. Many people in the review called you "loose elder brother", but I do not know your age, perhaps not bigger than me, because I already 43. It’s impolite to call you "loose" or your name. I want to call you "teacher", but you don’t seem to like it in today’s comment. Ha-ha。

in June, on your blog read "38 year old boy personal website direction for advice" a text. Then ask submission impulse, but after the impulse, always because of various chores and find a reason to push again. Several times sitting in front of the computer ready to write, but I do not know where to start. So it has been delayed so far.

said, "no confusion," there are two main points. One is because you have 43, have passed the age of 40, than the 38 year old boy is a old. I have a steady job and I am a primary school teacher. Have a stable family and income, though not rich but also need not; two is because compared with the 38 year old boy, I feel that my aim is not confused. I was a primary school teacher, usually love to collect some teaching materials, mainly courseware and lesson plans, so I set up a website called "teacher". The aim is to make the website a primary school teacher’s platform for resource sharing, entertainment and leisure. At present, the education website especially teaching website has innumerable company held large system, the authority of the Department of education, offer professional, more beyond count of teachers in primary and secondary schools founded by individuals or small groups. How do I make my own website features in this heavy encirclement? I’m going to collect courseware for supporting teaching plans. Because they are teachers, usually search courseware or lesson plans, are usually separate, with courseware, but also prepare their own lessons; or, with the lesson plan, but also to do courseware. If there is a matching, it will save much trouble. So I think this kind of information is probably what teachers prefer, and it’s also relatively small in the current educational data websites.


"Confusion," says

. There are three main points.

first, is it free or good?.

no doubt, free is the most popular with teachers. When you look for information, you will skip the charge information directly. If free, you may get more traffic. However, it is difficult to set up an educational information website and a personal station at the moment. On the hand, I have only one; on energy is obviously limited, a family of people who are working, can not be so hard as more than 20 year old young man. Moreover, the more than 40 year old body is not allowed to do so (health is the first one); on resources, although usually collected a lot, can be compared with the company operations, authoritative departments, obviously less than the poor. To do a good job of site, data update is necessary, reliable, alone, certainly not